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Wicked no Review,


Okay, i made this review at 1:12 Am when suddenly my wifi's dead. LOL. how i really hate this stealing wifi connections, and here i am, using the airport's wifi to post the comments. kkkk
I'll try my best when making this review, so i hope, I might not sound biased at all. And let me make it clear, i already ordered this album both versions, so im not like those who call themselves a fan, but harming their beloved idols, by downloading the album ONLY. *stop stealing!!!*

Actually this song is the most repeating song in my ipod. i know to be honest it took me a while to accept this song, coz ive been their fans for quite sometimes, *since 2005*, and i always listen to their SMP songs. This one is different. It has an american style in it,mostly the rhymes.But then, whoa, amazingly this awesome group can blend well to the song and make this americanish song to have a taste of K-Pop in it.. wew. they done it! The chorus was totally a killer! Hahaha....

for the first tym it's being played, i screamed to Chipa*yeah, we're chatting just now*, "OMG I LOVE THE INTRO!", and Junsu's voice was totally bring out the awesomness... *wkwkwkw* *biased*. I really agree this RnB song placed as the 2nd track. the catchy chorus that makes me keep repeating it, and we can hear JJ's rapping part.

3. Afterglow/ Look at the sunset
yeah this song has so many english titles. hahaha... but the point is, just like my previous post, it has been my fave ever since it's being sung at the Mini Concert, not just because im biased for liking Junsu's loveable work, but also in this song, we can hear their vocals had developed to the higher place. As always, the chorus part was the killer! and ofcourse the last part "More than the air I breathe"... n_n.

The intro was CLASSIC! HAHAHAHAHA.... Ah it reminds me with Perfume, for a month ive been attracted to one of this unique girl band from Japan. i know to be honest i might say that those girls cant sing, but their uniqueness has attracked me. and now,TVXQ sang a kind of similar song for using some wicked 80s dance music, im totally loving it! Love those 80s samples! The chorus was also has a catchy chorus to sing along.

5. HEY!(Don't Bring Me Down)
Well, so where's the RHCP part that made netizens crazy over this eversince the song leaked? Kkk.. This song was the same version with their mini concert's. IM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THE CHOREO. Btw, it's YYJ's, so no wonder i dont need to repeat the song over and over again to love this song. hahahaha.....i dunno, but i guess the reason why this album got postponned was just because Micky got to re-record his "give it away" part, before everyone comparing it to RHCP. theheheh....

6. You're My Melody
One of my fave song. once again, the chorus part was a killer! Love the flows of their vocals. dammit!'s so soothing!!!"non naye norae"My fave part... Junsu's part at the bridge of the song..^^

7. Rainbow 80's lah...thehehehe.... listen to the keyboard sound at the intro of the song. reminds me over someone, if im not mistaken his name was Andez, one of Indonesian DJ.

8. Paradise be honest, i really dont know what to comment on this track. I already repeating this album for more than 5 times, but still this song didnt impress me much.. err..dunno..even the sitar couldnt help me to listen to this song. *mianhae*

9. Are You a Good Girl?

wew... totally love this song.. this song is something you cant resist to move your body once you hear it. wew! Junsu's voice was kinda rockish in this track. I like it!

10. Flower Girl

This song will help you to absorb the storyline of a romantic novel that you've been reading recently..kkkk....

11. Forgotten Season

Shin Hye Sung of Shinhwa was the original singer of this track if im not mistaken. But well, i do respect and like Hye sung voice (like who doesnt?), but jaejoong made it to sing this on his own way that really gave me a goosebumps. The way he sang in his own way, make this track wins.

12. Love in The Ice's already been my fave in their 3rd Japan album. never fails to amaze me, really. did a good job!!!

Okay, so that was my 2 cents after heard their 4th Korean ALbum. and I just wanna say...



"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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