Saturday, November 29, 2008 / 7:44 AM
Just wanna spazz about this stuff...
GAH... i dunno why but my CB speed's getting slower last night. at first it's normally reached the normal speed (arround 57 kbps), but then, slowing down to 23 kbps, and end up stucked at 6 kbps for like 6 hours!! Dammit!!! a lot of things were Q-ing on my list, and it's not even moving. But yeah got to be patient and finally, someone re-up all of the list on LJ...Hahaha.. and I just need less than an hour for all of the clips to be downloaded..*swtswtswt*
/ 12:03 AM

Arrived this can tell how tired those men were, by looking at their faces..
have a good sleep tonight, altough not sure abt it...>.>;;;. I bet they will go rite to their HQ (coughSmcough), but well, their going to appear on MuBank and Inki..yay!!!

credit : TVXQEVENT +
Friday, November 28, 2008 / 10:43 PM

i didnt get the whole thing except their talking about "hing.." thing and blood?? XD

Since Mickytoho on YT already up-ped the subbing version, now i can laugh uncluelessly when watching the show.. It's sad that it's just only 5 mins long, and i didnt get some jokes clearly, but they shud come to this kind of show more often!
There's a part when the MC told the audience "IF the 'hing2' thingy become #1 on Naver when the show airing, the chubby guy rite there has to cut his hair..." And this is what i called the power of TVXQ and Cassiopeia, it made it! 'Hing2' got 1st place on Naver Search! Hahahaha

He stole the whole show!!
im so happy with alot of Changmin's appereance lately...

credit : xiahsoul + DNBN +
/ 11:27 AM
Coz today i passed one of the clinic at my campus for fulfilling all of the requirements at Periodontic Clinic, ive prepared some gifts for you...^^. (Well, so for about a week I will have 2 days work then,.just Tuesday and Thursday! YAYY!!, before the starting day of the next term)

Junsu from various endorsements.
My fave one shud be that one with ADIDAS shoes...
it looks so daymn good!

at Kouhaku Press Conf.
Total Charisma, KIM JUN SU!

credit : as tagged + Junssobaidubar + DNBN +
/ 11:17 AM
Rata TengahHow to Shout Over WRONG NUMBER Performance?

Finally, after a not-so-good cheer for the last performance of Wrong Number, Cassiopeias released the'official' cheer for TVXQ.

[ 東方神起 ‘Wrong Number’ - 응원법 ]

Pink Color - Shout their names~!
Blue Color - Sing along~!

* 벨소리~ []

[Xiah] 하루에 열두 번씩 전활 걸어 확인하고
어쩌다 통화중일 때면 괜한 의심으로
넌 또 메세질 남겨놔 []

[Micky] "이 시간에 대체 누구길래 전활해"
있지도 않은 여잘 상상해 만들어내
숨이 막힐 것 같아 Yeah- [park.yoo.chun]

[MAX] '사랑'이라는 말에 날 가둬두고
지겨운 잔소리는 쌓여 또 집착이 되고 No
널 지울래 다신 내 전화에 네가 뜨지 못하게. I Set

[All] You Got The Wrong Number
You Got The Wrong Number
I'm Sorry. You Got The Wrong Number
So Don't Call Me No More [shim.chang.min]

[U-Know] 마치 넌 엄마처럼 하룰 다 알고 있고
어디서 누구와 뭘 할까 불안하고
날 위한 거라 또 믿지 [jung.yoon.ho]

[HERO] '관심'이였단 말로 변명을 하지만
지나친 구속은 사랑을 더 아프게 만드는 걸
끊긴 전화에 매달리면 뭘 해 들려 오는 건 뻔해. What to Say

[All] You Got The Wrong Number
You Got The Wrong Number
I'm Sorry. You Got The Wrong Number
So Don't Call Me No More [kim.jae.jong]

[Xiah] 다 지워버린! (지워버린 - U-Know)
다 바꿔버린! (바꿔버린 - U-Know)
너와 날 기억하고 있는 숫자, 비밀번호 (비밀번호 - U-Know)
언제라도 내 이름이 뜰 때마다 울리던 너의 벨 소리

[MAX] 모두 다 지워! Reset Reset

[HERO] wow 미쳐버리겠다 닥쳐주길 원했다
너의 그물 속에 바보 같은 Fish 이걸로는 안돼? Cash
너의 사랑이 내 살을 도려내 아련해
오늘 나 머리가 아파 와 또 다시 환청이 들려와

[U-Know] 관심 있는 척 날 위한 척. 이라는 곳에 난 그대만의 꼭두각시
No라는 소리에 모든 숨을 죽일 필요가 없는데
니 품에 있는 날 놓아줘 say 벗어날 수 있게 날 도와줘 say
다시 시작할 수 없을 만큼 너무 멀리 와버렸어

[All] You Got The Wrong Number
You Got The Wrong Number
I'm Sorry. You Got The Wrong Number
So Don't Call Me No More
(이젠 벗어나고 싶은데 - HERO)

[All] You Got The Wrong Number
(다신 전화하지 마 - MICKY)
You Got The Wrong Number
(더 날 사랑하지 마 - MAX)
I'm Sorry. You Got The Wrong Number
So Don't Call Me No More
(제발 도와줘 그만 끊어줘 oh yeah~ - XIAH)

* [kim.jae.jong / shim.chang.min / / jung.yoon.ho /park.yoo.chun /]

credit : DNBN +
Thursday, November 27, 2008 / 7:32 PM

Wow, it's been one year already..
how time flies so fast...
so many good things and bad things hapenned for the past year.

*reading my posts about Anyband a year ago, made me smile so wide..hahaha..Coz i remember clearly, rite 2 weeks after Anyband Concert, i went to Thailand to see TVXQ Live in Concert...KYAAAAAAAAA.....*

credit : Picnicxiah
/ 7:07 PM


Image Hosted by

Dong Bang Shin Ki desktop calendar, 2009

*상품안내* * Product Information *

1. 1. size : 300*160(mm) ,표지포함 14장 size: 300 * 160 (mm), including the cover of Chapter 14
2. 2. 재질 : 종이 등 Materials: paper etc.
3.package : 종이 Box 3.package: Paper Box

* I miss-typed my own blog..XD
Image Hosted by

Dong Bang Shin Ki Wall Calendar 2009

*상품안내* * Product Information *

1. 1. size : 390 * 475(mm) ,표지포함 14장 size: 390 * 475 (mm), including the cover of Chapter 14
2. 2. 재질 : 종이 등 Materials: paper etc.
3.package : 종이 Box 3.package: Paper Box

Informations :
- Desktop

OH YEAHH...Im so gonna buy these...>.<

credit : DNBN +
/ 6:54 PM

SMTOWN LIVE'08 IN BANGKOK has been indefinitely postponed.

[공지] SMTOWN LIVE '08 IN BANGKOK 이 연기되었습니다.

S.M. Fanclub 담당자 입니다.

공연을 기다리셨을 많은 각국의 팬 여러분께
아쉬운 소식을 전하게 되어 죄송한 마음입니다.

오는 11월 29일(토) 태국에서 진행 예정이었던
부득이하게 2009년 2월 7일(토) 로 연기되었습니다.

더 좋은 모습으로 팬 여러분을 찾아 뵙도록 하겠습니다.

다시 한 번 팬 여러분의 양해를 부탁드립니다.

Rough translations

SM Ent. staff are very sorry to tell all of the fans that they should postponned the concert 'till February 7, 2009.
credit : DNBN +

Altough I KNOW that'll be a great lost for SM, but their artists, and OFCOURSE fans safety are the most important thing!

/ 6:19 AM
So another update from me...

"We're the Noki Brothers!"

I found on DNBN, that it's for UCC, they posted the clips under 'MickyMouse' id..
you can read the article in here .

So what is UCC?
You can find the answer here

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

such a dork!!


We got all update form the staff at stadium all day...this is life

As we talk with Korean in the morning, about let artist coming here by other way, they accept, that's great news
then to condition of concer cancelation left only 1. in casE of emergency and/or Korean Government not want to let their people go to Thailand
After hard dealing with manything before, now we love korean a lot more

Everyone, tomorrow morning, if everything go better, all thing will be as plan both friday event and saturday concert, coz all stage almost done, we can't stop it, even they will go here or not, Adamas done everything
Stage finish..the great one, sound system now adjusting and light now testing etc. if anyone go around there will see

if the situation go worst, we all re-checking about transportation for all artistm so the way going here there will be many steps
Adamas will rent whole plane in important point for smooth flying, but this will make artist more tired
so, if will be like that, maybe on friday we can't do as plan for let artist rest and prepare for the showm please understand

About security of artists and audiences, not much worry, coz the protest is limite in spot, we stay in the place which they not going, but we prepare for it,
casper garantee

The Staff stress today is a lot..wel all tried from half year preparation for this and we all understand fans club who all prepare for the concert
The thing which want to say but can't is say nore this time...because..there are many condition which can't control

Why happend to Adamasm fro, rain concert, the press conference had been changed...and now the concert day, it be like's real life

We have to say that we all support from many sponsers, full support, even there is the situation, we also thank you for you all
and We work this with fan club not only ourself

Then, we not hold back, everyboday please, all of us


Translation from
Translation by wawadiary @ SOOMPI
News from
Founder : tvxqindo +

geez, international fans dont have a private jet..>.>;;;;
Wednesday, November 26, 2008 / 10:22 PM
2U Sang HAHAHA Song

I found these on DNBN, WTH with these 2? let's for a moment forget abt bad things this week..*like so many bad news it's not good for your heart*

they sang Jaurim - HAHAHA Song

credit : Yaagoubi @ YT
/ 2:13 PM

*updated*SM TOWN Thailand Got Cancelled??
Due to Unsecure Situation in Bangkok(?)

Okay another bad news?
Well, since im nothing against Thai fans... I hope everything will be okay, beside there is no official statement from both Adamas and SM Entertainment about this.

But i read on soompi and LJ, so many international fans were so worried, esp. Singaporeans, coz the goverment already gave a travel warning on wednesday, so did China, France, New Zealand, Britain, the United States, Australia and Japan. You can read the news here.

10,000 tourists stranded at Bangkok's airport.

Yahoo News :

Anti government protesters in front of the departure terminal at Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok in the early hours of Wednesday Nov. 26, 2008. Outbound flights at Suvarnabhumi International Airport were temporarily suspended at 9 p.m. Tuesday, authorities said, shortly before hundreds of demonstrators — some masked and armed with metal rods — broke through police lines and spilled into the passenger terminal. [....]

Official Statement from ADAMAS today

Summary: After the recent happenings in the Bangkok Airport, (Adamus) has been on the phone with an SME representative for half an hour to check on the situation from both sides. 20 SM Entertainment staff will be arriving tomorrow to Bangkok. Most of the details for the show have already been finalized, including stage décor. They have also reached an agreement that since the airport is still letting people in and out of the terminal, and there has been no announcement of an Emergency Royal Decree, the situation has died down and the concert will still go on schedule.

*side note : But i heard from one of the crew, the cancelation posibility is too big..T_T

SM Global Audition on 30th November 2008, Cancelled

News update @ 00:30 26/11/2008:

Unless the Thai gov't declares a state of emergency, or the Korean gov't deems it unsafe to travel to Thailand,
SM Town Live in Bangkok 2008 will proceed as scheduled.

Summary credits: srisin
Credits: (Official Site)

P/S a lot of airlines are cancelling their flights to bangkok, including singapore airlines.OH and wearing red/yellow is..not advised because you can be mistaken as an anti-govt.

Update from :

พี่ชื่อนัทค่ะ เมือ่ก่อนทำงานที่อาดามัสค่ะ
ขอความกรุณางดปล่อยข่าวลือและงดเชื่อข่าวที่ไม่ได้ออกมาจากทางอาดามัสนะคะ ขอร้องิงๆ
เช็คล่าสุดกับทางอาดามัสและการบินไทย ทีมงานขึ้นเครื่องมาแล้วค่ะ
ต์การยกเลิกหรือว่าเลื่อนนั้นเป็นไปได้ยากค่ะ เรื่องเลื่อนไปเป็นเดือนหน้าไม่เป็นความจริงค่ะ
ขอให้น้องๆทุกคนใจเย็นและฟั่งข่าวจากทางอาดามัสที่เวป เท่านั้นค่ะปล. ทางเกาหลีเข้าใจตอนนี้ทางอาดามัสและทุกฝ่ายพยายามทำงานต่อไปอย่างเต็มที่ค่ะ ขอให้น้องๆอดทนและช่วยกันภาวนาให้บ้านเมืองเราสงบสุขเร็วๆนะคะ

Hi, I'm Nat. I used to work at Adamas.
Please try not to spread/believe rumors and news that are not directly released from Adamas. Please, please ...
I just checked with Adamas & Thai Airways and was informed that technical staff already took off from Korea.
There is no cancellation tendency at the moment.
Hope you all understand that this concert has been prepared & proceeded more than 90 percent
and that cancellation or postpone is quite impossible.
And the rumor to postpone the concert to next month is also not true.
Please be patient and catch up latest info


On times like these, how I really hate those who gave a travel warning to Thailand. Im Indonesian, we're probably the most frequent country who received so many travel warnings from all over places. Like WTH dude,... you know Rihanna Concert got cancelled just 2 days before the concert day..>.>;;. And you know what, Jakarta was totally FINE that day, there's no demonstration, and no chaos hapenned that day, AND UNTIL TODAY ofcourse..geez... I hope for the best.


Yeah today there's a blast at the airport..

and there's no flight to BKK today from Jakarta either..
just 3 days before the concert, and this is not a small matter...

niki18 at soompi called ADAMUS and 'The woman said that Korean party has no problem, and ADAMUS has no problem. But if the government announces "emergency" situation, the concert must be cancelled automatically.'

*My friend told me, the concert will not going to be cancelled unless there's a command from King himself.

credit : Soompi + LJ + STAND + Yahoo +
Tuesday, November 25, 2008 / 4:34 PM

THSK at KOUHAKU 2008's Presscon

let's forget abt it...
coz finally today i read on DNBN, THSK IS GONNA PERFORM AT KOUHAKU!!

cant believe my eyes that finally their dream, and also every THSK fans dream came TRUE...>.<>
/ 3:43 PM

What Hapenned to Changmin?

You know that there were 2 women attacked Changmin at the airport yesterday rite?
there're a lot of speculations abt it, some says it was Jaejoong's fans from China... some says it was an anti of both(jj and changmin). iono, i hope everything will be just fine.

see this clip and you can hear clearly, a woman shouted " Shim Changmin, you're crazy, you shud die!". and Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong who were never giving a damn at the airport, suddenly turned their heads...>.>;;

fan-account :

My sister who's in Korea says that the two girls can't really be considered Jaejoong's fans. They've liked a bunch of Korean stars, and Jaejoong is just one of the recent ones that they liked, so they aren't really Jae's fans. After the performance (AN: I'm not sure which one they're talking about), something did occur between them and Jaejoong and Changmin. My sister, who went to the performance, said that while DBSK was offstage, Jaejoong and Changmin went to the bathroom. The bathrooms weren't locked, so the two girls followed them in. It was the men's bathroom too. Jaejoong looked angry but didn't do anything, however, Changmin was very mad. He might have verbally retaliated or scolded them, which is why the girls got angry.
Shortly afterward, the two girls rushed into DBSK's resting room and cursed at them in English. When their manager ran in, they also started screaming at him. Lots of Cassiopeia (AN: Chinese Cassies only, I would assume) found out about this, but my sister said that she didn't expect the two girls to pursue DBSK all the way to the airport and cause a scene there.
Once my sister told me this, I checked on the Korean sites for news but nowhere did it say that DBSK was actually hit. But Korean Cassies who were at the airport did upload pictures of the two girls onto CY (AN: I think that's Cyworld?). Most Korean Cassies don't know about this (the bathroom incident) yet, only what happened at the airport."

i read that those 2 delusionals are going to pay their actions, coz Chinese Cassies already knew every single infos abt them..

the culprits

i found the reason behind the attack was plain stupid..
hahaha...they shud b asshamed for following them to the bathroom, not attacking 'em as a result..such a morons..

Gosh got a heart attack when i found this news...>.<
Sunday, November 23, 2008 / 6:58 PM


hahaha....YEAH BABY!!
these past 2 days, i think cassioppeias were actually shocked by a lot of kissing scenes...kkkkk
And i think it's hillarious and kind of pathetic how DNBN opinions abt it, they were actually afraid abt this scene, and over and over again talked to themselves "It's alright, IT'S BUSINESS"
wth..XDDD kyhahahahaha




HUAKAHKA...this kiss wins!


/ 6:33 PM
LOTTE CALENDAR 2009 i wish to have this so bad..
coz i really love every Junsu's pics..*soundsbiased*


BONUS for today....

credit : MR.TVXQ + picnicxiah +
/ 2:48 PM
My Reviews....

[081120] Jeolchin's Note Eps. 3

The last made me sad coz I think i started to love this show..
it's like watching a situation comedy...there's a fussy umma, a babo appa, a cool hyung, and such a cute aegi(baby)..hahaha....
The last episode was actually quite short, it's only 17 mins long. Well on this episode everyone have to call they so-called- BFF. And it's not a surprise that he called Hyukjae from SUJU.
I like the way the convo flows, it shows how close these boys are. But Hyukjae jokingly teased him before he admitted that Junsu was his best buddy...hahah such a dork..
I like it when in the end of the show, there're some caps where finally all of them became close off camera too. When the old guy there(forgot the name) came to the premier show of Lee Wan's latest movie, and as you guys remember, when at the MKMF Award, Lee Wan called Junsu, "uri Jeolchin".. ^_^.
So the show was actually worked out!

[081122] SBS Starking Show

im downloading this show rite now..geez..ive been downloading this show from last nite at 10, and when im writing this entry, it's already 4 PM the next day..hahahah.. 3 hours to goooo...(2,6 GB?? WTH!!)

But well, thanx to DNBN i can watch it before my CB done(altough it's just some scenes, not the whole show)..huhuhu...

Dang Junsu sang Goose's Dream with the girl...ahhhh *jelousjelous*
hahah... how many girls want to have a duet with him (raise your hand!!) , she's so lucky!
i love the duet..altough Junsu was over did his part a bit with his adlib..(it got cut btw, you can hear it from the fancam)..

But Changmin really stole the show with his kissing scene..
hahahaha....GOSH! it turned me on..
this is crazy, i got jelous becoz of android!!
fyi, that android can express her feeling, so when Changmin kiss her cheek, she blushed..hahaha..

[081123] MBC Fantasy Couple

hahahaha.... another fun show from TVXQ, it aired this morning, and already upped on CB, another 2,3GB...hahaha..*diesss* *MY HD!!!*

once again thanx to DNBN for providing the clips..
hehehe... i was shocked and entertained by junsu on this show.
hahaha... there's a scene when he got to tease this actress(i think she's already 60) XD, and HE KISSED HER...i know it's only on her forehead, but wth Junsu..hahahaha..XDD. ROFL. what's with him lately, it's all abt K.I.S.S.I.N.G. hahaha....


some YOOSU-ness at the MKMF Award..kkkk

piccies...isnt he gorgeous...?


GAH Junho..
he's starting his carreer as a model??

credit : as tagged + DNBN + Junsubaidubar +

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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