Sunday, July 6, 2008 / 4:39 PM
Hey girls…
Glad to get myself in front of my laptop again.
After 4 days been away from internet, I feel so much re-charged!
Thehehe…. I went to West Sumatra 4 days ago, spending my -phew-too-long-holiday.

Since it was my brothers’ school break, we decided to have some time together, just me, mom and dad and also my 2 young brothers. At first mom wanted to go to Bali, but the plane tickets were so fuckin expensives on times like these..T^T, so the cheapest one just have a ride with our own car. Hahaha… and West Sumatra would definitely the right place to go!

It took 10 hours ride from home until we arrived at our hotel. GAH, you can see the shore rite outside your window!!! It was so much fun..
Before having a breakfast we walked on the sea shore, watching the waves and breathing the air, catched those sea shells on the sands.. wew, it was soooo daymn fun! I LOVE BEACH!!!! I LOVE SEA….!! Kyahahahaha….. something that could be proud of for having the same favouritism with Junsu… he loves sea, doesn’t he?

After having a breaksfast, we walked on the beach, we found a fishermans with rope tightened on their waist. I dunno why, but they tried to pull the robes out from the beach, it was a very long robe I perhaps, and I heard that it was 1,5 kms long. O_o’’. and my question answered when my father asked them-they’re 5 ppl who pulled it- and the oldest said they’re pulling the casting net. A casting net outta sea??? You gotta be kidding me!!! And it’s HEAVY!! Wow..arent we so blessed could eat everything we want without knowing what exatly hapen in process?

Day 2, we went to Pariaman, OMIGOD you have to come to this place!
a lot of beach that actually untouchable, i mean, seems the goverment doesnt really care about them. we went to Panta Cermin, or Cermin Beach, and it was sooooo KOOL! i guess no one realize this peacefulness, made were just me and my familly who were there that day. Hahah... felt like i was the owner of that shore. LOL. i wrote down TVXQ on the sand, a most thing to do when you're on the beach, isnt it?

Day 3, went to Bukittinggi, i love the's soooo beautiful!!
and i bleed my toe with nails at my room's balcony. yaiks... it hurts so bad! damnit!
ahhh at nite, my condition was dropped because of my mistake forgot about my food diet..hahaha..yeah w/e. speaking of gaining 6 kilos..hahaha...*tears*
trully...this long break ruin my diet...XDDD

day 4, back to my home...yay!!!

PS : ,y card reader was being gay... it cant read my memory card..T_T
sorry i couldnt share the pictures...esp. for yaya...i will post it, asap!


ahhh i watched the music bank performance with wondergilrs and SNSD in it...
this is just my 2 cents..XD. *im a fan of those dont judge me as one of one's another antis!*

okay, i know my feeling toward SNSD wasnt that strong as used to be, i felt that they became this horrible-plastic-dying-so-hard-to-be-recognized- artists, and it's geting worst after the silence incidence.... and now, the wonder girls, i hate their Tell me PV, they all were like a prostitutes to me..O_o. esp. Sohee, omg, she;s just tooo fuckin young to act like one..><;;. But after the silence incidence i also had changed my mind...and GAH , the so hot song was totally addicting. Hahaha... okay..i sounds biased..XD

back to our topic..

SNSD sung Tell Me from WG.

i must say....if i have to choose between 50-100%, their performance was bellow my expectations, or may I say as I expected? XDD it should be 55%...>.>;;; GAH!
Tiffany totally got to have a smack on her face for being OVER THE TOP, you think yourself that nasty yet seducing, arent you? Talk to my hand, NO YOU'RE NOT! you look like there's fly caught on your eyelids..what's with the wink??????
and then Sunny, my least fave member out of 9...and once again this she-think-she's-a-cute-little-girl- ruinned her part..*diess*

Taeyeon, Seohyun, Jessica could cover the messyness..Thank GOD. But TY and SH were to cute fro singing this song, dont you think? i didnt get the sexyness..^^;;;. But Jessica PAWNS! wew...she made it. i like her part..!!

ahh the rap version, that's good also. Yuri and Hyeoyeon were doing good job...

but sorry to say...nothing to be proud of girls...>.>; Totally ruined your own debut performance after the Dream Concert incidence. hahaha... gah... isnt that really hard for you to be on stage again? SO BE PREPARED!!!! dont come up with another silly performance that will once again, and again, and again, end up being critizised.

Wonder Girls with SNSD's Kissing You Perfm.

so cute <3333
So hee looks so cute with that oufit....
and GAH..this cute song became this naughty.
hahaha...WG made it to make this song sounds a lil bit bitchy.
but i must say... they cant sing, dont they?
XDDD *pats*

credit : youtube


anyway...have you heard CSJH newest single?
omg...ive been waitting for them for like a years.....


"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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