Tuesday, September 9, 2008 / 8:39 AM

BGM : Dewi L - Malaikat Juga Tahu
MOOD : Just so so

so yesterday there's not much clips to be downloaded. I went to YT, and people were talking abt the WOnder Boys so i decided to go to freeegg to download the HQ clip, but i cant found it coz the pc that i used cant read hangeul...huhuhu....and end up downloading from YT. HUahauha...the clip cracked me up so bad, but then i kept thinking abt this, SNSD has #1 Antis, but why did they have to always "involve" in many shows? *btw, Shindong looks so weird with his new size....O_o*

Okay okay, now let's talk about SNSD's performance at SBS Inkigayo 2 days ago. They're singing Shinhwa's T.O.P(I wonder what's SHinhwa Changjo thinking abt it..hahhaha). Im not going to bash them in this entry, just my 2 cents after watching their performance. i was so amazed!!!!"THEY WORE A BLACK SUIT THAT COVERED THEIR WHOLE BODY!"huahauhauha...*hidayah telah sampai pada mereka, alhamdulillah... HUAKAHAKHAKHAKHAK*

Seeing Tifftarded with a different looks, gave a happy feeling in me, see, she doesnt have to [s]be NAKED[/s] wear a SUPA MINI SKATO to have an attention. kkkkk... but there's also one member that LOL-ed me. Our "mba mba-face" Soo Young, is it really necessary to open your vest? you're not even have a sex appeal..gawsh.... *ooppsss*. Hahaha...i mean, who do you think you are? JAEJOONG??! *LMAO* *but girl, i just wanna say , "SUMPAH LO EKSIS BANGET CUY!"btw,Sunny looks diferent with her [s]shitty[/s]charisma(?) face, can I say, she's prettier than her ussual cute expressions.
Okay before you guys start to invite me to SNSD's antis forum, let me make it clear, im not their antis. If you ask me why i keep on bashing them, but deny to be called antis, this is my defence, I cant hate them YET, but im not their fans ANYMORE. Joinning their antis community make me think, " who the hell they are?", by joinning their antis means I DO GIVE A SHIT to them, while IM NOT! HAHAHAHA...just wanna say, goodluck to everyboys that head over heel to those girls...*coughjunsucough*

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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