Saturday, October 27, 2007 / 4:22 PM
FINALLY..... know what...
Cipa texted me and said..
"yo..your AAD 2 is here..I'll take that tomorrow"

short, but it's soooo effin'meaningful to me..

I'll spazz everything inside the box, next week...
you better wait for that one...
/ 4:06 PM
TVXQ 2nd Asia Tour Encore Concert "O"


These are from last nite concert...they changed some clothes from the previous concert in February..But still looking Good..
Ahh Daymn..They sang LOVE IN THE ICE!!
My Fave song..T_T
YunHo got to take to the hospital after this concert, poor YunHo, get well soon...

all the pictures credit : as watremarked

My baby..he's born to sing...

always lookin SUPA FINE!!!

I like this clothes..


What are you thinking, Jaejoong-ah?

Friday, October 26, 2007 / 7:46 PM
A Yellow Monkey, Named Junsu

Blame Susu for making his own dad a monkey....

she likes and love to curse her mom and dad...>.>;;;


like a couple of days ago...she said she's going to singapore..

and gonna buy a handphone strap with junsu's face on it.

So, I gave her a very cute,kawaii,handsome pic of Junsu, hoping that she would buy me a very cute animal to fits that pic.

Maybe a koala, pooh bear, or any cute animal....

and look what she's done.....

she bought me a MONKEY AND IT'S YELLOW...T_T

/ 7:10 PM



dont you guys know that actually Junsu has a twin brother named, JunHo?
he's a baseball player...taller,more handsome, and more manly than JunSu..


he's JunHo, JunSu's twin brother...

But I DO still love Jun Su more..
but sometimes...i feel like wanna marry both of them..XD
/ 6:06 PM
Stupid Jerk <333


he posted an entry on his IPLE...XD

and post stupid pic..

That now i believe he's JunHo's Brother...!!!!
he has a very BIG eyes...i really wanna pinch his nose...ahh my koala...<333

credit: IPLE

/ 5:37 PM
Junsu From Kyunghee University's Performance

First,i'll warn you....


OMG..see that 'thing' i mean, his fuzz, that showed below his belly...

yeah...that 'thing' really has turned me on!!

For GOD sake...xDDD. Junsuyah..i wanna kill you for this..XDDD

credit: HUE + xiahsoul

S-Line,anyone? XD
/ 5:02 PM
YunHo Got a Serious Injury Before 10/28 Concert

Got a very short yet shocking news about YunHo, before the concert.. OMG..This is the D!!!
Get well soon, dear...

credit: Shiva @

U-Know Yunho mengalami cedera pada waktu latihan malam hari tanggal 25 Oktober 2007 kemarin. Di latihan konser untuk “ Dongbangshinki the 2nd Asia Tour Concert “O” – Seoul Encore” ini, Yunho mengalami cedera pada pinggang.Menurut dokter kemungkinan penyembuhan membutuhkan waktu 3 – 4 hari tapi ini ukuran untuk kegiatan sehari-hari yang normal. Bukan dance atau kegiatan fisik.

Perwakilan SM menyebutkan berdasarkan pernyataan ini Yunho mungkin hanya akan muncul di konser di bagian lagu-lagu balada dan bagian yang tidak membutuhkan dance/ fisik yang kuat.

Yunho sendiri memberikan pernyataannya atas cederanya ini, “Semua sudah menunggu-nunggu konser ini. Kami sangat berharap bisa memberikan pertunjukkan yang terbaik dari kami semua, apapun yang terjadi.”
His Latest Pictures
Wednesday, October 24, 2007 / 6:08 PM
His Latest Pictures

Okay i'll give you the latest shots of Junsu.....

1. This is from The promotional activity of FUBU in Shanghai.

Credit : SOHU.COM + xiahsoul

OMG..his LOST face that i loooved....

2. Still from FUBU,wearing Kowalski Clothing

Daymn he's wearing boots...!!!!

credit: bestiz

3. What do you looking at,baby?

credit : as watermarked

/ 10:18 AM

Look at Junsu's sexy shoulder..*droolsss*


Just like I promised ya..

I have a mixed up feelin’ after watching this PV.
Thank you for the director of this PV that my Junsu is still there…*so fuckin sarcastic!*
Although he’s only mouthing the lyrics that WASN’T HIS FUCKIN PART.
But you can see that sexy outfit he wore…I mean.. WOW..
Why didnt he take off that jacket instead, so he’ll be more HOTTER.

Okay, the PV was opened by a scene where Kuu, with a very long hair walking to the window. And then the song began. And mostly it’s about the collaboration in choreography between Kuu and THSK.. and a solo scenes for THSK, yeah a BIT of Junsu…just a BIT…*mebeingsarcasticagain*

OH MY GOD.. it’s hardly to admit that this pv was so effin kewl…
Yeah, ive seen Kuu’s PVs before, but I think this is her best PV so far

See that choreography? Isn’t that AWESOME?
I love that..
I mean, you can see a how Kuu could blend well with THSK.
Because you can tell the different between these two, aite?
I love the choreography….


Okay, the center of attention.
His clothes, he has his own different color from others.
Totally a center of attention in this PV.
Listen to the song and you will agree that he has a lot of parts in this song, and ofcourse in this PV too, like duh?!. Even my friend, a fans of JJ told this, “ Whoa I think this is a collaboration between Koda Kumi and jaejoong from THSK.”. *diedinthecornercrying*
*I know Junsu only has only like 2 secs part… *
*Me being random again*
Overall he’s fine, but sad that he didn’t wear boots.


Yeah you know that in Japan the top 3 ARE YooChun, Jaejoong, and Changmin,rite? So where’s others…?
Junsu is here with me crying… there he is, wearing an Oh-My-GOD-I-Love-That-Capuchone’s Jacket. Looking sexy, with capuchone’s on… wow..this boy, he’s already a grown up young
He already has a brand new haircut that makes him looks like a young man again, unlike that *ehem* long-hair. Kkkkk..
I heard that Changmin is Kuu’s favourite..
Whoa….a happy Kuu…
Overall..he’s also fine…looks gorgeous..


I like his outfit.. theme : rapper.
A good choice coz he’s rapping in this PV with YooCheon.
I love his lower voice in this song..daymn HOT.
Yoo…see the part where he sings..” say good bye!
Overall…kewl YunHo…


I don’t know but I couldn’t give a comment on YooCheon..
Okay let me see the PV once again.
His low voice in the beginning, SEXY
No offense, but his outfit was kinda disturbing.O_O
See that furry thingy around his neck?
And why oh why his hair is always like a rooster in japan?Thank GOD, that he’s in a TOP 3 in Japan…*me being sarcastic again*
Overall, yeah still looks fine to me, coz, I love YooCheon. Man, a gorgeous man is still lookin good even when he’s just woke up from bed..XD


So, Let me introduce the least favourite in Japan…JUNSU!!!! *sarcasticmodeon*
So fuckin DAMMIT..
Those bitches just couldn’t accept him there in Japan, for uknown fuckin reasons.

Yeah.. if you downloaded one of the Mp3 version of Rainy Nights Perfm, you can hear that there’s a stupid fans, calling out jaejoong’s name when Junsu’s STILL FUCKING PERFORMING ON STAGE!!!! BITCH!!!!

And me a sceptical and sarcastic GIRL, thought that, this was his karma for being a solo artist last year. You know that he was a featuring artist in Jang Riin’s debut single, Timeless..and that single was blew us away…and hit the chart?! Yeah.. so I guess, that this year, ppl think that they should shut down his carreer…LMAO

Didn’t you realize that in EVERY SINGLE JAPANESSE MAGAZINES that they’re in it, Junsu WAS ALWAYS looks weird?!
Yeah…that fuckin stylist just wanted him to be ugly.
Like half year I tried to be patient,and patient everytime there’s a scans from a magz.
Just sighing, and sighing….

Okay back to topic, whoa this sceptical and sarcastic GIRL just realized that actually there was another part where Junsu’s voice heard…I thought it was JJ’s
Look at the part when he sings “Come On Tonight!”. Yeahh I thought it was JJ at first.
Hear that voice, isn’t that SEXY…. Lol
So it means that Junsu has another part, which also means that
2 secs + 2 secs = 4 secs…yay..^^ *pugh*
and the scene on his only 2 secs part, he wasn’t even there!!!! The director didn’t shoot his part…*cryinginthecornerwithjunsu*

But well, i guess i shud blame the editing team instead..XD
Isn’t that I sounded like a truly fuckin fangirl? Just like SOME fans out there..*cough*

Okay, back to topic for the 2nd time…
Yeah look at my Sha when he dances…isn’t that he always looks HOT?
Dammit! Why is he sooooo fuckin seducing?

The outfit…WOWW!!
Love that…look, his finger nails, it polished with white. That looks fine on him.
Ahhh this cute lil baby, always looks kawaii even when he’s trying to looks cool. XD
I love the hair. Mohwak, and got a white hi-lite…cute..<3><>< *adyinwifey* Overall: PERFECT.. Hahaha im biased? YESSS, MAM… Ah I shud commenting on Kuu too… Koda Kumi

This cute ero queen… never fails to amazed me.
I want that body, Kuu…XDDD
You looks GREAT!
The long hair…it’s pretty and elegant
The short hair..DAYMN EVEN PWEETY!!
Your body language, even more hotter….XDD
I love you Kuu!!!!!!

Okay, I hardly admit that this PV was great…
3 and half stars…

Oh, sorry for others who love other members besides Junsu…
Sorry if my review made you guys angry..
It’s me a sceptical and sarcastic GIRL..
I love ‘em all.. don’t worry….*peaceyo!*

HA… I felt like Borat for using so many harsh words..XD
*im a Borat*


Tuesday, October 23, 2007 / 6:50 PM


Woke up in the morning with a pain in my chest. yeah ive been sick for like 4 days?!
but i wont see a doctor..i dunno why.. but that's me.. i hate being examined...>.>
got a lot of sputums i think in my chest, so i couldnt breathe easily..TT_TT
my mom and dad kept pushing me to see a doctor..
so i decided tomorrow i will go to a clinic at my campus.
so today, still i couldnt breathe well, but i had a lots of works to be done.
transferring, copying, paying..and all the -ing's..><

went to my campus to see mba Sani, i have to ask for my student card..LOL.
But she still not there, OMG Mba, it's already Tuesday, and you're still on your long fucking vacation????
bitch.. so i have to canceled faxing my KTM...daymn...

i saw dr Rhiena..kkkkk...shit.. i wasnt ready yet, mam.
I would see you tomorrow..
i hope i have a courage to ask you about the progress of my thesis..lmao.

after chatting with my friends, they said that i was skinnier..Thank you..ive lost like 12 kilos in 2 months..
Thanx to fitness and all the boiled stuffs..eww...

and here...waitting like almost 3 and a half hours, downloading Last Angels's PV... the bit rate was so fuckin KEWL!!! it's only 2 kbps!!!!!

but now after waiting's getting better...
like 15kbps...24 kbps...ughhhh....why is it still ups and downs??

still waittingggg.....

ahhhh im exhausteddd....... i will talk about my review on last angel's PV tomorrow, key..

So see yaa...

I Hate You
Saturday, October 20, 2007 / 5:36 PM
I Hate You

*sigh* *sigh*
i hate my feet..
it's's 41!!!! a girl....+_+
it's so hard to find a nice GIRL shoes..
so again and again, i end up buying a sneaker. I have like a lots..=_=

So...this is the story...
you guys know that i really wanna have a pair of boots rite?
so i found it this afternoon..
it's sooooo kireyy ne...
but the bigest size was 36. GREAT!!!

i heard that Paris is 43..

Thank GOD, there's still somebody outhere that has a big size, but she's tall..and rich...*hiks*
[071015] Junsu in Thailand
/ 5:18 PM

[071015] Junsu in Thailand

do you guys believe that there's an mc in one of Thailand Show said stupid things about TVXQ?

GAH..! he's sooo fuckin stupid..

He said that one of the stupid boyband ow, i mean like a duet group in Thailand was much better in looks and appereance..HELLO...

do you have a sight problem, Sir?


Okay im not gonna start a war rite now. i want to share some best shots of Junsu in Thailand...

Im In Love With Boots, because of JJ..
Friday, October 19, 2007 / 8:13 PM
Im In Love With Boots, because of JJ..

sniff... in love with boots..
but i dont know where to go, to buy those boots..
i mean, the cheapest one..LMAO..
look at that sizzling boots he wear...
and also Junsu...I WANT THEM SO BAD!!!

BUT this is the problem..
i only 5'2''. it means that,

when i try to wear that boots, i will seen like frodo bagins...

i hate being short.... Junsu is also short..XDD..*random*
Last Angel VS Forever Love
/ 8:12 PM
Last Angel VS Forever Love

God daymn drop dead gorgeous Junsu From Forever Love's PV

oh dont get wrong..
nothing to compare about..
hahahaha....i just came up with this title.

i was really highly anticipated with Kumi's brand new single, that actually my beloved band appeared as a featuring artist. whoa...
it's koda kumi, man!!
it said that this would be an OST of Resident Evil 3 (Guys, you shud watch this WICKED movie!!!). and yeah,we're like 'oh no...i cant hardly wait for it...!' and stuff...
the preview sounds's soo kumi's. Techno, up beat......means..
i like the preview.

okay, finally, there's a full song to be downloaded and you know what...
i just wanna throw avex for this..for makin' my beloved Junsu, only got like 2 seconds part..WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS WERE DOING WITH MY JUNSU???. I know the song isnt soo Junsu, but he can sing an up beat song, dangerous mind, dead end you named it!..ARRGHHHH..WTH...>.>
so i'll be watching him also like 2 secs only on their next PV?????

but guys...every sickness just flew away after watching Forever Love's PV.. payed off...PAYED FUCKIN OFF...
Junsu got a looooooooooooots of parts...yeah....this is what i want...NOTE THAT!
you stupid avex! and thanx for making this song! LOL

OMG..the pv was just fuckin wicked!!!!
and yeah...i think now im in love with boots..hahaha..
you shud watch at 3:34. when junsu's hair was blew by a wind??? OMG..........he has sex appeal!!!!!
i just died! LMAO.

ahhhhhh......i can see the pv like a thousands tym a day just to hear and see this voice angles of my fave band..^^

highly recomended!
I Lost My Toe Nail.
/ 8:01 PM
I Lost My Toe Nail

kyaaaaaaa.....look at that index looks bad...i hate it when im losing my toe nail. For your information, this is for the 3rd time this poor index finger losing it nail. I shud love it more..XDDD
it was like a month ago when i realized that it became blackenned. i dunno why, maybe i was stumbled on something but i couldnt remember where and when it was....but yeah it became blackenned.and suddenly, a week ago, it whitenned!!! WOW!XDwhat happenned??!yeah something DOES wrong!!!2 days ago,i followed my so called insting to touch that, ehm, i think it pulled out to be exact. do you know what happenned next? it pulled out! LOLit's not hurting, it's not bleeding, and yeah i lost my toe nail...

About Me
/ 7:55 PM
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


attention..i have a very B.A.D bare with it..LMAO

Anyoung Haseyo..

Just call me...Wicked.
born in 4th of December, like twenty something years ago..
this is the place where actually i could let out my f***kin' feelin' towards everythin'. im getting sick and tired with everything arrounds me..but this is me..i just keep those feelins inside my heart im such a nice and obidient daughter,rite?

but now, i cant take this anymore.i need a place or my heart will actually decompose in a matter of tym.LMAO.sorry for my rude words..hahah actually i just only could say those things on the net..i a obidient,nice, cute lil daughter,rite....*angelface*

okay..let's talk about me a little better..i spent like 11 years at the best private school in my town which provided by big oil company, that my father's working for. i was having a great tym on kindergarten, could you believe me, that when we're on our break time, we played with bats..YESS...batman...does it ring the bell, anyone?Hahahaha....i'd Loooove to stretch their wings, until it ripped...Oh yeah....isnt that a f***kin' cool game for kid like us? LOL.ive been known as a hyperactive,talkactive girl. i remember this clearly, once, for our art performances for our graduation, i was choosen as one of the choir. But look at my attitude, everytime when we're practicing, i always teased my other friends, laughing,and etc etc until my teacher already got on her nerves. i was kicked out from that f***kin choir. i was sooo sad.crying at the playground...But the day after that incident, my teacher called me and tell me that i could join a 'pantun' performance. yeah....

Okay..elementary School...Not a cool time at all..My friends became so weird, talkin about their parents' position. in my father's company, they're considered a staff at class 8. I dunno about this at all. I mean, my father never told me about his work, what was actually he's doing, i dunno the ammount of his sallary...i never knew, and never wanted to know. So when my friend was asking me about that stupid class, i just said, I DONT KNOW. "Yeah, my father just appointed as a staff now..he already a class 8 worker."yeah stuff like that...
ahh talking about my school grades..wasnt that bad..i was always at top 3. but begun in my 5th grade. i was number 3 in my class until there is a girl, came from one of the best private islamic school in jakarta. she was blowing us away with her so called B.R.A.I.N. she's soooo fu*ckin smart. XD. So the number 1 in my class became number 2, and me the number 3 became number 4 which means i dumped from the top 3..SHIT..since then, i guess i became kind of disobidient pupil eversince..LOL. and it became even worst on my 6th grade. I wasnt in the Top 10! GREAT!!!. Yeah, i just feel bad for my self...i felt like a f***kin loser. And in my 6th grade too, i felt a so called puppy love.kyahahaha....he was a cool shorty, an 8th grader. ahh he's sooo f***kin cute.

a very tiring primary school...3 fuckin tiring years for me..the conversation about our parents' position became worser. that time, we could recognize others parents positions from the ride that their rode on. yeah it was a company's cars of course...that was a fuckin tiring days....

and do you still remember abt my 1st crushed rite?HAHAHA...i was chased by HIS FUCKIN STUPID BITCH GIRLFRIEND!!!WHAT THE F.U.C.K??! for what? i never done a stupid act..i never tease her boyfriend. it's happenned for about a month!! yeah a fuckin month, that i couldnt have a nice break tym at school. SHIT!
1998...monetary's impacted our home too..and sadly, my mother just delivered a baby.. my 2nd brother. it was hard. the prices just flew like a outter space rocket. i hate those many bad things happenned in my tired.. grade..shud i tell you this?hahaha...i always on a so called 'superior class'. LMAO.This stupid girl always in a superior class? are you kiddin me?yeah..kkkk...i alwys in top 15 from 36 superior pupils! note that...XD

i started having an idols that time. do you know 5ive? a badboy boyband from England? Arround 1998? they were split out on 2002, always have a fight with those pimps called WESTLIFE?lol. yeah i was in love with them...especially with one of the member..SCOTT JAMES TIM ROBINSON. Oh GOD i still could remember his full name!!!WICKED!!!
but weirdly, i was in love with one of the great hipmetal band, SLIPKNOT too..hahahaha me wicked...WICKED!!!i love listening various musics. and yess..i looovee hipmetals..SlipKnot, KoRn, Mudvayne, Marlyn Manson, and many mooooore..yeah im weird.

FINALLY...MY HIGH SCHOOL DAYS...i made a vow on my 3rd year in primary school that i will never step on my feet again in this fuckin place, ever!! so i decided, i have to be accepted in one of the best state school. so here i am, in one of the best school in my province..hohohoh....i was studying hard to get accepted in this state school...><. and i made it! YEAHH!! i was having the best years of my life that i really, hountoni, jeongmal, wanted to turn back the time, and repeat every great moments that i had. my friends were players, a band members, every cool lads were my friends...LOL. still in love with slipknot. hahaha....and i really wanted to be a DJ because of SlipKnot.OMG DJ Sid i so fuckin awesome,dude!

ahh...i got accepted in university..majoring dentistry...still working on my thesis...and i already a girl for real..hahaha..yeah...ppl arrounds me said that ive changed alot!
iono..maybe...but ppl can change, rite?

and in love with DBSK..a cute talented boyband from Korea..and in love with one of the jun su he's my inspiration,a person that i can't never forget and let the pain go away...he's my everything..i love him with all of my heart. we always gather at the best place on eatrh calleD...TVXQINDONESIA FORUM..just click, you'll get everything you need about them..hohhoho...

ahhh what am I doing?did you guys read these entry?
it's fuckin boring rite?, the boring girl..
thanks for reading these...


Why I Love Junsu?
/ 2:19 PM
Why I Love Junsu?

i first got crushed to this wicked guy when i heard him singing 'one last cry'.yeah some ppl doubt that was him, but i do still believe that's his voice.

and then time passes by..
now it's been 3 years now. and day by day, i learnt everything abt him...he's such a nice person.
these are some of his a tractiveness....
but it's not in order...

yeah he has this...isnt that HOT...
oh yeahhh baby...

His BIG BUTT aka S-Line

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

His crooked upper lip
it's soo cute

His childish face..
he's a 5 years old boy that actually stucked in a 21 years old man..XD

He's in charge in charisma..
oh yeaahh..LMAO

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Look at this...XD i wanna slap him..
d'you feel you're that handsome, do you? XDDD

The way he smiles and laughs...*diesss*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

He Looks daymn GOOD wearing glasses

He's born to be cute...<3

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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You can call me Lola or Laura Born on Dec 4 Major in Dentistry, graduated in 2008 A very random & hyper girl who is a Fan of Xiah Junsu from TVXQ (and ofcourse a major fan of TVXQ itself) ♥



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