Wednesday, April 1, 2009 / 7:48 AM

090330 SHABEKURRI 007

credit : ATO

seriously...this panggeumi(programme)is the best show so far!!!
Oshaerism came second.. kkk.. and i found the mc was the same on both programmes.hahaha...

i really wanna spazz about this show in this post, (altough with my limit japanese, it's hard for me to understand the whole show, esp. the last part where they have to answer the question) but seeing those hillarious acts both from our boys and mcs (the steam crew were the mcs, rite?) just PWNS... i watched the show over and over again.. and these are some highlights.. *i hope i dont miss a thing*
I think this is for the first time, THSK looked so amused, happy, amazed, and "full" in a programme..

1. Their manager's identical twin... kkk.. they're so identical! lol. But came from a diff wombs. hahaha
2. The accapela and dance fails from the comedians
3. Junsu got a new gag sensei.. XD
4. Yunho's cool hapkido's skill.. i hope he want to be my bodyguard,that'll be awesome!
5. Yoochun and his mini skirt fettish.. kkk... okay which one do you prefer, white, pink, or white panties.. *X.x*
6. JAESU appointed as the most perverts member by the mcs! mwahahaha... this one was so hillarious, Jae was curious, why would they picked him, and the answer was obvious... hahaha.. and the reason behind Junsu being chose as the pervert member was because..... hahaha.. oh mai god, *shrugs*
7. We can see Changmin's and jaejoong's cute giggles and laughters.. so cuteeeee!
8. Yoochun was obviously, HUNGRY... hahahaha
9. The food segment is my fave, esp Yoochun's!
10. The comedian taught Changmin the manner before they ate, how they have to put the chopsticks between their thumb and point finger and says "ittadakimasu", but Changmin cut off and said, " I KNOW!" mwahahahahaha... i laughed my ass off.. XD.
11. THE BEST part, where the one who looked like their manager tried to present the food. Seriously, i repeated that part over and over again.. and never fail to amuse me.. hahaha.. he loves Yoochun..hahaha.. "I KNOW!" *diess*

look at this pic... isnt he kawaii~~


credit : dnbn

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