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Kkk… there’re so many stories that I really wanted to tell to you. Esp. about Junsu’s cap. Seems like I didn’t tell you the whole story, rite? Yeah im so sorry, im on vacation rite now, and it’s hard for me to get online. I made a promise to share my fancams to you, didn’t I ? Be patient…kkkk.. I will upload those ASAP.


Actually there’re so many Indonesian fans at the AL section. Most of us are a YOOSU fans so, that’ll be a good choice, rite? And here’s the story, after we got into the bus, Imel, told us, jokingly, “ you know what, we got this!”, while waving the precious Junsu’s cap. And I was like, I mean, we’re like, ‘you gotta be kidding me, Mel!!’. And you know, in the end, we’re screaming like hell, OMG WE GOT HIS CAP!! For God sake…that’s soo precious!!!
And later Imel told us the story, so after Junsu threw the cap away, Febby got the cap and put it under her shirt because everyone at that section were acting crazily, she gave the cap to Imel, and one of Thai fan even yelling the F word to those 3….LMAO. you can see that the cap was ripped, so thanx Febby, Imel, and Aime, for their courages. Kyahahaha….
After imel told the whole story, I just can said this, “I wanna have that. Do you sell it?” kkkk….as a fan of Junsu, I shud have that, aint I ??! but Imel said that it’s not for sale…! LOL. it’s for our forum’s property. Hahaha…
Later on, the cap went to the whole bus’ passengers. I smelled it and im not joking, it has a nice smell! I can smell the sweats, but it’s just smell nice. I can also smell a ginseng scent, I think it’s from his hairtonic or hairspray..hahaha…and I have a hairtonic that smells exactly like that. Im so happy. Remember that Junsu’s using the baby cologne? I dunno, maybe I just too happy to have it, but yeah I can smell a baby cologne on that cap too. Hahaha…. Totally the white fish thingy seems rite.. kkkkk….jodan jodan… only believe in GOD, okay!
Arrived at our hotel around 12, everyone just cant stop talking about the cap…”may I smell that again?” it’s like a morphin, once you smell it, you just cant get enough. Hohoho… im happy that he has a nice smell. Good good, so you wont make me losing my feeling to you. Hahhaa.*hugsjunsutightly*. All that we can do just smell the cap, sharing the fancams, chatting about the concert, and it’s already 3 AM!!! xD


Yeah..i can guarantee that. I stood straight to him , and everytime his eyes looked at my banner, he smiles shyly.. daymn.. Thanx honey, it made me love you more and more and more…. And my effort to made this just paid off.. hahaha… I keep that banner at my boarding house. It’s just too precious. I think I’ll keep it for a while tho’.


Kyahahaha….if you read my blog’s entry, you’d knew that my dad only gave me the money for the day 1 ticket only. Coz my parent said it’s a nonsense to see the same concert for 2 days in a row. >.>;;; . But, yeah, like an answered pray, I think I shud make the Dec 15th as my Luckiest Day of my life, there’s lady at our tour told me this, “my friend cant come to dec 16th’s concert, so I think this ticket is better for you”. And I was like…O_O. for real??? And I even didn’t need to pay. OMG..Thank you Unnie…^^v. so there I was, at the N, sitting comfortably, made a fancams just for you…hahaha…


KKK..first of all, im so sorry…I love Junsu, and I really appreciate Shappa for providing us the great pictures and fancams. But seeing their attitudes at Thai concert really made me sad. One thing that I can tell about Shappa is, they’re arrogant. I dunno but we’re at the same section at the first day, I really wanted to say hi, and asked them how to have the shirt, shabbong, and slayer, but the way they’re looking at other fans that came in that area just BLAH. Totally, it made me sad. Seriously. T_T. really unfriendly. And Junsu even made me sad, he always went to that corner, where many Shappa’re standing, pointing at them, say Hi, smiling, and even shaking hand to that area. Im here honey…..im here…T_T.
That’s the story at the day 1, so was there any interesting story at day 2?
Yeah we have. Actually it happened at BR section. Eryn, even heard and saw the whole incident. So there’s a shappa who got caught for bringing the camera to the venue by the security guard, and the way she yelled back the guard was really shocking me. She’s like “ okay I already took the battery and the memory card off, TAKE IT! Do I need to pay? Pay??! Huh?!” -_-;;;;.
Remember that I got caught for bringing the camera in? But Shappa CAN!!!! Yeah..hahha actually I shud thank them for this but it’s just unfair that they can brought the camera in, while other fans can’t..T_T. so I saw Junsu’s stalker’s pics at xiahsoul and at some fansites, and when I checked the pic, it said Canon EOS, OMFG….how could they brought that in? O_O;;;, ahh I really wanna yell the committees…that’s unfair, but Thank you Junsu’s stalker..hahahha…Their pics were just awesome as always…^^v

Okay, please don’t get me wrong, it’s just a thought of an envy fan..hahah..but yeah, please, for shappa out there, Junsu it’s NOT YOURS..it’s OURS….*Junsu is a THING?!*LMAO* *
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Hello again…

Im on my vacation and it’s hard for me to get online. T_T. So last Sunday finally I had a seat to Pekanbaru,my home town. Actually, at the beginning after came from Thailand, my dad told me that I’d better stayed at Jakarta at my aunt’ place than went back to pekanbaru, besides it’s a high seasons, so maybe it’d be a lil’ hard to get a seat. But then last Friday he told me that I can fly to Pekanbaru last Sunday, so here I am, at my house. But that’s not the story. After landed at Sultan Syarif Qasim 2 Airport, got home, my dad told me that we’re going to Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, after lunch. Huwaaa…..tired….T_T *sigh*

So, around 4.30 PM, we’re off to bukittinggi, West Sumatra Province, it’s my mom and dad home town, it took like 5-6 hours by car. xD. And we arrived at Bukitinggi at 8.30 PM, tryin’ to look for a hotel, and I think since it’s a holiday’s week, it was really hard for us to find a room. Every hotels were fully booked, from the 1 star until the 5 stars hotels. My mom actually has a house in Bukittinggi but that place was a bit messed since no one lives there after my grand ma passed away last year. Finally we found a hotel, I really love the place, it’s located a bit higher so the view was beautiful, since Bukittinggi means high hills, so you can conclude what that place looks like. You can see many hills, mountains, all you can see is green,,green and green.

The next day when we took our breakfast, I found so many Malaysians at the restaurant.*random* Went out from that place we decided to walked around the hotel, and me who was really excited, playing around with my breath, huakakakakk….you know, you felt like you’re at the 4 seasons country,where there’s a smokes come from your mouth everytime you breathe. LMAO.

Our first destination that day was, went to my father’s staff’s wed at Lintau. It took like 2,5 hours by car, the view to reach the place was abselutely beautiful. I think this place was a piece of heaven that God threw that away to the ground. Kkkk…. After that we went to Singkarak lake, and playing around with my brothers, coz I really love water. Hahaha *random* From Lintau to Singkarak, if im not mistaken, was taking about 1 hours. Since it’s getting dark already, we decided to leave and going back to Pekanbaru. Wew, what a tiring yet enjoyable journey. Hohohoo….. at Padang Panjang, we ate a famous satay called Sate Padang..it’s so yummy!!


!! And after that we went to a kiosks that sell a freshie fruits and veggies… but DANG!!! IT’S EFFING FREEZING ALREADY!!!! Me and my 2 brothers decided to stay in the car instead, coz it’s very cold outside.

And there’s a disaster happened. We left from that veggies place around 7, and there’s an intersection, my father was in a rush since it’s a green light, and at the opposite road there’s a truck stopped coz it’s still a red sign at that section, and here it was, a stupid granny who came from the left road, and was about turning to the left, didn’t she look that our car already there? Stupid granny!!! Yeah she’s a granny, literally, *sigh*. And BRAAAKK…1!$#%%^&(*&^%$. Her car’s kissing our left side mirror. MY PRECIOUS REDDIE!!!! T_______T. you have a scar now, honey…huwaaaaaa…… and it was a hit and run accident!!! She’s just left after that accident!!! Bitch!! You know what, my car got it first scar, and it’s a loooooong scar around it left side mirror, and the left front door cant be opened…>.>;;;. I know that my dad’s so pissed but just tryin to calm down. So We decided to just forget about that accident, and everything just will be fine. And everything just went back to normal again.

What I loved the most when taking a family vacation like this is, I can hear my mom and dad talking about us, their children, our childhood, their dating years, a cute and sweet stories, all I have to do is just pretending to sleep, where they will start to chat. Hahahaha….

Finally, since it’s a night journey, my dad decided to just have a chill ride. LOL besides, after that accident, everyone in the car just still in a shock term huhuhuhu. and it took like 7 hours to get back home. Thehehehe….. here I am again, at my house. Finally I can breathe. Hahaha… shud I tell you that I gain some weights????? T______T. truly a holiday is a monster to a diet person like me…

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 / 4:32 PM
071215-16 , THAI CONCERT

Now i know how to take a good picture..xDDD
hahaha...since the securities are so daymn cruel and strict, we need to take the seat one, instead standing..>.>...
yay..some pictures from kikielli,xiahin, and xiahsoul...


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