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a lil' bit of HOOSU ^^

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/ 5:44 PM
Hi again guys..

so how are you today?it's a tiring monday for me.

i worked at the Paedodontic clinic today, still havent got any patient, so i decided to help my friend did her first medical record to work on.

as newbie in this area, we still got an easy job, but whoa, since it's a new job for us, filling the 'status card' was not an easy job to do, and the patient just made it even worser coz they're still in a very young age.

i helped my friend's patient today, filling her medical record, and got some problems with those questions. we were working from 9, and it finished before 12! XD. at 12 some of us had to go to the JHCC (Jakarta Hall Convention Center) for our graduation reherseal, which will be held tomorrow.

GOSH, all of us were so fuckin tired with the clinic works, and we have to go to jhcc, i went there with my friend's car, we got there at 1.30, and the reherseal started at 2.30. T_T,it's booooring...

finished at 3.30, having our lunch(LOL), and went back home. due to a very horrible traffic, i got home at 5!. hahaha...welcome to jakarta, dude!

here i am, online, posting my entry, and so fuckin tired, ahhh forgot to tell you that my parents were already here. so tomorrow, i will be waking up at 3 AM, preparing myself, and probably we have to 'move' at 5.30, or all of us will be late for the graduation, coz it'll begin at 8.00!!!!

*sigh* i hate living in Jakarta with those so called traffic jam!

The surviviors at JHCC..Kkkkk

i wish i can look as cute as JJ's camwhore pics, but i cant. LMAO!
(you wish..XDD)


Me and Niken


I love these 4 pics...
i hope there'll be a HQ pictures of these ASAP!

i even made the icon for that perfect jawline!

Cute Junchu i mean Sha and Shaki, and Charlie with his lovely Snoopy..
at the USJ SHow, they were holding hands...>.> *envy*

credit : windycity
see..they're holding hands...T_T
credit : iixiah
Saturday, March 29, 2008 / 7:05 PM

guys, have you been chating with someone that you didnt even know who she/he was, but they act literally stupid?
i have some, but this girl trully the dumbass i mean dumbest ever..T_T

okay, on Yahoo Messenger we can online trough our mobile phone, but for me it's kind of expensive, so i just allow my firend to im-ing me if it's an important message.

so there she was, always bothering me with her 'annyeong' thingy. and seems, she doesnt know what 'ol on sms' was. T_T

So finally, today, i met her ONLINE, and look how akward our conversations were...


coreanaholic_lee is currently not in your Messenger List. Add to your Messenger List (Ctrl+Shift+A) Report as Spam (Alt+Shift+R)

coreanaholic_lee: anyeong

Laura l4u: hi

coreanaholic_lee: yoviee imnida

Laura l4u: lola imnida panggapsumnida

coreanaholic_lee: hehe aku ga bisa hanggul lowh

Laura l4u: gk bisa korea kali

Laura l4u: kl hangeul itu artinya tulisan

coreanaholic_lee: hehe iya bener

Laura l4u: lo dpt id YM gw dr mana?

Laura l4u: kok bisa gk tau gw siapa? maksud gw, kok lo add tanpa tau siapa yg lo add

Laura l4u: anehLaura l4u: aja

coreanaholic_lee: hehe mian

coreanaholic_lee: tau dari Forum TI sunes ama FT I

Laura l4u: dimananya?

coreanaholic_lee: kan ada bagian introducenya

Laura l4u: trus kok bisa gk tau gw siapa? lol

Laura l4u: y udh, ya udah

Laura l4u: hehe

coreanaholic_lee: karena aku yang addd

coreanaholic_lee: boleh kan?????

Laura l4u: boleh boleh.silahkan..

Laura l4u: cuma maaf nih, lo suka ganggu kl IM gw

Laura l4u: kan gw lg on sms, jgn d ganggu kecuali pentingc

oreanaholic_lee: maap...... huhuhu

coreanaholic_lee: sekarang ga lh on sms kan

Laura l4u: enggak..

Laura l4u: kan gk ada tulisannya

coreanaholic_lee: suka db atw FT I atw Suju
Laura l4u: pertanyaan lo rada aneh
Laura l4u: gw ngurusin forum TI, kok d tanya suka db apa enggak?
coreanaholic_lee: kenapa
coreanaholic_lee: mian
Laura l4u: ^^;;
coreanaholic_lee: miannnnn
coreanaholic_lee: aku anak baru seeh

coreanaholic_lee: admin atw mod kita

Laura l4u: bukan soal anak baru

Laura l4u: tp itu pertanyaan aneh

Laura l4u: lo tau id gw d ti gak? jgn2 gk tau

Laura l4u: id lo d ti apa?

coreanaholic_lee: Yoviee

Laura l4u: ohh

Laura l4u: beda admin sama mod tau?

coreanaholic_lee: tau kok bu....

coreanaholic_lee: hehe admin atw mod nya???

Laura l4u: coreanaholic_lee: hehe admin atw mod nya??? ==> ini maksudnya apa?

coreanaholic_lee: katanya dikau yang ngurusin TI

coreanaholic_lee: apa Forumnya???

Laura l4u: wah beneran gw bingung sama lo

Laura l4u: HAHAHHALaura l4u: forum TI?

Laura l4u: XD

Laura l4u: lo join gk sih?

Laura l4u: O_O

coreanaholic_lee: iya aku join... disana....

Laura l4u: iya gw adminnya

Laura l4u: *oh tuhan*

coreanaholic_lee: miannnnnnnnnnn

Laura l4u: duh sesange

coreanaholic_lee: aku YOviee

coreanaholic_lee: disana

Laura l4u: iya yoovie

Laura l4u: gk perlu ngomongin ratusan kali kl id lo yoovie

Laura l4u: id gw junsuismine

Laura l4u: T_T;; gw nangis deh ngmng ama lo lama2

coreanaholic_lee: iya deeh miannnn.....

coreanaholic_lee: mian ya sekali lagi.......

Laura l4u: aduhh sesange mian mulu

coreanaholic_lee: mian aku dign out dulu ya.......

coreanaholic_lee: kamsahamnida

Laura l4u: yeah

Laura l4u: w/e


and im pretty sure, rite after she offlining her YM, she spazzed with other members and told other that I was a horrible person.


that's an advantage being an admin....*LMAO*

Friday, March 28, 2008 / 6:56 PM
Universal Studios Japan's Promotion
TVXQ as Their Ambassador

credit: dnbn


Pic Spams, Junsu From Music Fair 21!

credit : Xiahsoul

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/ 10:40 AM
How’s The Concept?

As my promise earlier, im gonna post my 2 cents about their 3rd Live Tour. But first please, read this entry wisely.

Okay, to be honest, I kind of disappointed with their outfit. Oh my God, what’s with the chokers, those crappy and corny stage outfits?! All I can accept were only the matrix’s outfit and that gorgeous T t-shirt, but there’s an exception for Jaejoong, now I know, why I never saw him wearing a black aviator, coz truly, he’s not suit with it. The matrix’s outfit was OKAY, except for Jaejoong.

Now, the goldie kind of jacket(?), oh my goodness, and complete with the choker that completed their ‘amazing’ styles. O_o’’. And the winner for horrible clothes was their too-tight-silver outfit!!! that’s totally their corniest and crapiest outfit ever! Okay, im their biggest fans, but seeing my fave group wearing those kind of clothes, I just cant help myself. And seems those crappy clothes continue, remember Yunho’s too-tight-halter neck and his I dunno, it’s like a band that oh no, looks like a bra that bothers me a lot, how bout you?! *diess* I truly want to kill their designers. What kind of concept was that?!

And the last horrible clothes was their black vest and brown jeans. O_o. I know that seeing their peeping undies were a great bonuses at Yokohama;s concert, but I hate seeing them wearing that clothes. URRGGHHHHH….i truly, truullllyy disappointed with their outfit! Gosh, you guys were entering a bigger stage, it’s an ARENA TOUR!!! Could you just bring out a fresher concept?

Btw, about their apartment… thehehehe…. So many rumours and gossips about that place already. Hahahaha… *evilgrin*

* I’ll leave you with some of their pictures. Okay, since it’s a Junsu’s fan’ blog, so yeahh… LOL.

credit : iixiah + xiahsoul + dnbn+tvxqcn
Thursday, March 27, 2008 / 5:50 PM

My 1st Patient!

Kkkkk…. A different story each day, truly brightened up my life. A clinic life seems has changed me a lot, in many ways. Hahaha…
So, as my promise on Tuesday, I said that I should work on Thursday, and yess, like at 08.30, there’s a patient that needed to be cured, but there’s a funny story. This panic girl was still kind of nervous facing her first patient, so when there’s a patient that was waiting, I tried to pass my turn to somebody else, means, I still wont work this morning. but everybody was insisting me to work, so yeahhh, I prepared the whole thing on the dental chair, and when I was ready, I asked where was she(my patient), my friend’s already seated my –born-to-be- my first patient on his dental chair, and I was like, ‘ ah damn you! xDDD’, and he was like, ‘tehehehehehe’. Actually cant blame him, my fault for passing my turn to other. So there I was, waiting but still cant believe myself that in a matter of second, there’d been another patient to take care for. LOL. And yess, around 9, there’s a patient, and she was a Prosthodontic’s patient actually, that brought by my senior, but before she went to the prosthodontic’s clinic, her teeth has to be cleaned, so that’s why she went to where I was worked, at the Periodontic’s Clinic. (Guys, actually forget about those dental words… hahaha.. I just wanna shout what’s on my head. Kyahahaha). I asked her whether this patient was an easy one or not, coz her patient would been my first patient, and as a newbie, I was forbided to work with machine, so it has to be a manual procedur. And she said it was an easy one, so yeah, welcome my 1st patient ever!!! *mebeingexaggerate*

I seated her on dental chair around 09.30. and yeah, after examined her mouth, it was an easy one, but yeah, something that I didn’t know that, she has a gingivitis. T_T. so everytime I tried to clean her teeth, it started to bleed, and bleed. And I was like, oh my god, why do you have to be my first patient, while you can be my first case instead. XDDD. I tried as best as I could to cleaned up her teeth, but her bleeding seems became an obstacle for my job. And when the senior that brought her to this clinic came to take her away with her, I said it hasn’t done yet. And kind of pity at ourselves, me, because, I can’t finish at time, and my senior, coz her job got to be stopped because it’s already noon!!! It’s already at 12.00, and she thought it wont finished at time also. So my patient, should come again next week to the prosthodontic’s clinic.

Around 12.30, I think it was done, her teeth were cleaned. And I called the doctor to see how was it. My doctor said I shud continued it with OHI(oral Hygine instructions), where I should showed her how to brush the teeth in a rite way. And those people, I mean, my friends, were making fun at me coz I held the teeth model, in a wrong way, coz I was too excited to teach her how. Kkkk…. Gomenne. Glad that those doctors didn’t see what I did. LOL. So there she came, my doctor, tried to examined my work, and she said it’s still undone, coz there’s still some dirts, and I was like…OMG, after all of this hours?!

*sigh* it was my first patient, and you know what, I even cant get a mark for this work, because it’s regulation, your first scalling patient was uncounted. XDDD. So this 4 hours work just passed just like that. Kkkkk….*diess*

01.30 pm, the counselor called everyone except the one that still worked on their patient*coughme* to fill their attendance sheet before went home. Poor me. Hahhaha… I was there, still troubling with my 1st patient *emphasizingonwordsmyfirstpatientLOL*. And finally, I thought it was cleaned AGAIN, and I called the doctor again, and she said OKAY! Kyahahaha… YOSH!!

So, that was my story about my first patient, that happened today. Sorry for bothering you with the story. Hahahaha…. And Thank you for those who read this story carefully, and I hope you got what I said. I leave you with another picture of me today, at my room, after went back home. Did I look tired? Fufufufufu

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 / 5:25 PM

credit : xiahsoul

I like the song. actually i thot it would be like Forever Love or something, but it's different.
we can hear their great ad libs. I heard Junsu's great ad libs performace at Yokohama Concert.
it was AWESOME!

cant hardly wait for the whole song to be released on the net. theheehhe
/ 5:09 PM

What a tiring yet exciting week for me…..

Actually last week I sent an entry to this site, but the connection was down rite after I clicked the submit button, so the entry didn’t post up! Gomenne…

Jaa, it’s been the 3rd day of my clinic days. I went trough many unforgettable moments aleady. First, my first day of clinic, I got to work at Paedodontic’s Clinic, I got the same lecturer as my thesis’ counselor. She said, “oh no, it’s you again!”, and I was like, ‘yeaahh M’am, XD’, since all of us, like 8 ppl, were actually a newbie in that clinic, so we cant work on that day, in the end all of us ended up trough the day, jobless, just watching our seniors worked with those children, it’s quite fun actually, watching those kids with their behaviors.

Day 2, hahahah…. I really wanna cry that day. What a bad day for me actually. I was working at the Periodontic’s Clinic. Okay I know it was my fault, but that doctor really pissed me off for under estimating me on our discussion! It was my fault because, Ive been away from internet for about 4 days that day, so on Monday, i can log in again, and ended up unpreparing myself for the discussion on the next day because I was like saving, downloading everything from Yokohama concert until 9 PM! LMAO. And yeah, that doctor kept on asking me and I just can answer some of her questions. After the horrible discussion, all of us were allowed to work at the clinic, at first we have to scalling those patients from the admission section, oh my God, that was for the first time I saw so many ‘amazing’ conditions of human’s mouth! XD. But I prefer just looking those seniors worked instead starting to work on patient, no sir, I still got a shocking therapy from those people. And the day was over without me working on any patient at all. But I promise myself, I will work on thursday. I will!.

So on Wednesday we would have another discussion in Paedodontic’s Clinic. I got to prepare myself for this one, first, I have to revenge my failure at the Periodontic’s Clinic, second, Gosh, the counselor of our group was my Thesis’ counselor. Kyahhahaha…… we already there at 8 AM. And met her, and said that we had a appointment with her for a discussion about the instruments, and she said we had to delay the discussion until 10.30 because she was so busy with some seminars where she’ll be the speaker. >.>;;;. Okay, another jobless day until 10.30! we waited and waited, me and 2 of my friends even went to the library to prepare ourselves for the discussion, and it’s already 10.30. she’s there at the lecturer room, it placed inside the Paedodontic’s clinic also, and she’s just went rite before we reached the door! TT_TT. Oh my goodness, how busy she was…><;. Okay it’s said 12.00, she came, and when I tried to reach her to talk about the discussion, she was preparing her lunch. Oops, don’t you ever go to someone’s place when they’re preparing their lunch, you gotta be punched! LMAO. Gosh, so today our job were waiting for our counselor! LOL. Half an hour later, I went to her place and she’s ready. So each of us had to prepare our instruments, it must been complete, and if you dont have a complete instruments, she wont give you a permission to work on Monday. Nyuu…. We were 8 of us, and only 3 were actually had a complete stuffs. So yeah, got a little complain from her, but since it was our fault, so it was OKAY!. LOL. When she was explaining about the regulations at the paedodontics clinic, she called by the Dekan(how to call this one in English?), and we got like 15 minutes to borrow the uncompleted instruments from others. Kyahahahaha…. XDDD. And finally I got a permit to work on Monday. Hurray… but duh, I don’t have a patient to work on. Hahahaha….. another jobless for me on Monday? Just wait and see… hahahaha….

That's not the point actually. OH Y FUCKIN LAMB, i was preparing myself for this session so bad, and she was just look after our instrument without asking us just like ehat othe counsellors did??? okay, that's my luck or my lost? XDD

Fanie, Yenny, Indah, and Alex

waiting for our councelor so you need to find a way to kill the boredom. LOL

Whoa… it’s a long entry once again. Ah I have to tell you that on Tuesday it will be my graduation day. YAY! A graduation but you’re not literally graduate. LOL. It’s a differentiation from other subject. Welcome to a medical life! Hahahaha……

Ahhhh…. It’s also been a while since my last entry about our boys..
Got to tell you, whoa so many things happened already. Their Arena Tour, their new apartment, that I heard they’re at the same apartment with SUJU and SNSD. (Laugh my ass off). Hopefully they’re not having the same type of apartment as those 2, I mean they’re already their sonbaenim(senior) rite? They have to leave at the penthouse one, while other, yeah… *kkkkkkk* *killsbyelfandsnsd’sfans*

credit : LJ

Their Arena Tour, errr… I really wanna share my 2 cents to you… but I think im gonna continue my entry tomorrow. See you again….

Monday, March 17, 2008 / 6:51 PM

Anyoung haseyo..

Wow, today was amazing! It’s getting near to my first day at clinic. We must accostumize ourselves on everything, even how to anesthetize people. On Monday, we got this kind of lesson, and the reason why we shud learn how to anesthetize people were, beside it’s the kind of procedure that we needed to know, we must know how it feels to be anesthetized, so we shud work more carefully to our patient in the future. We had to find a partner first, but coz we had an uneven people in our group, there’s an exception for my team, we got 3 people unlike others who had only 2. So my team were Me, Indah, and Agus. At first Agus gave a shot to Indah, then I shot Agus, and after that Indah shot me. XD. GOSH… each of us had to feel 2 different kind of anesthesias, the first one was block, and the other one was infil. Each of it were deffinately hurting you badly! xDD. Ah I wanna share you the story about what had happened today, but I think, im afraid, it will take me a while to write the whole story. XDDD

Yesterday I went to Plaza Senayan to watch the premier of ‘Dr. Seuss’s : Horton Hears The Who’, on invitation of Chipa. thehehehehe… you know what actually Chipa said the premier was on 10 o’clock IN THE MORNING, but the fact was, the movie had started at 9:30 AM. XDD. OMO, even Plaza Senayan hasn’t open yet. So I had to walk to the parking lot to find the right gate to enter the Grand Cineplex XXI. Yeah it’s the most exclusive theater around Jakarta. Once I got to the parking lot, I talked to myself, was it the area to enter the X2?! One of the best club here in Jakarta. XD. And yeah, just went straight, and tadaaa,…I found it! The gate to enter the Cineplex. Lol. When I entered the main area, it was filled with kiddies. XD. And I was late. XDDD. Got to find the rite studio. Me and Yaya watched this funny movie for about one and half hours, and it was totally fun, except, due to the fact this was a cartoon, so many children were coming, and they’re totally disturbing! >.>;;;. But it’s okay tho coz I love the movie, although Horton wasn’t crazy enough as The Grinch, made Jim carey didn’t bring his best to express his acting. But I still liking it ^^. The most cheesy part was when at the The End of the show, the whole ‘animals’ sang an 80’s song, I forgot the title, but there’s a line like this, “coz I cant fight this feeling anymoreeeee….”. OMG, you know what, that’s one of the 80’s song that I hate to hear, but you have to watch the way those characters sang it. That was hilarious! The best part was when Horton tried so hard to cross the bridge. XDD. ‘Im lighter than a feather…”. Hahahaha…..
Thanx Chipa….Thanx for the invitation!

Eat our lunch at the Pepper Lunch, and suddenly the Plaza Senayan already filled with people, so only took like one and a half hours to fill the area. LOL. I met Imel, Acid and her sister, Yaya, and Yani Oni. Chipa was busy with her bussines. Lol. Finally we met again, it’s been a month tho after our last gathering, YAY!!! Imel gave me my Shabong!!!! Finally, after a month, Manda and Susu sent that from Singapore, Thank you soooo much! *hugs*

After took a lunch, we crossed the street to one of the best hang out’s place here in Jakarta, Senayan City. Finally we met Bunda, Chipa and her sister, Chipi. Chipa gave me my T album and If single! Kayahahahaha….. what a perfect day that day indeed. Finally I have my own album! I bought the HK’s Version, the differenciate between the Japanesse and the Hongkong’s version was only one, we didn’t get a postcard, unlike the Japanesse version. But dude, it’s only a postcard. Come on, You can have the low price without being ‘harmed’ kkkk, aint we’re lucky, as for a person like me, who have a limited budget to buy those things. Kkkkk….

On 5 PM, I went back to my boarding house, coz tomorrow, which was today, I had my anesthesia’s lessons.

Jajajajjjaaaa my precious… the Shabong, T, If and FITB’s DVD, I bought the FITB’s DVD at the music store around Senayan City, it’s HK’s version, but it’s okaaayyyy……. As long IT’S ORIGINAL! Aren’t you ashamed having a piracy things?

About the shabong, when I tried to rip the plastic that wraping the bong, Imel and Chipa said the plastic wrap was to differenciate the original Shabong with the piracy one. XD. So I didn’t take that off.

Friday, March 14, 2008 / 5:18 PM
3rd Live Tour ~ T

whoa i want this strap sooooo bad!


credit : xiahsoul

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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