Tuesday, September 23, 2008 / 9:38 AM
BGM : TVXQ - Afterglow
MOOD : Excited

kyaaa...wanna spazzing over many things in this post.
im in love with afterglow! actually, i was so biased when i heard this song for the first time, but then, whoa, that song's good i mean, SO DAYMN GOOD!!! Junsu has wrote a couple of songs, where we clearly can hear Junsu's touch in it, but Afterglow is so way different. a different ryhmes, a different sense of music, and it makes it stand out from his other works. i got the clear version of the song from xiahjunsoo.net, and well, I JUST LOVED IT!

So start from White Lies, Rainy Nights, My page, and now After Glow..
wow...!!! love and love him even more...!

yesterday, DNBN was closed down, hahah..and baidu and so did xiahsoul were just the same, so i just logged in to LJ, yay, Thank God, a lot of zipped files were there to be downloaded.hahah..but then arround 3 pm, everthings were back to their tracks. baidu and xiahsoul finally were normal again but where's DNBN? well, it's just the same.. hahaha.. but no worry, this morning i can log to this site, finale! And found out that their releasing date was postponned?!!!!! WTH! I know it's just for 3 days, but but..but..TT______TT WHYYYYYY....!

yesterday so many files were found, and in total i had almost than 2 GB files minus DNBN. Hahha... Xiah Junsoo provided a lot of fancams that made me so happie... XDD Yay!!! i even downloaded 4 different files of Mirotic MV, but well, those -seems to be so called HQ MV- were all had a bad qualities, but well, there's always been a freeegg file that saved me. Hahaha... MANSEEEH!!

and i was so stupid last nite, so i was cleaning up the files, i mean, not deleting, but renaming, managing, and foldering those files to my ext HD, when i felt asleep! BABO! xD. i slept while sitting on the floor, with my right leg numbed. HAHAHA... xD. it hurt so bad...T_T. And i found out so many doubled even tripled files had been downloaded. hahha...

talking about MIROTIC..
WHOA.. cant help not to spazz over that kick ass music video..
it's so much BETTER than their pervious videos.. YAY!
i like the idea for the MV, coz it's all about possesing TVXQ, just like us, who were so crazy over them. The chorus was so wicked! "NON NAYE NOYE" hahaha..it has been my fave part eversince it aired . (Mirotic is the most repeating song in my ipod playlist btw).
gawsh, those boys already, finally, luckily, and proudly has became a MEN. hahaha....

but there's one scene that still confusing me, there's a part where Junsu was holding the light after he danced with that lasers, so what was all about? XD. im confused. O_o.


Ahh..it reminds me about something.
i was so pissed with ppl who said TVXQ was remaking Sarah Connor's Under My Skin song. COZ THEY'RE NOT! it's called sample. So both singers were using the same sample!!! T^T. Andif your realized, Micky wasnt use the "give it away" part at the Mini Concert, tehehe..... OMG...IM IN LOVE WITH HEY'S CHOREO!!! dammit!!!!! so effin in love!!!!


If you're a fan of Junsu, im quite sure that you realized this. his right thumb finger was a bit odd? or may i say, it's not normal, it's a bit smaller than his other thumb... and he also has a small hands doesnt he? his arms are bulging,but those hands are still smalls... just my stupid and random comments. im not saying this in a bad way okay.... trust me ^^!

anyway, finally this freek girl has a facebook.
you can add me : wickedinutopia@Gmail.com
it's so plain..T^T

huwah what am I doing...
spazzing over random things...



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