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[Fan Acc] 090627 3rd Asia Tour - MIROTIC Concert - BANGKOK

Sorry for the late entry… while making this, im downloading their Thailand concert’s pictures and fancams for all over the places… O_O. My laptop is already been working 2 days non stop already.. it scares me… T_T

Im trying so hard to remember every details, but failed. Hahaha.. I forgot their song list.. so sorry for the not so detailed- fan account…

* Pictures added

So here we go…

(I will tell you the whole story at the Impact Arena)

We arrived around 2 PM while the place was already filled with fans… whoa.. reds were everywhere… I think the Red alert from Thanksin’s supporters wasn’t impacted much, thai fans were still there wearing red shirts.. hahaha…

Since our tickets were still at Susu’s friend, so we decided to get TVXQ’s goodies first. I totally loving the shirt.. it’s so cute with a lot of beads, I guess they changed the shirt due to the fact that fans already made a copy of it.. so sad tho’. I bought a Shirt, cell phone strap and poster-book…

Since some of my friends, incl. me, were choosing the standing areas, so we need to Queue asap, but from my experience on their 2007 concert, it’s not really a necessary to Queue, coz in the end, we can totally squeezed in at the crowd to get the best spot… ..kkkk… trust me, once you get there, you can move around freely to see your fave member closely… kkkk

So, let me continue… Since I decided not to queue that time, me, Fanny, Susu, Novi –oni were wandering around the arena, took a lot of pictures at so many TVXQ standing banners, and there’s a funny story. So we were taking a pictures at a spot where so many standing banners were standing up, and I saw a guy were ordering his friend to pull up a lot of TVXQ posters secretly. I guess it was for Yamaha or I dunno XD, I saw a lot of postcards too… so I told Novi oni to ask him, wether we can have the poster or not.. hahaha… he was sweating like crazy while explaining us coz actually the posters wasn’t allowed for a fans, then he stucked and ended up mumbling his words… kkkk… and gave up while handing 4 posters for 4 of us.. mwahahahaha…. So, I told my friends to run as far as we can as his friend, the one that ordered him before, kind of mad at him for giving us the posters for FREE, coz rite after we went there, a lot of fans were asking him that posters too.. pwahahaha….

The poster that i mentioned above... kkk. The items on the right side are goodies that i bought. (postersbook, cute shirt, and cellphone strap)

After taking so many pictures outside, we decided to split up and start to Q, except SUsu and Novi oni who chose the sitting row. So the battle has begun rite after me and Fanny (the 2 and only Shappa at our tour.. lol) entering the Q line. We were seems so far away from the gate, and Gah it was one sunny day… we were sweating like crazy, and yeah I didn’t see any SHappa that day.. not a single person! O_O. Remember my previous entry about 4nalogue’s staffs? Yeah, I was totally pissed at them… since I wont let my bitter experience at 2007 concert for taking the camera to the venue happened again, so after taking so many pictures at Impact, me and Fanny decided to deposit our cameras to the deposit area, and we cant find it. Asking to a lot of staffs, but they didn’t get what I was trying to say, keep repeating that I cant let my camera in, and seriously, it got on my nerves that I kinda yelled at one of them saying, “I KNOW I cant let this in, but where can I deposit the camera?” while my hands trying to explain them , I was totally looked like tarzan… *rollseyes*. Why they have to hire a lot of staffs that cant speak even a basic English?! Didn’t they know that the place will be filled with a lot of non-Thai fans? T_T. Just for this camera I had to ask like more than 5 staffs, hoping that I would find the answer about it… and it’s useless… And yeah, I decided to go back to my Q, and talking to Fanny when I found out that rite at my back, there’s a Japanese woman who kind of busy with her cellphone. When our eyes met, I bowed to her, and she bowed back, and her name was Yuko-san from Osaka. I was so happy that finally, I can make a friend at the Q-line.. hahaha… She’s so nice to me and Fanny. She said that she went to Kobe, Nagoya, and Osaka’s live tour… *soenvyyyy*, and ofcourse will go to their DOME CONCERT… aaaahhh… she asked us, haven’t we went to Japan before to see them live, and ofcourse, we answered, "No, coz it’s too expensive…" the funny thing was, with my limit Japanese, she said I have a good Japanese… kkk.. *flies*, and asked me how can I learn Japanese, and I said from THSK, and she said, “waaa sugoii…” XDD. The good thing was, coz Fanny will move to Osaka for an exchange student around November, what a coincidence that she came from Osaka too.. And yeah, she was so happy to know that, and kept saying “ meru..meruu”.. she even gave us a light stick that can be a bracelet.. so kind.. we had a fun conversation while waiting before the gate open. And finally around 4.45 PM the gate opened! And tadaaa…. My camera got by the staffs and they said in a very un-polite way that it’s forbidden. And yeah, I yelled at them, “I KNOW, so where I can deposit this? Ive been asking you guys before, and no one can answer!” , and he kinda surprised, coz he thought I was thai.. he pointed at one desk rite beside the gate where 2 staffs that luckily can speak english were there, she asked for my memory cards only, and gave me the card for a token… and finally I was there at AL side!!! KYAAAAA~~


see some blank spot at the AL section? so sad... T^T

For more than 30 minutes I was so afraid why on earth that the venue was still half-filled… esp at my side and the sitting areas. But well, rite before the show started, the sitting areas were already full. But still, the AL side just went that way. Oh yeah, I met fans from Manchester who fled like 17 hours to see Changmin.. whoa.. A Singaporean, and another Indonesian fan from Sharing yoochun.

At 6 PM sharp, the lights deemed, and finally went off… everyone was screaming like crazy… finally, the Concert begun! Huwaahhhhh I was soooo excited over it… I remember, Thank to TBS, so I knew that Junsu will actually popped out from my area, I told Fanny to stepped on closer to the that spot, sadly the AL side was not that full on the day 1, so sad…


The intro was totally awesome, with the effects and stuffs, make us excited and ready to see the whole concert. Was not that paying attention much to the intro coz I have to be at Junsu’s nearest side. Hahaha..

HEY! + Are You a Good Girl + Rising Sun



Seriously, when Junsu Popped out the stage, both me and Fanny were like STUNNED!!! Hahaha.. we’ve met him before at 2007, but the atmosphere was just different this time.. hahaha… once he popped up with his “OH-IM A GOD SEX-look", we were like, stunned and then screaming like a fangirls… pwahahahaha… HE’S SOOOOO HANDSOME!! If on 2007 his skin’s looked kinda reddish, but now, whoa, his white skin was sooooooooooooo smooth and silky –like made me wanna kidnap him.. hahaha. The 3 songs went smoothly and yess, I LOVE THIS PERFM, although it was lipsynch-ed. While Junsu moved with that kind of string and flew rite above me, I really wish it was suddenly broke. Hahaha… we totally looked like those zombies at recidence evil movie.. lmao. *Taeyeon, you lucky BITCH!* pwahahaha

too handsome to be true....


Since we brought a xiahtic towels, we started to show it to Junsu.. ahaha… he kind of notice it, coz when he sang AYAGG, he tried to hide his smile at us… kkkkkk.

Changmin was totally HANDSOME in person, I think he was the most good lookin one outta 5… seriously you have to see that well-sculptured face.. waaaa…. Hahahaha…. Arghhh im so in love with these perfm… remember that hip thrusting.. hahaha…

Mujjikae + Nakwon

I totally forgot the English name of these songs, but you can find it at Mirotic album track 7 and 8. Still with that outfit. Err, honestly, these 2 songs aren’t my favorite at mirotic album.. XDD. But the perfm was actually great as usual.. thehehe…


I dunno what happened with the audio, but just like on 2007, their voices were totally sounded like a helium voices… O_o. they made a not so interesting convo coz it’s already been scripted… you can see the thai subbed at the monitors.. >.>;.


I love their new arrangement for this song.. the atmosphere went up again… hahaha I love it! Everyone was screaming , and at the half of the song, Changmin got molested from the other members, hahaha he almost slaped Yunho’s face for that… pwahahaha… so cute.. and even cant sing his part correctly. . A YOOSU MOMENT ofcourse!!! Hahaha… I was clapping like crazy…

XDD. Okay, I forgot, what was the next song.. so im so sorry for making a not in ordered- list

The Way You Are

Another remix from the boys… Yunho and Yoochun were at my side at I was totally happy…hahaha.. Junsu was there at the front of the stage.

Wrong Number


What a kick ass perfm.. although Changmin was having a problem with his gun.. But this perfm was totally rock!

Purple Line

Junsu’s solo stage… yay!!! Awesome..!


Remember the video with their childhood pictures? Junsu looked so gorgeous… ahhh.. hahaha, and after that played, they entered while sitting at the stairs… I also lovee this bossa nova version of Balloons… everyone was singin it together…

Changmin’s Lullaby Song

I don’t know the title.. hahaha… I stood up rite under Changmin’s side… whoa.. handsome handsome.. hahaha… while he's singing that song, members were there as Changmin’s MV models.. hahaha… Yunho as Yunho poppin with his red umbrella, Jae with his bycycle, Bat-yoochun, and ofcourse Junsu Potter with his magical broom… hahahah what a dork!!!

Love in The Ice + Don’t Say Goodbye + Insa

Gah… I love TVXQ for their talents.. esp while singing the ballads songs… finally, I can see them singing LITI in front of my eyes.. TT_TT. I was totally moved while watching them singin this, but my tears failed to fall… lol. They moved to the center of the stage and begun to sing DSG. Junsu’s so hard to hold his smile, once again rite after he saw our xiahtic banner, while me and Fanny started to laugh, “you wanted to laugh, aren’t you, Junsuuu~~~” Hahahaha…

I think their solo stage begun….


Cute introduction… hahaha.. he even gave the flowers to fans, I guess she might be dead after her hand touched with yoochun’s.. so envyyy…. His fingers were a bit trembling at first, but managed to sing and played the keyboard well in the end…


I forgot the title.. I wish he can sing another song.. i dunno, but seems his solo didn’t show his vocal that much… just went that way left forgotten… *sorry Jae fans*


One of my fave solo… dang his range vocal was so high.. even a guy at my venue who seems didn’t pay attention to this concert coz he was there accompanying his gf, end up clapping his hands just like me.. I was shouting, “ Changmin, Chuigoo!!”.

The Battle between HOSU


The moment of truth.. hahaha.. ive been waiting for this.. hahahah. The outfit was kind of different, coz Junsu added a black tie as the scarf around his neck… LOOOOOVEEE THE CHOREOGRAPHY! Junsu really was slapping his dancer’s butt.. lol.. XDD. And the fun part begun, guess who was replacing Key for the rap part? IT’S YOOOCHUNNNNN!!!! ARGHHHHH AM SOO HAPPY!! I was like, why don’t you let him rap at the first place, Su? XD. Totally enjoying it…! Not gonna spazz abt this, coz you know how I LOVEEE this song, don’t you.. hahaha… and YOOSU just made my day perfectly!!! Hahaha.. YOOSUTIC!!!! Arghhhh…. Michigetta…. hahaha



Wohooo…. I love it!!! He’s so sexy. Love this perfm… and you know what, rite after the perfm ended, there’s a Thai fan beside me started to scream like mad, she was seriously crying her heart out seeing the sexy dance between Yunho and the dancer… XD. She was sooooo sad that sat down and started to cry like a baby.. I was like, Uh?! Silly you… lmao.. and her friends ganged her up and poked her, trying to stop her cry. Mwahahaha….


Love the remix version… finally I can see it live… so awesome!!!

Crazy Love

I need to spazz more abt this song. Haven’t I told you that this is my fave song of Mirotic Album? And I need to let my fangirl side out when they sang it, and I did.. I jumped crazily, singing, while holding my towel… hahaha… ahhh I should tell you this.. one of their dancer that stood up infront of me, seriously GOOD LOOKING!!! Hahaha…. Because no TVXQ members were on that side, all the fans were started to scream at him, “oppa..oppa” HAHAHA…. And I can see Junsu and Yunho’s dancers were actually pretty.. mwahahaha…. I got a close look at both of them at this perfm..

the one that i circled is that handsome dancer... isnt he cuteeee?? hahah...

Hahaha Song + Somebody to Love + Sky


Everyone was so high, although it was for an encore. You know what, Yunho was kinda smile at me that time, so I was holding the xiahtic towel, and he passed in front of me, and in my surprise, maybe he amazed that he found a girl with a hijab was there supporting TVXQ, he kinda bowed at me, I was like, “hey ^^” waving, and yeah, I think I was dead that time.. hahhaha… so sad that finally I have to say goodbye with TVXQ… TT^TT. But that was one great concert so far…


What a perfm!!! Glad they sang it beautifully… I nearly cried… so beautiful!

goodbye..... i hope i can see you next year...


Side note :

  1. As for me coz I didn’t see their day 2 concert, here’s some facts that happened that day. Changmin was slipped while singing Hahaha song, but nothing serious tho.. thehehe
  2. We went there from Jakarta with more than 25 ppl, and one of my forum member brought her parents with her… her dad went to day 2 concert, and you know what, before Tonight perfm, he was sat at the front row so he managed to see Junsu closely, and Junsu was there, shaking his hand while saying, “ANyoung hashimnika?” WAAAAAAAAAA…. SO EFFIN ENVY!!!

3. being on the AL side, it made you see their ASSes, instead their faces.. hahahah.... XD

4. 2U were sooooo hyper on day 1... hahaha... actually Junsu was so rarely walked on my side.. dammit..>.>l . But i can see the rest, esp Yunjaechun closely.. hahaha...

5. one Yunjae moment, but didnt pay attention much coz i was looking straight to Junsu that stood at the center of the main stage... lol. mian...XD. but they were hugging, actually my friend told me that it was a light hug, more like, they were coliding at each other... XD but well, never make the yunjae army killed me for saying that... hahaha

6. Photobucket

HOSU moment during Hahaha song... remember the weird dance from their bigeast fanmeet 2007?

7. I managed to see a lot of Junsu;s cutesy during the concert, his cute giggles, his infamous eu kyang kyang's laughter, and his cute habbit to comb his hair with his palm...

8. I think i know why we can't see any Shappa that tym, do you know the new policy about fantaken pics in Korea, rite? so sad...

what a long entry…. I made this for like 2 hours.. hahaha…

credit : http://mywickedplace.blogspot.com

some pictures from Fanny's cells..

Rite after the show... happyyy!!!

credit : astagged + Fun_Junsu@ tvxqindo.com
Shared : http://mywickedplace.blogspot.com/

Saturday, June 27, 2009 / 11:33 PM
minnaaa..... konbanwaaa....

waaaahhh.... im so dead tired after the concert...
but im triying to telll you the whole story of today's concert...
so, we were heading to the venue arround 1 PM and arrived there an hour later where there were so many fans from all over asia already present at the venue... hahaha..

i hate 4nalogue for being so unprofesional about the concert, the staffs were so idiots!!!
they cant speak english, cant even understand their duties.. gahhh...
i have to meet them back and forth at the information to ask them where i can deposit my camera, but i had no answer.. they were like, ahh uh uhm? <,<;; the gate was openned arround 4 PM, and arround 4.45 PM i finally reached the venue... but before that, there were so many things hapenned.. lol like, finally i met another tvxq fans that was sooooo nice... her name is Yuko-san from Japan (obvious), she was sooooo nice to me and Fanny that we finally exchanged our emails and phone numbers....^^, she was so different thatn any fans that we met today, lke most likely all the japanese fans are so nice... unlike those..you know...LOL. BTW, i cant find any SHappas today.. O_o. weirdddd!!!! okay, as we reaching the the gate, FINALLY, the staffs told us to deposit the camera at a counter arround the gate.. LOL. And yeah, since i was busted for bringing the camera at the venue, so i told my self, since i was only have 1 ticket, i shud enjoy the show.... at the venue, i met another fans from Manchester and singapore... whoa, international meet up at AL... hahaha.... but i was so worried abt the venue at first coz why the sitting areas were not that full.. but i was worried for nothing, as 15 minutes before the concert started, the venue filled with cassiopeia,ltough in my surprise, the AL was half full-ed.. what a bittersweet for me to know this... i was happy coz i can walk freely, but sad at the same tym. but i guess it hapenned because the TBS already showed the concert so ppl can see that actualy being at the AL or AR side is kinda err... not a great option.. XDD lollllz... i was chosing te AL side before the TBS released, dammitt... so let me try to tell you abt the whole concert... but not really in a gud order since im not in a perfect state.. hahaha.. i have to take an early flight at 6.30 AM TODAY! diess.... The HEY perfm was totally awesome! i told Fany, my partner in crime on today;s concert, since Yaya cant go to bangkok, so i told her, we shud wait at that spot. arround the most left of the stage, and yesssss BANG!!! I VERY NICE LOOKING, I MEAN, GOD DAMMIT ALMOST PERFECT HUMAN popped up, me and Fanny were like stunned, and then SCREAMED like a fangirls... PWAHAHAHAHA.... Fanny was there as the photographer.. hahaha.. thnax to Nokia N95,,, it wasnt caught by the security, even Fanny were filming the concert beside the security...hahaha.. good good,... not gonna tell you a story song by song, coz i was totally sleepy. but just wanna tell you, junsu saw our xiahtic banner and smile, Yunho was indeed smiling at me, and i was like,... DEAD.. pwaahahaha..... but i told you, Yunho was so hyper,,, and yess, Changminnnnnnn.... gahhhhh he's totally HANDSOMEEEEE!!!!!!!! Yoochun, surprisingly, and yess it was indeed make me happy, replacing Key for Xiahtic rap


Fanny.. my oartner in crime.. ^^


www. tvxqindo.com



random.... lol


on Thailand's territory

arrived at Suvarnabhumi


at Royal Dragon Restaurant, having dinner



at SUan Lum, shopppiingggg!!!!

our messy bedroom


good morning, it's time for fangirling...




we went to Central World...







i love this pic... ahha


AL TEAM...!!!


Yunjae lover... hahaha





Finally at Impact Arena...


txvqindo.com team



some random pics..



meet my new friend from Japan Yuko-san... she was soo nice..^^



so that's all for today..
gonna share the rest pics ASAP.. ^_^

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