Wednesday, July 1, 2009 / 12:44 AM
oh noo ottohke~~~
im having an influenza for the past 2 days right after i came back from Bangkok. All of my friend got it too... i hope it's not a swine flu or something.. im so afraid... >.<' anyway, got something to share to you on my way back to Jakarta. Since i took a flight that will be transit at Changi so it means just for 3 days journey, i will have 3 country stamps on my passport... wow.. kewl! LOL it's me when waiting for boarding at Suvarnabhumi Airport... the plane was going to board at 9:25. but i already there at 7:15 AM.. hahaha... *sweat* i hate waiting... ahh before i went to the waiting room, i have a funny story about Shabong... Do you know my Shabong ? junsu's lightstick from xiahsoul ? it's a Sha in hangul... so, my shabong was broke because of my recklesness, (i got it fixed before went to Bangkok), i have to keep it at a very cozy place, so i wraped it with my xiahsoul towel, and kept it in my carry bag. So, when i was at the x-ray before entering the waiting room, the staff was calling me, "please open your bag!", and i was like, eh?!, so as i openned the bag, she started to check my belongings one by one, i didnt know what she's up to, but well, she kinda dissapointed that she wasnt found what she's looking for. She took my bag, passing it trough the x-ray ONCE AGAIN, i can hear the sound of the alarm... i was thinking, what 's exactly there in my bag... <.<;. So she came, and finally asking me, "do you bring a gun?", i was like, WTH?~ powahahahaha..... and then said to her, "WHAT FOR?" just after that i realized something, maybe my shabong was the one whe's been looking for. So i told her, "are you looking for this?", and she said impatiently, "YESS THAT, show me!". So i took my shabong from the bag, and she was like, "yess.. what;s this?!", "it's a lightstick," and i tried to turn it on, when she finally released me from that xray... gahhhh!!!! but it's funny tho... LOL. GUN??!!

I arrived at Changi arround 12:40. or 1 : 40 PM singapore time, and have to wait until 3:40 pm before leaving Singapore, and yessss... once again, i have to declare my bag because of my shabong, rite at that area bellow... PWAHAHAHA.... She was like, "do you bring a gun?", and i was LOL-ed so much, and said, "OMG, i have to declare my bag 2 times because of this..." and showed her my shabong. She said " how does it work?", and i twist the stick, tadaa.. you can see the stick's glowing... LMAO... and she said, "you may go.."

Blame on my shabong... hahahaha....

finally arrived in Jakarta arround 5 :00 PM, and it took like an hour to my boarding house...
finally, home sweet home...

that's my 3 days journey Jakarta - Bangkok- Singapore - Jakarta

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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