Monday, April 28, 2008 / 5:30 PM

yesterday was our forum’s gathering day. Im not quite sure, but I think there’re more than 30 people who came yesterday at Plaza Semanggi’s Food Court. Thank God, we didn’t make any stupid mistake just like our previous gathering, when everyone at the foodcourt were boo-ing at us coz we made such a noise that time, yeah, one of the member was screaming so fuckin loud when we watched the 2nd Live Tour DVD. It was such a humiliation for us tho. >.>;;.

So this time, we tried as much as we can, not to make such a noise. How? Don’t turn something which make others got too excited. -_-;;. But yesterday, whoa, there’re a lot of members who came. What a surprise. And the booing thingy didnt happen too… but sadly, because there’re more than a half members of the gathering were their 1st time to go to this kind of meeting, in the end some of them were gathering into a smaller group at another table that placed far from the rest. But it’s okay, the staffs went to each tables, to greet them. And as I expected, I think I do scares them off…I mean, my members. When I shook their hands, and introduced my self as Lola, some of them were smiling weirdly, and when I asked them, did they know my id at forum, some of them said No, and when I told that im *JunsuIsMine*, everyone were looking at me with a horror looks. LOL. I dunno, was that a compliment, or not, but I took it as a compliment. Hahhaha,….

Everyone were having fun, chatting, sharing things like stories or files to others, or even gossiping. This gathering must ended around 5 PM, you know what, I guess our group were well-recognized by this food court management after the booing incident, coz during the gathering that started from 12 PM, there’s a manager of that food court who was spying on us. LOL!.

After the gathering, the staffs were having another gathering. Kyahahha….. we went to a cozier place at one of the café, and having so much fun together. Hahahaha...i have to emphasize the words “having so much fun”. Hahahaha…. Okay, that’s gonna be a B-side story that I cant share that with you..
Once again, thank you so much for members who can come and we hope you’re having a great time together with us. (I sounds like Junsu at their concert speech.. XD)

those things are the must have things when you attend a gathering.
Laptop, flashdisk(more than 1 GB), External HD(the size may vary. LOL)

Must eat item.. CHEESE CAKE from Bandung.(thx CHIPAAA)

my strap!!! arigatouu ne Mba Retno and Yani Oni...^^

Kkkk...proudly present..

actually Yani oni was the one that found it at the esprit shop, and we were acting crazilly after that..
ahahaha...*norak euy*
no one recognized this shirt at the gathering..XDDD

Did you realize that I changed my cellphone to Nokia 6210 classic. So where’s the Samsung i-450? Yeah I decided not to buy Junsu’s cellphone after talking to some of my friends, asked for their opinions,. Hahahaha….and since that cellphone was looked good because Junsu was one of the talent of the CF, I decided it’s so biased and shallow if bought that one just based on that..XD. So, I decided to buy Nokia 6210 Classic instead, speaking of which, this cellphone was a 3,5 G ready cellphone, isn’t that cool? And dunno why, recently Im in love with nokia classic, and tadaaa…… hehehehe….
Saturday, April 26, 2008 / 3:26 PM


it's been a while like again and again for me to post my entry to my dearest bloggie..

it's trully another tiring week for me. as I said before, getting work at the clinic trully will damage your mental, and body. Like on wednesday, my patient, a very young boy at the age of 8, after I done the preparation for Class 1 on his occlusal dm1, because his stupidness for always moving his tongue when i was working on his tooth, his tongue was kissed by my round bur. it's all your fault...>.>;;;. and you know what, he put his sandals on, and ran away from the clinic, crying...>.>;;;;;;;;;

my periodontic's life wasn that fun either...XD
got so many patients and disscussions...nyuuuu...

what a tiring life..

but i love this new life..



yesterday i went to Taman Anggrek Mall again, to meet Susu, who came to Jakarta, she was skipping class.. XD. we were treated by Eyang for the lunch, makasih eyaaaang!.

and tomorrow will be anotehr gathering for our forum. i think it's gonna be a very BIG gathering. btw, at my forum, there's a vote "who is the most scariest moderator team", you know what, i was the winner.... IM LEADING!! it wasnt that surprising tho..



ahhh finally i changed my cellphone and bought my dream ipod nano.

Friday, April 18, 2008 / 1:12 PM

Clothes Designed by TVXQ

kkk...found this at LJ.
and i think this is wuite interesting..


err.. it's so for 25 something lar~
it's trully not for me.
but I think, Junsu really loves her mom.
you can see from his design..thehehehe..


It's the same with Junsu's
his design was quite similar with Junsu's theme.
kkkk.... maturity, elegance, grace.
those 3 words could represent YOOSU's clothes


It's soo Jaejoong like.
so stylist...i love that clothes!
i wanna have that..T_T


wohoo... it's one of my favorite too..
so yoosu has the same theme, and so does Yoonjae! XD


whoa Changmin..
bad changmin baadddd changmin
what's with the short?
but i think it's kinda sweet tho'

Thursday, April 17, 2008 / 3:39 PM


Im soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that finally I can sit here and wrote another entry to this lovely blog. Im not blaming on my clinic life for kind of abandoning my beloved blog, but it’s just the reality. I cant online easily just like it used to be, at first it was irritating me, but I have to face this. But guys, knowing and ofcourse realizing that I have a forum to take care of, this reality really got on my nerves. A lot of things to do at my forum, and it’s quite hard for me at first to manage the time, but Im learning how to handle the situation. Hopefully I was doing OKAY. Thehehhe…

Next week will be the 30th days of my clinic life, but truly it seems like forever. Feels like ive been here for more that a year! It’s so tiring. But the happy things did happened frequently, made me forget for things that shud not been happened.

Just like today, what a tiring day for me and one of my friend. So yesterday was the first day for us to have a discussion with our counselor about 1st status at paedodontics clinic. 7 of us were very nervous about the discussion, and the counselor seem was having a bad day that day. XDD. So we were having a discussion for 2,5 hours, started from 8 AM, and ended at 10.30. LOL. It was quite fun, I can answer some of her questions, while others were just remained silent. Kkkk…. She’s not having a bad day at all, until at 12 PM, she gave us our status’ card, and kind of furious and said that every one of us didn’t get everything that had been disccused, and we were like, ‘EH?’. She waited for the correction of the status and we shud gave the corrections sheet on the next day, which is today.

So today, around 10 AM, we gave our correction sheet, and she said, if we didn’t have a patient at Periodontic Clinic(Coz today my schedule was at the Perio) until 11 AM, theres gonna be another discussion, and this time just 2 persons only for 1 session of discussion.
OMG, another discussion, we didn’t expect this. >.>;. And AGAIN, there’re some of ppl at my team, just like my pervious entry, kind of sent me and one of my friend as a bait, rite at 10.30 all of them took a patients, and let us 2, went to the paedo to have a very nice discussion.>.>;;;;,

But you know, God was always watching, I past the discussion easily, alhamdulillah, I can answer and wxplain her questions , and it was harder than the first one, coz it was only me and my friend, facing her, kind of one on one discussion.
So now I can smile like this…. I got her signature on my status card.


*btw, do I look kinda tired?*

yeah i lost another 2 kilos..XDDD so now 54-56.The normal was 56, omg, my cheek bone....T_T

Thursday, April 10, 2008 / 4:47 PM


S-Line never diess....kkkk


*just like yesterday, i compressed the size, gomeeeeennn*

credit: xiahjunsoo
Wednesday, April 9, 2008 / 5:37 PM
PATI-PATI, May Issue

dammit..this is soooo up close and too personal.......

sorry, i have to compressed the pictures due to bad connections...>.>;;;;

credit: xiahin + xiahjunsoo
/ 4:29 PM
Mood : pissed
BGM : Linkin Park – From The Inside

Whoa im on my 3rd weeks already at clinic. You know what, now I know what exactly what life is..*smiles*

Many friends of mine told me that I shud be more carefull at clinic coz a friend can turn as your enemy in a matter of second. Every masks that they’ve put on will be removed, and you’ll see the true side of them. Even my father had warn me about this, and I tell you, it’s not just a bull, IT’S SO FUCKIN TRUEEEEEE!

If you asking me what exactly my soundtrack of life today, definitely it’ll be Linkin Park – From The Inside. You better listen to that damn fuckin song.

Today GOD was so kind to me, I dunno, but I took it as a sign, instead. This morning once again I thought that I was kind of deceided by ppl like for thousands times, and it’s getting worst at noon, that finally, I yelled at her and kind of crying out loud what’s on my heart. Coz it’s enough, dear friend. You’re disrespecting me for almost 3 weeks, and it’s enough. I know for the past 3 weeks, we’re having this on/off friend relationship, but today, that’s just too much. We’re on the same team here in clinic, just please with all do respect, respect others! We will on the same group for the rest of our life in clinic, and IF you still have this kind of bad attitude, you better watch out girl. I just wanna say one thing to you, “You’ll be a deadmeat if you still having this shit attitude, BACKSTABBER!” *dasarMT!*

I really wish telling you everything. But I cant. Everytime I tried to write down the story, I just got mad. So fuckin mad, and ended up deleting the whole sentences. But I just wanna tell you that today, from 8 in the morning until 2 am, I saw and felt how hurt I was being stabbed by my friends. Yah it’s alright, im okay, I think GOD can explain…

And you know what, THANK GOD, it wasn’t just me who felt that way. Lot of people were so angry and pissed with those two actually. ^^. So im not making up any story, am I?! im so happy and relieved that there a lot of friends who always by my side today, they said some stories that actually amazed me abt them, and I was like, dammit, im not alone! I didn’t really close to those 2 coz I was in a different class before, and here in clinic coz we was graduated at the same time, we had the same clinic round.

Let it be then.. you know, GOD’s there for people who suffer, I know there’ll be a karma for those 2, from now on, I shud be more carefull then…WATTAAAAA..

Whoa, truly having this blog made me a lil bit calmer as before. Coz I can share what’s in my heart rite away, and it’s relieving. I love my blog….hehehehe..


Btw, because of Fitna some sites were blocked by Indonesian Goverment, and I think that’s STUPID! Flagged the content, NOT SHUTTING DOWN THE SITES, YOU IDIOT!!!!!
But hey, Indonesian known as one of the best crackers and hackers in the whole world…so I still can log in to Youtube,..lalalalala……

Monday, April 7, 2008 / 8:22 PM
Image Hosted by


what hapenned to my lil brother????
looks so pathetic on that bed...
i miss you soo honey...
get well soon okay..
just like i said earlier on the phone, stop DANCING IN THE RAIN *literally*

stupid kid...>.>;;;, dont you know, it's not good playing arround when it's rainning?

Saturday, April 5, 2008 / 9:15 PM


you gotta love Junsu's brand new earrings and necklace..
DAMMIT!! it's soooooooooooooooooooooooo SEXY!

credit: onthepics + itvxq

/ 6:35 PM
Junsu's Ultimate Gag

trully this is the best gag by Kim Jun Su Ever!
Thanx to tingting to record this unforgettable fancam..
if you log i to xiahsoul, you'll find the HQ clip of this, and it's so much worthed!

and bonus..


credit: mondeer @ xiahsoul
/ 3:08 PM

a sleepy saturday for me..
went home at 1, and i felt so sleepy. I was working on my photoshop work, when i didnt realize that i felt asleep! my frieng had to tuck my feet to wake me up. Hahaha.... im sorry, i always put my earphone on, and successfully felt asleep with this pose. Kkkk... i think i know why my back's always hurting recently. Kyahahaha....

today for the first of my clinic life, had an easy case for my periodontic's clinic. i was so happy, less than 2 hours and it's done, unlike the previous 2, i had to work like more than 4 hours. T_T.

im so happy that my dad will give me a present for my graduation, so maybe i will have a brand new cellphone, ipod, and MAYBE a new laptop too. Thanx dad.. ^_^. i went to TA yesterday, and Junsu's cellphone was about 4 million rupiahs, it's still too high, but if we compare with N95 8GB, it's a lot lower, rite? the N95 was 6,1 million rupiahs. So, i told my dad i decided not to buy the N95,i told him that with the price of N95, i can buy 2 items instead, the Samsung i450 and ipod nano 8 GB. im soooooo geniusss...! Kkkk...


Ahh... i wanna share my two cents about the Beautiful You PV. first i just wanna to tell you that IM SO IN LOVE WITH THE SONG. i dunno why, but those adlibs were just awesome! it's a kind of boring song, but i like it. not being biased, but i know it's a boring one, but i cant help myself not to listen to it all over again. ^^

Junsu's tempting pose with that gorgeous blue shirt was trully the tempting thing to see in this video. Hahahha...The way he stares at the very end of the show, oh my god, my heart was beating soooo fuckin fast...><''. This kid just drives me crazy day by day....

Yunho's mirror scene was abselutely one of my fave scene..kyahahaha... ah micky with his unbuttonned shirt, kyahahahaha..... Jaejoong's kind of scary stares(it's a scary stare to me, gomen m-_-m). XDD. what about Min? he's lookin gorgeous, but i think nothing too special about his scene?! iono...

but it's just too dark, dont you think??

but i love the chorus part.. wohoo.... imagine they were singing that to you..

you're such a beeautiful womaaaaa~~~N!


They're in Shanghai yesterday, and SO SAD, just found this pic of Junsu.

got to browsing to Chinesse fansite...>.>;;; *kodok!*

credit: oneday


me and some of TAP(tak ada pekerjaan)'s team..kyahahaha...

taken after i finished working on my patient, see my mouth cap?


Friday, April 4, 2008 / 11:26 AM

credit : berlala11 + YT

/ 10:42 AM
Junsu's ANYBAND's MPhone Now Available in Indonesia

I cant believe myself!
Yay, finally it arrived in Indonesia too..
we're so daymn lucky arent we?!

hehehe.... it's just the same mobile phone as Junsu's ANYBAND's series.
but it's too expensive!!! i means if you compare with SG price, in SG it's about SG$ 380, but here in Jakarta, it costs US$ 400!!! >.>;;

im so gonna buy this...altough the specs isnt that great, but hey, i already have my digicam.
so it wont bother me that much. thehehehe...
it's all abt pride..LOL *ngakak*


i made these...
im sooooooooo in love with his jawline <3333

Thursday, April 3, 2008 / 5:22 PM

HOWDIE!!! by day im getting used to these kind so called life's at clinic...


yesterday went to like 10 kilos away from my campus to pick up my patient. Okay, did i use the rite word ? XDDD

anywaaysss.... that's for the first time i did that, and it's so tiring, but i have to finish my requirement ASAP. So, i'll do anything.. hehehehe...

she was my paedodontic's patient, my 1st paedodontic's patient. and on monday got to take her back to my campus coz yesterday my counselor didnt come, so she didnt see my work. I just filled her medical record. an easy one. Kkkk...

and today, at Periodontic's clinic. another tiring patient. and i took the wrong counselor(you know, the one that will give you a mark after finishing your work, at Paedodontic, you got only 1 sounselor, but at eriodontic, you can choose any lecturer who come that day). Kkk..that's her, the one that kind of hate me on my first day at clinic. But guys, hahaha.... i just made a record today, for being the first person to use the cavit machine to clean those plaque! kyahahaha..... and it was her that allow me to. all of us just allowed to use that after our 3rd patients, and that was my 2nd patient. XDD


had another fun conversations at YM..
and this topic came up...
Junsu's bubbly butt..

credit : xiahin

* btw, MF being so gay lately, dunno why, glad i met Rey who was so generous to upload those files to MU. Thanx honey^^
Tuesday, April 1, 2008 / 5:38 PM

April 1 never been this wonderful as today. Thehehe....
everytime someone mentions about April 1, it'll be related with April Fool. But it's not worked for me today, coz it's my graduation day, and it's not a joke. ^^

i woke up at 2 Am, coz i was afraid that it's already 4! XD. cant sleep well eversince, but i woke again when the alarm rang at 3. phew..went to the bathroom, took a bath, prepared myself and went to the beauty salon(i booked for my make ups 4 days ago). And ready to JHCC at 6! XD. OMG, we're late! and yess, just a kilo from my boarding house, altough it was just 6 in the morning but there's a traffic jam already. GOSH. The crowding Tanah Kusir, continued with even worser Arteri, and Thank GOD the Permata Hijau wasnt that crowded. Turned right to the Tapal Senayan(im not quite sure with the name), and here we were, at Gelora Bung Karno. The JHCC was inside the GBK's area, arrived an hour before the show, at 7! we're sooo lucky!

my friends were already there, they all looked so nice with those make ups and gorgeousssss 'kebaya'. kebaya is our National Dress. Everyone was just dressed up!

the ceremony begun at 08.30. such a lame and booring ceremony until 10.00, and finally, each of us went to the stage each row from each faculty, and the Dekan would gave us our certificates, and the 'rektor' was inaugurating us as a fresh graduates by moving our ribbon's hat from left to the right side. So im officially a fresh graduate today! Lol. but not literally. so sad, being a dentistry student it's not the end of the road for us, coz the clinic world is already waiting!... XDDD( i even remembered that tomorrow, i will have my first paedodontic's patient,a dn my friend, Indah, even has to prepare herself for tomorrow's disscusion with her Paedodontic's couselor. Kkkk)

So, there's a joke about it, when everyone was taking pictures with their friends, even cries when the graduation day, but it's not hapenned that way in our faculty, coz you will meet everyone tomorrow at clinic. Kyahahaah...

what a Happy girl..Kkkkk

ma and my parents



credit : LJ

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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