Friday, October 31, 2008 / 1:34 PM

TVXQ Will be Participate for
No Smoking Campaigne 2008

wow, i wanna see the MV..
coz their last no smoking music video was sux, and i hate Junsu's hairstyle..
such a dork pictures...kkkkk


credit : ezraer

/ 12:18 AM

cant help it, but these pictures made me wanna pinch his cheek...>.<
it's a caps from DVD A-Nation off shot, gah, bigeast was so lucky.....T_T
i hope someone will rip this off, and share it to us.. kkkk..*runs*

if im not mistaken, some cuts were available on YT already...^^

YOOSU!! <33

KKKK...this cracked me up badly, the way he made a noise in the end of the clip.
*pprtttt...* kyahahaha..


How Umma Loves His Son..<33


kkkk...i thot i was the only one who realized this scene..
hahaha..yess, he tried to hold from yawning..(he's ugly? i knoww,.... hahaha)

Thursday, October 30, 2008 / 3:02 PM

They were filming Wrong Number MV at M Boutique Hotel yesterday...
i read on dnbn abt it..
what a great info..
and this..
i feel like screaming while reading this news...
Junsu of the popular group TVXQ is helping
his older twin to look for a girlfriend. Junsu and his twin brother filmed MBC's
Introducing Stars' Friends on the 29th (of October). Junsu and his twin brother
have a very unique brotherly love, spending most of their time when they're both
in Korea together, and even when Junsu is overseas they constantly keep in touch
via calls. The staff on the show commented that during the day of filming Junsu
was fussing over his brother's clothes and hair and styling and not in a
deliberate manner (TN: I think it means that he was just doing it
subconsciously?), and that this showed them the dependency and emotional
attachment the twin brothers have for each other. That day Junsu, as well as
Yoochun and Yunho tried their best at matchmaking on behalf of their friends.
(Something about female actors bringing their friends too). The show will be
aired sometime in mid-Nov.
Credits: on pic,,
Wednesday, October 29, 2008 / 8:31 PM

ahhhh a fanboyy!!
dammit it;s hard for a beginner like me..
beside it's fast, i cant see the step clearly... T_T
i wanna learn the step...

/ 6:47 PM
Aston Martin Car for the Next MV??

credit : as tagged + baidu +

yay!! cant hardly wait for this one...
i wonder who's gonna drive that?
please not Yoochun again..
he's so offense, i mean, he always drives a car in every ride scenes...(okay, i know Junsu was driving a car at 'Miss You PV'), but do you remember, from Drive MV until Purple Line MV, Yoochun took over the car scenes....>.<. *envyenvyenvy* hahahahah... i wonder which song will it be.... some says it's for Wrong Number but i heard Carzy Love's gonna be the 2nd single too... ahhh it's okay for me tho..coz those 2 are my fave songs...but i hope Flower lady will be their next mv...hahhaha the point is, I LOVE MIROTIC'S ALBUM!!!

the famous Aston Martin's Vanquish... hohohoh...

ahh im soo excited!

/ 4:32 PM

Come to Play [EngSub]

wow, seriously, this show had changed my opinion about them a bit.
Esp. abt Junsu's relationship.
I know i might sounds a bit jealous when i talk abt her, but after watching this show, and Junsu's opinion abt how rude the netizens comments abt them can be, well, Junsuyah, i wont hurt you anymore by my rude comment on your relationship...i know, i told everyone that i didnt give a damn abt it, but trully, i kind of hurt too for some reason, because it's HER!!... *geez my stupid fandomness*
but now, yeah, go on, you have your own love life, same here with me too..thehehe...
hearing your 1st kiss story, really made me sad....


ah, havent you heard abt North - Picture of You? it's the original song of TVXQ - Afterglow. Hahaha...tell you the truth, i just realized that, Junsu just wrote the Korean lyrics..tehehehe...
but yeah, you have to read the translation of Afterglow, it's trully a heartbreaking love song..


anyway, yeah, my clinic life has driven me crazy....hahahah.... LOLA HWAITTING!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 / 5:43 AM

 abandonned blog...
how are you reader?
*keep on hoping that this blog has a readers..kkk*

i am so sorry, like again and again for abandoning my blog...
isnt that funny, when i already have a 24/7 internet connections, i barely cant up date my blog daily just like i used to be? O_0. But that's the fact.

see, how poor my upload speed..
that's why i cant update my blog daily anymore,
it's hard for me to upload pics, and upload any file... -_-;;;;
my upload files will always stuck at 20% when i try to upload it trough any uploader sites.



havent you watched the 'Come to Play' show yet?
Oh Mai Gad, Junsu's first kiss story revealed!!
hhahaha...we all know with whom he got that from, rite?
even the members were butting in when he revealed he story, which mean that it was trully based on a real story..lalalala...
so 'this girl' came to their apartment with cake to surprise him, and they kissed at the parking lot..Junsu was crying coz they cant meet everyday, and he cant make her happy.. such a sad story, and everyone on that shows said he was so cool by saying that stuffs... 'awww....uri junsu nomu sarangserowun namjaaa...'

and when they were asked to send a text to someone they know about how they meant to this person, and poor Junsu, his text wasnt answered by her friend, (i dunno who this guy is, he's an actor tho...). Then the MC said, 'why dont you send your hyung a text then?". So Junsu sent Junho a text, "Hyung saranghae!(Hyung i love you)", then his hyung answered, " wae gurae, kapchagie..(what's the matter with you? you surprise me..)", kkkkk.... cute dorks! And then Junsu tried to sent him back and asked the question, and surprise surprise, his hyung CALLED HIM! huakakahkaha... everyone was ROFL-ed by this calls, and he asked him again, then his hyung said, ' true answer or a joking answer?", the true one was, "you're my beonshin(i dunno this, some kind of "soulmate" i think)', then he asked him again, how about the joking one?, 'YOU CRAZY, BRATT!" huakahkahkahkahka... i died laughing on the floor, seriously... ahh they shud ask Junho to come to TVXQ show in the futureeee!! hhahahaha...

ahh i really wanna see this show..but yeah, 1,9 GB, so it'll take approx. 8 hours! Hahaha...when im writing this, it's already 23%, but i have to stop this in hour coz im going to campus..(hahaha...i woke up at 4 am this morning, coz i need to revise my essays, and yeah, i remembered that this show has been uploaded at wyh's cb.. kkkk). So i watched this on dnbn... just some cuts.

See, Junsu set a record this morning (it says, 00:33 ), by topping the Naver Search Engine because of his dork appereance at 'Come to Play'. Hahaha...


just wanna share a story, do you remember the MBC Music Core where 2U were the MCs with Solbi, rite? it's a recorded performance, and you know what, Junsu made a cute bloopers!!!
i found a cute fancam on Xiah Soul, and i found on YT too,

and yesterday i found another cute chat between shappa and Junsu at the fansigning. xiahsoul put it on dnbn, and yess, it's available on YT too...

Fans : Oppa, i saw your mistake..
JS : Did you see it..??
Fans : Yess...
JS : OMG, is there any fancam abt it??
Fans : yeah...
JS : Im going crazy...^^;;;

*it's a rough translations, btw..

isnt that cute....kkkk

Thursday, October 23, 2008 / 10:55 PM

The Way He Sleeps, Now and Then... you miss meee??
im so sorry for abandoning this blog for a couple of days, i promise to be more updating from now on.....
Kkk..i found this at Junsoobaidubar..
omooo....isnt that cute, found a little cute habit of his...<333>

what a BIG BONUS..
kayahahaha.... This's taken from 081023 Mcountdown..
ahhh the nipple..XDDD
credit : Moondeer + xiahsoul
Sunday, October 19, 2008 / 8:32 PM
OMG, my baby, even when he's sleeping we still can see his sexy S-Line..
kyahahaha...oh mai, i love this show....still downloading tho..1,1gb..TT_TT

Friday, October 17, 2008 / 9:30 PM

BGM : Kim Dong Ryul - Memory Etude

Mood : so so

another update from me...

hehehe.... i went to PIM 2 today to meet Yani oni, and she was with Dewi oni and Nia.,.
we met at fud court as always, and just like the previous meeting, went to starbucks to steal some electricity..kkkkk...
Gawsh, kmrn itu hari PASAR org korea ya?
huakahkhkaa....DIMANA2 ada korean.. XD. mana gw pake baju chibi Junsu, so everyone was looking at me with a weird stare. w/e.

So Starbucks at PIM 2 is known for ajjuhmas best meeting point.KAYAHAHA....

just wanna share some pics of mine while waiting for the taxi, gawsh, it took like more than 60 mins!!! wth...

*it's all abt the angle, yeah...*'s taken from Junsu's IPLE.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 / 5:56 PM
hi readers..*diess*

im sorry coz i cant up date my blog daily just like used to be, i still onlining all day, but gawsh, ever since i have my own internet connection, it's hard for me to update anything coz everytime i tried to write something, there're always been a distractions, a lot of things. hahaha..-_-;;. and seriously, what i hate the most abt my connection was, the download speed was great, but everytime i tried to upload file, it failed..T_T.

so here i am, i will try to upload some of Junsu's Pictures from various shows, fanmeet, power up anniversary event, Korean Drama Festival 2006, and YDH Love Letter which trully the most anticipating show..
ahahahah..i saw a fancam showing HOSUCHUN sang a song, which i also forgot abt the title, something with Etude.. hahaha...and OMG, they never fails to amaze me...esp Junsu...

Start with this Mirotic pose..hahaha..GOSH, i love seeing that bang flapping...kkkk


TT__TT, honestly, i HATE his haircolor.. omg Junsu, you know how adorable you can be in dark hair, rite?? SO STOP CHANGING IT TO A WEIRD COLORS!

YOOSU, everyone?


They're going to Japan for promoting MIROTIC (BIGEAST fanmeet), and will be back on friday.
AHHHHHH JUSNU;S WEARING JAE'S HOT JEANS! (I love that jeans soo much!),and DAMN he looked so HOT wearing it... Junsu and his Black Fettish..*just like mee*
hahahaha..... i miss that glasses, hun?

*set as background*

gad, Jae, what are you doinggg??
*hosu-yah, what's with those necklaces....LOL*

caps from DVD MIROTIC PV Offshots
*wanna see the show*

HOSU!!! <33

*you know how i craze over his duck butt*

credits : as tagged +

/ 5:48 PM


at first all of us were afraid that yui will beat them, but, voila....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 / 5:49 AM
yesterday i went to Senayan City to meet Susu coz she's going back to Singapore today. Then I met Imel, Acid, Picha, and Novri Oni. Since Urban Kitchen was our meeting point, i also had my lunch there. i was so hungryyyyy!!! went out from UK, we moved to Ming, then started our window shopping.
Imel loves the scarf...
the clothes that i wore was actually my fave eversince i "met" it a month ago in zara.
LOL... but still, can affordbuy it *blame on mirotic*
and you know that i really wanna have a pair of boots, rite?

the desert..
"ketan hitam es krim"

Chibi jacket..kkkk....

OH shud try this one....
"Carrot Slice" at Secret Recipe...
those cheese toping will melt on your tongue, and it's HEAVEN!!!
highly recomended!
susu and Novri oni

Monday, October 13, 2008 / 1:15 AM

ahhh what hapennedddd??
the download speed was okay, but it's so hard to upload anythinggggg???
okay take a look at Junsu's new haricolor..
i dont like it..
but i read at dnbn, everyone loved it...
all of em said that junsu looks pretty with that color..
but i dont...
/ 12:20 AM
081012 SBS Family Outing #9 Eps. 19
i wish all of 'em were participating..but well, with my HOSU everything was also fun to watch too..
hahaha.. ive been able to see Junsu's clumsiness even clearer..hahaha..
omg su, your iq was 100? it's okay baby...your dorkiness means world to me..hahahaa...*loph ya*
so there's a new OTP?
hahaha...or SURI? xDD
hyori-nuna seems liking Junsu alot..
omg, the way she threw that sand onto him was totally ammusing..yet, gawsh, did it hurt, honey? but it made my day...
huauahauhauha....what a crazy a gud way..XDDD
and AHHHH NOO she touche my baby's duck butt.. i wish his pants was dropped..LOL.
sorry..c ant help it..

so many things that i remembered from this show, but it's hardly to tell coz it's 1:13 am already..T_T.
but dang..the new OTP, YUSANG was also amused me..
hahaha...ahh uri leader stole the's a bit akward at first, but then Yunho as a gud hyung and dae sang a dork dungsaeng can blend well in harmony..hahaha...
*iwonderwhatwerevipsthinkingabtthis..HA HA HA*

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Park Yoo Chun.

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