Wednesday, April 8, 2009 / 8:03 PM

After the releasing date of their 4th Live Tour 'Secret Code' , THSK will end their Japan Tour on 4 - 5 July 2009 with a final performance at Tokyo Dome.

Received an award from NHK Japan Record Award for reaching #1 consecutively on Oricon chart, THSK finally succeeded in realizing their dream in 2009 with the Tokyo Dome as the closing concert of "The 4th Japan Live Tour 2009" (they will perform in 7 cities for this concert).

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Vocal group THSK on 8 April hold an event for releasing their next single "Share The World /ウィーアー!" (which officially be released on April 22), at Korakuen Hall (Tokyo Bunkyoku). This event was also a kick-off celebration of their Live Tour which will be started on May 4, while they announced that Tokyo Dome Live will be held on 4-5 July as a final stages. Although they once appeared in the Tokyo Dome with Koda Kumi, but this is their first solo concert.

In the event that was held in this boxing ring, was also announced that "Share The World" chose as the latest opening song of an animated series One Piece. Mr. Antonio Inoki together shout "1,2,3 ALL!" to encourage them. In regard to the Tokyo Dome, JaeJoong (23) says, "(Being performed in) Dome was already been THSK's dream. I want to show our best, more than 100%(to the fullest)!" showing how happy he was. Whereas for Junsu (22), "It is remarkable that even this is also a dream for a Japanese artist themselves! As a Korean, I am very very happy." say with full happiness.

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"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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