Monday, June 30, 2008 / 2:06 AM
what am I doing?
it's 2:12 am now..
im watching the T he streaming one..
but Thanx to Orbit that i can suck it dry out of the net..XD
*sorry for the language,..due to the lack of sleeping..and tense while watching the European Cup Final*

thehehe...GOOOOO GERMANY!!
im your trully supporter since 2002..^^

cros fingers..

okay..let's forget abt soccer first...*gosh, spain was almost scored..>.>;;;*

im gonna tell you crying while watching The Love in The Ice perfm at 3rd Live tour on TBS!!! T^T

yeah, you know, their live tour in japan were filled with my dreams...
having their amazing stage acts, and the most important thing... THEY SANG WITH A LIVE BAND!!
That was my biggest dreammmmm.....><.

okay...the Clap perfm was also FUN TO WATCH!! i like the opening when Junsu was so smugged over his own tap dance skills..LMAO.

i just downloaded No,Darkness Eyes, Clap(these 4 are my faves, and it's performed in lucky!!) and Love in The Ice..

huwaahh...i think im going to sleep...><;;
Sunday, June 29, 2008 / 12:28 PM
Junsu and His Car.

kyahaha....d'you know that im one of car fettish?
okay, i make it clear, i love seeing hot boys riding cars..XD

LOOK THE WAY JUNSU WALKS when he walked to the opposite side of his car,.
DAMN THAT CHEST, ARMS...glasses, *drooolllllllllllsss*

i bet they're going to fill their stomach..poor leader-ssi, rubbing his tummy..XD

credit : phutran1981vn @ YT
/ 11:55 AM
They were playing football yesterday...
err...still dont have a clue was it a friendly match (coz i read UNICEF written on Junsu's shirt), or they're just played with friends...

ahh i saw YC too...glad that he's alrite...^^

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Saturday, June 28, 2008 / 2:42 PM
Tagged by Yaya^^
The rules are easy, just post 10 things that make you happy.
Then tag 10 people and FORCE them to post this on their blogs. Good luck!

2)My Familly..^_^
3)My friends who always be there for me.
8)Music, cant live w/o it...
/ 12:43 PM

My Trip to Singapore...
*WARNING : lots of pics!


do you miss me already?

Sorry for kind of abandonning my blog..
im so sorry...but seems my interest in writings' fading out...T_T
But i promise i will post my entry regularly just like it used to be..
^///^, how come this sick girl went to Singapore? dad was totally dissagree when I told him that i want to go to meet my friends there.

But finally, i made it. and here i was, in Singapore on June 20th, coz this month is a holiday for students, i didnt get the plane ticket, so i went to Singapore by ferry, went to Batam by Plane, and crossed the the straits by ferry. And finally arrived at Harbour Front at 2 PM, where both Susu and my cousins waited me..*ureshiiiii*

So here are the pictures that taken from that journey...


Met Susu and My cousins(Agung and Harris), they're studying in SIngapore..

That book actually made Susu forget that i was there..>.>;

Having a dinner at papper lunch..and our look were trully exhausted just 30minutes, i saw 4 couples kissing at that thing..O_o;; *not in public pleaseee*

welcome to Clarke Quay

The famous turkish ice cream...

Day 2

It's shopping time...^P^

at nite, we went to Cathay to see Get Smart, and met manda and her sister there..

the random pics on our way back home..

Day 3

sightseeing and ended up shopping,.. hahaha..
but i had to tell my hubby that i need more money, so i called him to transfer some money to my savings...LOL.

To Merlion...
Susu told me that Merlion is

The Famous Merlion..

Day 4

The last day in Singapore...
Thanx Susu, Manda, and Agung for being my tour guide..
till we meet again....

i love this chicken sooo much, but i was totally Paebullo...
This was from BBQ Chicken..I LOVE that restaurant coz we can watch FITB DVD for free..khkhkhk...



you know what, finally i can drive myself to my kindergarten!!!
it took 30 minutes ride, but i told you, 30 mins ride in Pekanbaru is considered F.A.R.

i was there 19 years ago..XDDD's gladiator shoe..! and finally i found yunho's bag, yeah, i mean, it simillar with yunho;s..hahaha....

Friday, June 13, 2008 / 7:24 AM

The Last Destination of 2nd Asia

Concert Tour 'O' ~BEIJING~

Kyahahaha......cant help myself not to laugh out loud seeing Junsu's failurness when he's tryin to strip again last night in Beijing. I told you hun, im the one that kinda hate that satge act. really...
See..... XDD. but i still love you~!

credit : caprishiqi @ YT

his shirt stucked on his hip..kkkkkkhkhkhk



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Thursday, June 12, 2008 / 1:42 AM

My Junsu's Going to Beijing 080611..

take care hun, and i hope there's gonna be another amazing performance from you(esp._) on your final concert.
hahaha... love and hate His Topless performance. Hahaha...

TVXQ - YAMAHA Promoting Their upcoming Photbook
"TVXQ! A Week Holiday"

LOLZ. But i found this is si funny tho..
a fanmeeting for TVXQ's parent?!

i really hate this kind of fan,....=_=;

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"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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