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080228 - Oricon Chart

If...!? dropped to # 9 T_T.
PLease support my hubbie's single!! *onegaishimasu*

But look! in Korean charts...kkkk..



Junsu From Guerrila Date and Airport[080224]

actually, i was going to share these pics 3 days ago, but this connections was totally crazy!!
so idecided to resized and compressed the pictures. Sorry...T_T

credit : DNBN + Junsoorest
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DBSK Happy Together Preview

Cant hardly wait!!!!

credit : DNBN + YT
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080227 -Close to you / Crazy Life- comment

kkk..sory havent seen the translations, so i cant share my story to you. the point is, Junsu was popped up on screen and laughing cutely makes me want to pinch his cheek sooooo bad..><
But im so happy coz this is a HOOSU CLIP!!! YAY!
my fave couple...kyahahaha...^_^

080227 Gyao MIDTOWN TV - Challenge 5 [JUNSU]

some Yoosu moment hohoho

i just understand quite a few part of the whole show, but by seeing the clip you can get how clumsy those 5 boys could be. LOL

i think in this clip finally Junsu could laugh out oud over Changmin's err what do we call it..baka-ness...XD Nyahahaha... sorry sorry.. i was only Jokin'.
But that's sooo funny. XD

yay..there's some YOOSU moment too..

credit : YT + LJ + iixiah

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Purple Line's Rehearsal
"Kumanhae, Junsu-yah!"

*it's enough, Junsu!"

kkkk....this is soooo funny and cute
you guys remember that Junsu has a problem with his concentration thingy rite?

yess, this is the example how this problem really could be a big humiliation for him. XD. gosh Thank GOD it's Junsu, not somebody else. LOLZ

Look how 2U seems couldnt help to laugh, but they even didnt try to safe Junsu's life! XD Unlike those 2 hyungs, JJ saved him before it's too late. LOL


credit : lucka @ YT. Thanx Mel!
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080223 SBS LINE-UP Part 1
Junsu's Unseen Cut

JunSu: It's been around 3-4 years since my debut, so.. charisma and I want to have a more manly image
YongMan: Ah yeah, you have a cute style. And you laugh a lot right?JunSu: At some point I got that sort of

imagetext: I want to have charisma. Xiah JunSu

JunSu: Especially because my laugh is unique, it gets caught.
Boom: Should I make you laugh?
YongMan: Please do
Boom: Don't worry.. (w/ satoori) yo! (he's doing the "add yo to satoori to fix it" thing he suggested to JJ)GuRa: He's not laughingPeople: Ah his laughter. *mimics*
JungHwan: But it's good, it's good. So he wants charisma (and something about his laughter)So which side should go first?
JunSu: The last 3 times all started with this side... Then I'll go with this side
GuRa: Your laughter is pretty unique, so just laugh when the others are laughing.
JunSu: Even if we laugh together, my laughter stands out.
GuRa: Ah really?Boom: It'll be kind of hard with your voice, so I think it'd be a good idea to go with eye expression. *Then he proceeds to tell him to get surgery and it's cheap blahblah*
YongMan: A man's charisma is just one thing: not talking. It's the same with laughter, laugh with your nose instead of your mouth. *then he demonstrates it, gets tickled for another one*
JungSu: *something about doing one thing and then another or something idk* like laughing and then stopping
YongMan: And like you're just sitting and then *walks off*
(people: Eeh doesn't make sense.)
other people: Charisma! That's charisma He left he left
someone: He comes back

JunSu chooses, then he says he chose them because they actually talked about his problem and how to fix it instead of talking about things like surgery.

credit: YT + annneonet @ LJ for translations
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Pinky April Issue

Part 1

Date of birth:

YH: 86.02.06
CM: 88.02.18
JJ: 86.01.26
YC: 86.06.04
JS: 87.01.01


YH: 184cm
CM: 188cm
JJ: 178cm
YC: 180cm
JS: 178cm

Blood type:



YH: A sister 2 years younger
CM: 2 sisters, one a year younger, the other 4 years younger
JJ: 8 sisters. I’m the youngest
YC: A brother 5 years younger
JS: A twin brother

Good/Bad points:

YH: Good point: Have a strong will Bad point: I can be gullible
CM: Good point: B blood type. Bad point is also B blood type
JJ: Good point: The space between my eyes is very wide. Bad point: Whenever TVXQ does a photo shoot, I’m the shortest
YC: Good point: Good at cleaning up. Bad point: My face
JS: My good and bad points is that I can be too enthusiastic

Favourite Food:

YH: Motsunabe
CM: Pizza filled with cheese and vegetables
JJ: Sushi
YC: Japanese curry. Especially when there are mushrooms in it
JS: Natto, I eat it as a snack

Favourite Japanese word:

YH: “to look forward to” (Akogareru) I looked up to my father since I was a child. However, I don’t know when it started but I now want others to respect me too
CM: ‘Don’t give up’ (Akirameruna) Once something has started, the thing I hate most is giving up halfway
JJ: [Miniskirt] HAHA. I’m just joking. It’s actually ‘Thank you’ (arigato). Because I always have a cheerful expression whenever I say it
YC: A phrase I remember from a long time back. ‘Piggyback’ (Onbu) If a girl says something like that, I really want to give her a piggyback. Usually, when you’re chatting while piggybacking someone, the feeling is different. Definitely
JS: ‘Milkway’ (Amanogawa) I like this word in Korean too

Something that still continues to surprise you in Japan:

YH: Earthquakes. There are none in Korea. I was so scared the first time I experienced one
CM: Seeing males cross dressing for cosplay
JJ: High school students/Office workers cycle wearing super short mini skirts
YC: Japanese females cycle wearing super short miniskirts! If my girlfriend ever wants to do that, I’ll definitely say no!
JS: Seeing males dress up as Princesses when cosplaying

Please say your slogan:

YH: [The man of all men is Yunho/ Yunho is the manliest] Although I have my inadequacies, but my dad does that (too)
CM: [Purple Changmin]. Purple has seems to have a weird image?
JJ: [Compared to a cheerful Jaejoong, I prefer a depressed Jaejoong] It’s not that I’ll nap in the afternoon; I think that being focused at night is the best
YC: [Yoochun likes piano better than coffee]
JS: [An honest Junsu. I want to become such a person]

What you want most now is?

YH: Leather gloves
CM: Time. Recently I watched an Irish movie called [Once] and started developing an interest in guitars. So I want to learn the guitar JJ: A girlfriend!!!!!
YC: A steam cleaner (T/N: To clean the house or to iron his clothes?)
JS: Instruments needed to compose a song

What do you treasure/ What do you like?

YH: Photography. Members, family, friends and the 3 versions of our album
CM: My health. I sometimes worry for my health
JJ: Black things
YC: Sukura Sake. I first drank it when I went to a hot spring last year
JS: Game. I’m very addicted to DS games. I once played too much and cause something bad to happen

Ideal holiday:

YH: I want to go see the beautiful night scenery alone. I would like to think ponder over the things that trouble me about the future and now
CM: I want to get my license. So I want to go driving. If possible, I want to buy a car
JJ: Meeting friends
YC: I want to go back to the ski resort again. I went to one in Korea for 4 days 3 nights
JS: Watching movies, sleeping or playing games. Going shopping anywhere is fine as well. I want to travel

What household chores are you in charge of among the 5?

YH: Cook ramen. When I lived alone, although I made many varieties, now Jaejoong makes (the ramen)
CM: Keeping the area around me clean
JJ: Everything! I feel very happy whenever I see them eating the food deliciously. However, I hate it when they don’t finish their food (T/N: JAEJOONG IS SUCH A MOMMA. Memories of momma shouting at me to finish my food *shudders*)
YC: Making food for myself. Last time, I made cream spaghetti for the first time
JS: Cleaning up with the group. We rotate ‘dishwashers’ every 3 days. Within the house, I’m in charge of ‘smiling’. I do it happily. HAHA. (T/N: In other words, Junsu does NOTHING else but smile and wash dishes when it’s his turn =.= )

What you’re working hard at to become manlier?

YH: Reading. Listen intently to people
CM: Give more happy smiles. And to lift dumbbells at home
JJ: For fashion trends, I’ll work hard. And to exercise endurance. I’ll quit smoking from 2008 onwards
YC: I can also express myself by talking less, and listening intently when others speak
JS: I’m trying to keep promises I made. This is important

Your favorite THSK song is? And the reason is?

YH: [Hug]. Without this song, THSK wouldn’t be where we are today
CM: [Heart, Mind and Soul] from the first album. Although Japanese was still a strange language to us then, and furthermore, we sang it without grasping the full meaning of the song. However, when I listen to it now, I think the lyrics are really sad
JJ: [Summer Dream]. Because this song let many people know about THSK
YC: [Love in the Ice]. The first time I saw people cry because of the song, I really felt like crying soon afterwards
JS: [Rising Sun] Because I think that besides THSK, no one else in the world will be able to sing it.

This was found in their bags today:

YH: This is the handphone I use in Korea. I can even play games with it, and it's filled with photos that bring back memories. Even the private photos the members take of each other!
CM: iPod. I even bring the mini speakers around so I can listen to it anywhere. I often listen to music by BOYZ II MEN, etc.
JJ: LV Diary. I'll write down my feelings that any point in time
YC: This Tiffany bracelet was my first gift from my younger brother 4 years ago. I wear it around everyday
JS: I use this notebook to write songs or play online games. I even played games with the members today


Please tell us your fantasies about love this time. Firstly, what type of girls do you like?

JS: We’ll start from the leader!
YH: I don’t seem to have a choice. (laughs) Although I’m the leader, but in terms of love, I want someone who likes leading me. I also find someone who is very competent charming.
JJ: Yunho is a bit of a M (T/N: They’re talking about Sadists and Masochists =.= )
YH: Sorry, Jaejoong’s a bit of a S (laughs)
JS: I’m a S too!
YH: Actually, I’m a S too, aren’t I? (laughs) We’re always like that, sorry
JJ: Previously, I’ve always been saying ‘Pretty hands’, but I’ve changed my mind. I like people with ‘pretty’ hearts. I should be more honest on shows right? So, this is the truth. Girls, it’s still about inner beauty
CM: My requirements are similar to Junsu’s. Optimistic and cheerful, a girl who’ll make me smile just by looking at her. What about Yoochun?
YC: The girl who makes me love herAll: (From quiet silence to clapping their hands)
JJ: This is the right answer~~ Yoochun! Really~!! The girl that you like will become your ideal girl!

So will you be the one to confess your love? Or to receive confessions?

JJ: From what I think, the 4 members are the ones who have received conessions
JS: A man must himself… the girl he likes…get?!?!?!?! Ah~ My Japanese is wrong! It was still pretty good just now
CM: I get your meaning! Correct!
JS: You must find a way that best expresses your feelings for her
YH: If there’s a girl I like, I tell it to her directly. That’s the kind of guy I am
YC: I really will confess my feelings for her
JS: Yoochun is really straightforward. Although I failed (in my confession)
All: (Bursts out laughing)
JS: WHAT?!?! (Pretends to be angry and laughs)
YC: No one has confessed to me yet, although previously, I felt that there was someone who liked me in school
CM: Although it feels good to be the recipient of a confession, but I think the guy should be the one to confess his feelings. It seems more natural. It brings happiness to the one who’s loved
JJ: I think that the guy should confess first, and it’s better for the girl to be the one to receive loce Pinky: I think Jaejoong must have been the recipient of many confessions
JJ: Truthfully, I have received confessions of love before, but if I don’t feel the same way, I wouldn’t be very interested I received a sudden confession of love. I think what’s most important is the time needed to understand each other

So please tell us what you’ll always say when you confess your love to the girl!

YC: For me… I wouldn’t say anything, I’ll just kiss, or hug the other person
CM: Isn’t that a crime
JJ: After a hug, goodbye? (T/N: Goodbye after a hug is a play on their song Kiss shitamama, sayonara)
YC: I’ll do that even if I’m unsure of what she feels
JS: To put it simply, you just do what you like
All : (Laughs)
YC: If I want to confess my love, I wouldn’t go to Seoul or Tokyo, but to a place that has nice scenery or the seaside

How romantic (T/N: Romantic sounds like Roman)

YC: I’m Korean, not Roman

Pronunciation error?!

JS: OH~!!!!
JJ: That was more interesting than me!!
CM: I don’t have Yoochun’s boldness (Deep in thought) Because I’ll be really shy, maybe I wouldn’t even be able to open my mouth, or maybe I’ll just repeat something like “I like you, will you be able to like me?” Something like that

How cautious…. (laughs)

CM: Because I’ll be really shy, it’ll be a challenge just saying those words
JJ: I’ll say ‘Your phone number is #1 on my speed dial’ Even if the person does not understand my meaning, I’ll take it that I’ve already confessed my love
YH: OHHHHHH!!!!!! (High fives with Jaejoong)
All: (Claps)
JJ: However, if the person still does not understand in the end, I’ll give up

If you don’t make it clearer, she wouldn’t be able to understand right?

JJ: If I confessed straight out or kissed her, I might be rejected. Because I’m worried that I’ll be hurt by love, because I’ll be worried…..

Have you used that line on a girl before?

JJ: OH?? Nope…. Junsu?
JS: ‘I’ll only love you’
YH: That’s the name of a movie
JS: ‘I want to see you now’
JJ: That’s more interesting that mine!
YH: Mine’s a little longer, it’s okay right? ‘I first liked the ball point pen you used, then I liked your bed, and now, I like everything about you’
YH: What, it means I want her to be the closest person to me. Although I haven’t used it yet, but I’ve said something similar before
JJ: Bed? Ball point pen? Which one? (laughs)
YH: NOT THAT! I bought 3 roses and said ‘One of them is you, the other is me and the last rose is ‘I, who changed for you’
JS: Then you got rejected by the person
YH: Not immediately. That was later.
JJ: I have supported him before. Korea is the ideal confession heaven

Have you attended meetings in Korea? (T/N: Blind date parties)

CM: I really want to go (Enthusiastic) I once told my dad, “I’m not going to university because of I want to study, I’m going because I want to attend meetings!’ and he replied, ‘You can do that, but please study hard’ (laughs) (T/N: I REALISED CHANGMIN’S PAPA REALLY SOUNDS LIKE MIN ON UFO!)

Anyone who attended meetings before?

YH: Nope
JS: I really want to! REALLY!

What kinds of things will happen if the five of you go to a meeting?

YH: I don’t want to think about it
YC: We might like the same person, so I don’t want the 5 of us to go together

So please answer this: “You’ll get this special treatment if you date me”

JJ: I might be a husband that’ll make breakfast for my wife everyday. Dinner too. However, please wash the dishes yourself, work hard and then I’ll buy whatever you want. However, please do the cleaning, let’s work as one (laughs) Also, I’ll listen to your troubles like your girlfriend would. Because I have 8 sisters, I can understand most of the thoughts girls have!
YH: As expected, I’m still an artist. I want prepare an A capella for her in a mini concert, so I’ll ask the members for help. I believe they’ll help me right… However, I’m still a little scared (laughs)
YC: We charge a high fee (laughs)
JJ: I’ll definitely help you! However, we’ll charge you a large sum because we’ll have to practice and work hard
All: (Laughs)
JJ: 100 yen per min (T/N: That’s like 56 USD per hour)
YH: So, I’ll wash the dishes in the house for a month instead! I want to create memories that’ll last forever for my girlfriendJS: If she dates me, I’ll be very kind to her
CM: I want her to be warmer than everyone in winter and cooler than everyone in Summer….AH?!?!? (laughs) I’m not sure, but if you really want me to say something, I just want to make her happyYC: I’ll try my best to make her happy and smile. I’ll make her comfortable
JS: I’ll make her happier than anyone else, I will

Who’s the most interesting among the 5?

YC: Everyone’s about the same, we all have our charms

It’s hard to find such an interesting group

YH: This makes me really happy!JJ: The center of happiness is Junsu. However, not only Junsu, the rest of us are very interesting! That’s the good point of TVXQ

The words you’ve heard from girls that have shocked you and made you happy is?

CM: The one that made me the happiest was ‘Surprisingly, you’re very interesting’. Something that made upset was ‘You’re only 19? That’s so young’. It was a little more shocking
YC: For me it’s ‘I respect you’. I think that these words make me feel like I have a future. Then things like ‘You have potential’ have also made me happy. The words that upsetted me was something my ex-girlfriend said to her current boyfriend. She said ‘You’re similar to the Yoochun I hate’JJ: Hearing words like ‘I hate you because you’re like Yoochun’ must have been really shocking!!!
JS: For me, it was something I heard after my girlfriend broke up with me. She said ‘I loved you more than any other person in the world when we were dating’. I felt really happy then. The most shocking words were when I heard ‘However, that was a lie’ I heard at the back
JJ: That is too much!!! However, I heard that line too, at the back (laughs) Although it’s Junsu’s incident, but I was really upset too, because I’ve known Junsu for such a long time. What about Yunho?
YH: For me, it’s ‘Thank you’. Because this word has a deep meaning. Something that shocked me was ‘I’m so disappointed’. My heart hurts whenever I heard such a line
JJ: This is something I hope to hear. I hope to hear ‘I want to see you in a crowded area’. Because this shows that the person is also saying ‘I am not ashamed dating Jaejoong’. What I don’t like to hear is people comparing me with other artistes. Going ‘He is more handsome than Jaejoong’ is still okay. But if she (Jaejoong’s girlfriend) starts going all out for him then I’ll hate it. Especially if I see that artiste’s poster hanging on the wall of her house when I go over.

Although I don’t want this to end, lastly, please say whatever you want to say

JJ: I like Pinky!
JS: I like Pinky too!
CM: Me too! BANZAI!
All: BANZAI! (Enthusiastically)
YH: Also, because I’m the leader, lastly, I must add this, We’ve released our 3rd album [T] this time. We have poured our love into this album, you must feel it while listening to it!
All: No wonder he’s the leader!!! (Claps)


credit : Sparkskey @ LJ

* OH MY GOD..I love this interview soo much.. seems theyre too lonely now, i can feel the lonelinest....T_T. Fine the rite girls.....and abt the broke-up thingy, whoever did that to my Junsu shud be dead!*hugsJunsutightly*


Seungri[BIGBANG], ' Junsu-Hyung, Chuigo!'

*chuigo means GREAT in Korean

Seungri's Interview

Q: Do you have a song you like to sing?

Seungri: Songs that I like to listen to a lot is "Undwenayo" by Hwisong-shi. And before I debut, I really really like "Timeless" by Dongbangshinki-hyung especially Junsu-hyung, whenever I listen to songs that he sings, I always feel very touched (laughs). I've learnt a lot from Dongbangshinki-hyung, I also registered in Junsu-hyung's fan cafe and post lots of news and photos ^^. Because getting to know hyungs makes Bigbang and have Seungri in Bigbang. From now on I will try harder to show better and better products !

Q: Do you have a person you admire and really want to meet?

Seungri: Like I've just said, I really admire Junsu-hyung from Dongbangshinki and I've learned a lot of things from him. I've bought Dongbangshinki's CD and every time I listen to their songs I feel very good. To tell you the truth, if I get the chance to have a meal with Junsu-hyung for once it would be so great. (laughs)

Junsu's Interview

Q: Recently, do you have a song that you like to sing?

Junsu: Recently I've heard about a group called "BIGBANG" a lot. And the song "Koh Jid Mal" is very good (laughs). Especially when I found out that G-Dragon composed it himself, it makes me like the song even more.

(Yunho cuts in)Yunho: One day, Junsu bought BIGBANG cd back home and we feel very honored that we bought Bigbang's songs to listen to. Then one day while Junsu was having dinner and watching TV, Junsu listens to "Koh Jid Mal" from Bigbang all the time.

Q: If so, have you heard about Seungri-shi from Bigbang being your fanclub?

Junsu: Aaaaa... yes, I've heard about this before and I feel very thankful for everyone in Bigbang. Once I went on a show and got to meet Bigbang. I shook all of their hands and when Seungri shook my hands he won't let go. We looked at each other in the eye and Seungri said "I've always admire you", when he does that I smiled and he smiled, and Seungri greeted me (said hello) again and again. I was so surprised then. (laughs)

Source: pk8179@bigbangthailand, mailto:Emmy@tvfxqth
Finder: PuddingBerryTranslation credits: PuddingBerry + IN:COMPLETEOriginal language: Thai

and this is Seungri at junior highschool. Look at his shirt. XDDDD. i dont need to explain,rite..LOLZ

*OKay i made up my mind.. this is quite interesting ^^
how could this dork, i mean Junsu, could inspiring someone..
wow...that's totally amazing.^^
/ 5:48 PM


credit :

credit :

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080224 SBS Inkigayo
Youhaenggi and Purple Line

whoa, as we expected! Inkigayo! *throwconfetti*unfortunately, i still haven't seen the opening, so haven't seen Junsu's hotness in white. T_T *sob**sob*

The first song was Youhaenggi. you know how happy i am to see this HD quality clip and miss that kind of crowds. hahaha...
dunno why, but i love seeing that crowd again, that screaming, those balloons, those light sticks.. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... and TVXQ didnt pass the chance and showed us an amazing performances for Cassiopeia..^^

Youhaenggi. I Love this song so much! Whoa, a sweet ballad song in Korean!! omigod omigod.*anexcitednoona* kyahahaha....

did you love the suits? OH MY GOODNESS!!Those were just gorgeous!! every suit fits the members well. i love the designs... err..maybe some fabrics inside YunHo's suit as an exception. ^^;;;.
perfect performance. hohohoho....

oH. MAI. GAD...


Brand new opening... [v]
SEXY outfits...[v]
The Maximum level of Junsu's Sexyness...[v]
Junsu's tummy show...[v]
Junsu's sexy's belly...[v]
Junsu's hot, sexy, deadful, breathtaking's expressions...[v]
Changmin's hotness...[v]
Micky's hotness...[v]
Yunho's hotness...[v]
Sexy Jaejoong...[v]
amazing A to Z...[v] [i miss them, besides, seems those japanesse dancers couldnt keep up with our boys' great skils. LOL. sowwieee]

/ 9:17 AM

080223 SBS Line-Up
Part 1

this show could be categorized as an interesting one. Thank GOD, Ginaya provides the subbed clips in YT ^^. and once again, like for the gillion times, Changmin's parts were cut off. T_T.

Okay the first scene that got on my attention was the hidden camera part. Hahaha... Chunjae trully a some kind of gossipers or what. LOLZ. and Junsu, OMG, again and again, even when the camera off, he still the one that being bullied not just by members, but by the manager-hyung too. XD. he looks like a child and acted childishly on that chair. >,< kawaiiii....

first part, the counselling corner. they told the both side about the issues and those ajjuhsies tried to give them an advices. and then, after the last side finishing their opinions, each teams put the clothes pins on their faces, and then the person who came up with the issue decided to choose the best opinions and advices from those teams by pull the lines. the team that still have their pins on, are the winner. that's hurt! XD
[*btw, they cut Junsu's part..*daymn* but you can watch it at Xiahsoul through mncast* he's actually worried about his charisma..LOL*]

after this counselling, there're 3 games. the first one about Judo. they have to fight 10 athletes, who have 10 differents weighs. the light one was 45 kgs, and the last one was 78 kgs. this part was the funniest!!!!that ajjuhssi who got the first attempt, was a bit exhausted to throw down those athletes. actually all of them were ladies. XD.

The best part when YunHo was starting the game, he said, 'come to oppa!', and those girls were like.."AHHHH~!!!". xDD. then he hugged one of the girl, who actually the most excited girl among them. ENVYYYYY!!! and then our boys were like getting too close to those girls by hugging,and shaking their hands. ughh..... i want that too..XD.
Yunho could throw those girls down easily, coz everyone were willingly being threw down. LMAO. esp. the last girl from that line up. XD. she's jumped!

Then the hoola hoop game, they have to catch the hoola hoop that they've threw to the air with their butt. lol. yeah not exactly that butt. XD. but with their hips. Micky as a volunteer, and he said that he want the bigger one, but after testing the bigger one, he decided to use the first one. LOL. ouch, it will hurt your nuts, dude..XD

okay the last game for this's Junsu's speciality!distance. Hahha... they have to jump over 3 until 7 persons. XD. Jaejoong's a volunteer for the bended team. LOLZ. Junsu with his famous Flying Dolphin moves, won this game easily! XD. YAY!

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When Junsu-i Met Shaki

*junsui means lively in Japanesse,...^^*

what a lame
actually i found this picture with some kind of yellowish color, i duno why, so i tried to re-touch it using photoshop, and tadaaaa.......^^

/ 3:13 PM
080223 NHK Music Japan -
Talk + Forever Love

credit : iixiah


this is a special edition of Music fair 21 ^^
woohoooo THSK and their new concept, and Junsu's sexy and too tight pants.. XD

credit : iixiah
/ 1:56 PM


dbsk will appear on a number of korean shows in the upcoming week:
2/23: sbs "line up" (variety) *note : some said it's been cancelled for next week*
2/23: obs "Show Young" (interview)
2/24: sbs "inkigayo" (performance - "purpleline" & "여행기 (yeo haeng gi)")
2/25: sbs "8 vs 1" (variety)
2/28: kbs "happy together" (variety)
2/29: kbs "music bank" (performance)
3/1: obs "쇼도보고 영화도보고" (interview)
3/2: sbs "miraculous competition" (variety)

credit : yoochunsa64b @ YT

wow....cant hardly wait!!!!!!!

DBSK / TVXQ on OBS ShowYoung [preview]

a short summary:

Sub: oricon #1 with "purple line".
YH: when we got #1, we couldn't even express in words. we didn't believe it. there were posters of us in shibuya.---
Sub: only on showyoung. an exclusive interview with dbsk. dbsk reveals their ideal woman in detail for the 1st time!
JS: personality is really important.
YC: someone who has pretty kidneys. [lol! lmao!!]
Interviewer: kidneys? lol.
JS: oh, and the 3rd rib.
JJ: CM's ideal was han ga-in, but she got married recently...
YH: through ShowYoung, you'll be able to hear our true stories.

credit : yoochunsa64b @ YT

TVXQ From Happy Together[Preview]

omg, i cant believe they'll be in this show..
i loove this show soo much!!

credit : LJ
/ 1:44 PM
The re-cap
credit : wicked @

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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You can call me Lola or Laura Born on Dec 4 Major in Dentistry, graduated in 2008 A very random & hyper girl who is a Fan of Xiah Junsu from TVXQ (and ofcourse a major fan of TVXQ itself) ♥



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