Saturday, May 31, 2008 / 2:58 PM

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So yesterday I got a change to get myself online again. Actually I was with Bunda Ican, mba atiek, and yani oni at one of the café in Senayan City Mall. Since im going back to pekanbaru, probably this Sunday, so called this a temporary farewell party. Imel and Erin couldn’t make it, so there’re 4 of us only.

Since that café have a wifi thingy that truly helped us out to download the starshow engsub from YT, kkk..thanx to ginaya, we really had a great time there. Khkhkhkh…

Imel and bunda ican were interviewed by a local newspaper, about TVXQINDO community 2 weeks ago, since I was sick, I cant come to the interview session. But luckily, XD, yesterday the reporter wanted to take another picture of us (kyahahaha) and he hoped that he can took a picture of our collections too, but unfortunately, he told us about that quite late. So that day, we didn’t prepare much, but thanx to yani oni, she brought some of her collections. The reporter said that it’s gonna be released today! XD. *please buy Koran Tempo, today’s edition!* hahahaha…

After the reporter went, We browsed every single sources like fansites, and forums, when I went to Junsoorest to see whether they’re already posted up the airport pictures of Junsu or not, I found a MIRACLE*lmao*. We were so surprised with Junsu’s expressions there, HE’S SMILING AT THE AIRPORT! We felt that suddenly sun now rises from the west. LOL. Junsu can smile that wide at the airport?? WHOA, THAT’S SOMETHING!
Hahahaha….. so we call it, THE TAESU’S EFFECT. I made an evident of this weirdness.. hahahaha…
Just like I said before, I will be happy if Junsu’s happy. So, this moment shud last long tho…don’t wanna see that –freakkin’ me-out-look at the airport anymore..

We chatted for about 3 hours, when suddenly the connections were getting slower..>.>; so we decided to move to PIM 2 instead. Hahahaha… and as expected, the bit rates were crazy.. XD. 101 kbps! YAY! Hahaha…. But so usual, it’s only lasted for 2 hours… I hate PIM 2 for that..-_-;.

Went back home at 7 pm, it’s so sad that im going to go back to pekanbaru. No more PIM, sensi, TA *whatashopaholic’sreason*, and ofcourse, I cant go to another gathering with my fellas….>.<. Ahhh.. Yoochun’s bday is getting near, due to the fact I cant ol easily just like I used to be, it’s hard for me to upload pictures. Im sorry I cant give my members at a gifts just like when I did at Changmin’s bday bash. Mianhae….. Up till now, jaa…..

*NB: got a text said that Taeyeon’s pregnant, GOSH, could you just stop this insanity?! Leave them alone, you still have your own life rite? So does TAESU!*
BONUS for today...
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Friday, May 30, 2008 / 12:09 PM
My blog’s seem abandonned… mian..

Kyaa…so when I write this entry, it says 7:39 PM, May 28th 2008.

Listening to, OMG, SNSD – kissing you from my i-tunes. Kyhaahaha.. I didn’t mean to, I checked the ‘random’ button, so there it goes.

Whoa, I never know this Hollywood Bowl thingy would impact our boys these big. Lol. Yeah, heard about those rumours, not only about the TaeSu one, but lot of things. XD. A LOT OF THINGS. I really wanna share those stories to you through this blog, but I cant. Like Susu said, sometimes, knowing too much aren’t good for your health. Kyahahahaha….. I remember, me,susu, and Yani oni were so freakin BUSY on Sunday and Monday because of db boys’ rumours that we don’t know why, but seems those days were full with craps. Hahahaha….. and now, cassie make it even worst by saying that international fans weren’t like Junsu for making up those stories about taesu. Lol. Hell yeah…

And 2 days ago, another breath-taking news from Susu about SNSD, kkhkhkkhkkh… okay so what’s the point, Su? ‘we were rite from the beginning, weren’t we?’ xD. but I love you TaeYeon… <3. let be it. i hope Tiff will learn that showing off her undies is not good for other’s health, and stop being so criticize about others too… yeah, will see what happened when Cassie, Elf, VIP, Wonderful, shinhwa changjo and SS501 fc(I forgot the name, quint? Yeah w/e) unite at the upcoming Dream concert. I think it’s cool watching those fanclubs that always had a fight can unite against SNSD. GAH… seems I hate SNSD too, but im not. I just kind of disappointed with their attitudes off air, that’s all, I like their album, to be honest. *peace*.
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 / 2:04 PM


where am I?
im siting in front of my laptop at Beebembap at PIM 2 with yani oni..
kyahhaha...please dont tell anyone that i went to PIM 2 okay..

today i got everything under my control so i can went to Pekanbaru peacefully. LOL
went to my campus to arrange my long break.

and now 14:13 am im still here, chatting about evrything that has been lefted behind for the past month since ive been sick in that period. and now the TaeSu thingy has been the major issue here so got to hear everything and SHARE everything that relates with that issue. Like ive said before, i cant OL, but i didnt miss everything about those gossips and rumours, or may I say, FACT abt TaeSu...

/ 1:45 PM


Another entry by me in a new month. Oh my god it’s already May!
Okay…aren’t you wondering why am not making any entry for the past 2 weeks..
Okay, some of you might answered coz I was so busy at the clinic. Kkkk…
Im gonna give you a shocking news. Im at the hospital rite nowww…. Ive been hospitalized since Sunday on May 4th, and today when I wrote this entry it’s already been my 9th day here in Pondok Indah Hospital. My right hand is in pain when typing this coz there’s an intravenous feeding and I tell you, it’s been moved for about 6 times! Likes everytime there’s a coagulation, it has to be moved rite away, or it might be causing a bumps.

Ahh not gonna tell you the details why I was there, what is my desease, or anything, coz am not gonna talking about that. The main point was just because I kind of late to see a doctor to cure my cough, and those sputums were covering my lungs badly because of that. With a bad condition, bad eating management, and my work at the clinics made me kind of weak in facing those desease. So yeah, I had to be hospitalized. I gained some weights that’s probably the thing that I regretted the most, coz dammit, It took like 8 months for me to have this shape, and because of this desease, the doctor pushed me to gain another kilos, and forgot about my diet for a moment until my condition back to normal again. >.>. I think and you can see that the cheek looks chubbier, and my jeans is kind of hard to wear. LMAO! And one thing that I fear that happened to me rite now, I cant complete my requirements, a week off at the clinic, means you will lose so many things, and that’s stressful! I dunno, but I promise I’ll do my best to recover and catch everything that have lefted behind. Hwaiting!!!

PS : the doctors and nurses are kind to me. <33>

Another entry.. yeah, doing nothing at home has gave me some times, I mean a lot of times to write. Thehehehe… okay, now it’s Sunday morning May 18th. 4 days after I came out from the hospital. And tomorrow will be my first time at clinic again after 2 weeks off. Not feeling excited at all.. hahahaha…. XD. Those requirements that’ve been haunting me are laughing at me now…>.>;. Ughhh….. ive been in this beautiful world for 23 years, and never been hospitalized even just a day!!! And now, both my hands had faced their nightmare, shot by a needle almost every day. Kkkkk….poor baby. There’re so many marks now.

So how about my conditions? It was a lot better from the day that I was hospitalized, but one thing that I found out and I was kind of afraid by that, I can easily exhausted, even just walking to the second floor of my aunt’s house. It’s just a staircase..huhuhuuhu.. I found this weirdness on the 1st time after came out from the hospital, me, who felt that she’s already a healthy person, tiding up her bedroom and she collapsed! xD. I got a fever after all. So my father(who came from Pekanbaru and took care after me for about 5 days) kind of insist me to just stay at my bed room, cause for the past 4 days I stayed at my aunt’s house, it made me a princess wannabe, coz everything was served and I would just sit on my bed, watching TVXQ’s clips from my laptop. Kyahahahha….*evilsmirk*. Kapan lageeee???? Kyahahahahah…. But im not that lazy and princess wannabe’s girl, so when my father went back to Pekanbaru, im back to my real habbit, moving around, walked up and down to the second floor to grab some snacks from the fridge, but then again, after I reached my bed, I probably, and mostly lost my breath. Kyahahahaha…. And my aunt’s servants will just laugh coz it’s all my fault for being a rock headed. Hahahaha… I hope my first day at the clinic will pass normally. Coz if I get exhausted again, my father told me to take a month off from clinic, and go back to my home in Pekanbaru. Dunno it’s a happy message or not. ><’. *

How about the TVXQ world, did I forget about them?
Yani onnie, Iwany Onnie, and Imel came to gave me a TVXQ injections. So it’s not only my blood that needs a feeding, but my soul needs a feeding too. *diess*. Although im not that up to date about the clips, but about the gossips, it’s still no 1 for me, almost everyday Yani Onni sent me a text about those gossips about our boys. Kyahahaha….that probably not posted in forums. Khkhkhkh… and she always sending me an mms’ so im not that lefted behind. *kumawoyo* Im in love with Haptic CF, that I made a Junsu cut of it. Hahahaha… he’s such a clown, and that’s why I love him so much. ^^. He looks like a fussy ajjuma! XDDD. “ I will tell this to the manager-nim, I will put this on the site”. OMG….he’s so cute and funny! Just a random thought, IM SO HAPPY THAT JUNSU’S HAIR TURNNED BLACK AGAIN!

The 3rd live tour has ended successfully, and they’re in State right now to have a performance at the Hollywood Bowl. Good good. Yoochun has a new house, their dogs are getting bigger, Jaejoong and Bikeu Fancam’s in their car; Junho(tvxq’s partner’s in crime),Jaejoong, and Yoochun got caught walking around at Han River. Kayahahahaha.. see, im not lefting behind. XD.

Speaking of Han river, actually, if I wasn’t collapse like this, a week ago I was flew to Seoul with my mom. T_T. My mom had an exhibition at Seoul. But yeah, actually I kind of doubt to leave my job at clinic for 12 days coz I would be missed a lot of things, and God cursed me because of that, for be-littling my clinic’s works. But I want to go Korea!!!! TT_TT.

And yesterday, I found out that I lost almost 2 GB of my FLV files from my ext HD. *diess*. Called Yaya, almost cried, I was so shocked and furious about it, coz I ve been collecting that since a year ago! And some of that were a rare and HQ files that I had from Junsu’s fansites, and from unknown sources, not only from YT. But like an answered pray, rite after doing my night pray, I remembered one name. yeah, one name that I was pretty sure she has those files coz like a month ago I met her and share everything about Junsu together, Iwany Onnie..kyahahaha… I sent her text, and she said she will lend me the files again, it’s already burnt into dvds. XDD. Im alive, oops, I mean, im saved!!! Thanx Onnie! ^^


Tuesday, May 20, 2008.

9:14 am, and am here siting on my bed, writing my entry that I have knoe idea when it will be posted. Kkkkk…
Yesterday was a horrible day for me, coz I got scolded by my lecturer when asking her about my un-finnished requirements, and I think this Your-Highness Head of Periodontic’s Lab, didn’t get what I meant. And she scolded me , how can I didn’t know the date of the last discussion for the 1st case(for my requirement), “GO AND SEE IT BY YOURSELF IT WRITTEN THERE ON YOUR GUIDE BOOK!”, and I was like, ‘ung?!’, then she throwned me out. *dammit!*

*actually the ‘throw out thingy’ happened almost everyday here at every clinics in my campus. Lallala…XD*

I was so angry that time, it’s hard for me to walk there to my campus, and she was like a monster that cant respect others! #$%^&&*(. Now I cant breathe again, and okay the doctor said I have to manage my emotions or I’d hardly to breathe. I walked to the 3rd floor to the student affairs to arrange my permit coz I was going to take another break this whole week, suddenly the head of the student affair asked me whether I was sick or not, and I said yess, and I told him everything about my desease and he said I should took a break for entire term, coz I should have a bed rest at home, after having a consultation with my counselor, I decided to take a big break until this August. T_T.

Okay, my health is my #1 priority now. It’s okay that I will be lefting behind from my other friends, coz I think this is the best choice for now.

It was 12 PM when my conditions was getting worst. The environment and the periodontic’s lab incident were making me ran out of breath. My friend told me to go back home, coz I was looked pale. >.<’. after got a permission from my Paedodontic’s lab, I went to my boarding house, and I wish I wasn’t there that morning to my campus. >.>;;;.

Because the boarding house was just 5 minutes away from my campus, it’s not hard for me to catched the place, although I think I was gonna black out that time. XD. Then I received a text message. It was from Susu, saying that hardly to believe but the Taesu cpl is real, coz there’s a fancams that those Hollywood Bowl’s stalkers took. And me who really love this couple, like had a new energy to walk, kind of screaming, I was laughing hard on the way to my boarding house. Kyahahahaha…..

Yeah I knoe the story the day before, like I told you, I got an up-dating news every single day, although I can’t ol. 8D. Yani onnie gave another news,and stalker’s stories about this couple and sending me their picture using an mms. Hahaha…. Junsu and Tae Yeon made a cute couple.. their cute, love-able, such a great singers, dorks, and ehm,, shud I put this or not, they’re SHORT! *diesswithlaughter*. See, nothing to bash about. They’re meant to be together. Kkkkk……

And I got some pictures about their Hollywood Bowl’s performance, from Yani onnie, and she said that Junsu sang a Korean anthem. Whoa, such a great honour!!! Well done Junsu-yah!!

Okay another entry that I don’t have an idea when I could post this up. Kkkk… now Im leaving with my aunt, but I cant use the internet coz she’s only using the dial up which is so effin SLOW and EXPENSIVE!. I think this afternoon Im gonna go to my boarding house coz I forgot to bring my ext HD, and dvd case of TVXQ’s clips, how could I kill this boredom without those things….XD.

Up till now…thaaa….



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