Thursday, May 28, 2009 / 11:25 AM
Mood : Happy
BGM : Project E.A.R - Marabahaya (DAYMN AWESOME SONG!)

how'd you guys been doing?
i was soooo happy that Barca won the Champion League 2009!!!
I bet Junsu was watching the show too...kkkk... he's a fan of Barca, fyi... Coz he's a fan of Henry and Messi... kkkk.... Actually am not a fan of Barca, but i really hate MU to the extend that i wanna voodoo CR7 to death.. XDDD. *dontkillmeee*

Xiahsoul gave Junsu these for his birthday in 2007

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By wickedinutopia at 2009-05-27

Hahaha.... some of you might surprised... yeah i love soccer since i was in primary school(arround 99...XDD). But am not a fanatic one... thehehhe... And because last night was a final of Champion League between Mu and Barca, i guess, it's a must see match... so many ppl was so excited abt it since a week ago, and even more exagerated last night that my FB notifications were filled with updated status referring to the most anticipating match... *but well, honestly, i was one of those, who updating their status crazily * hahaha.... it's like a status war last night, i was the minority who was supporting Barca...but when Eto'o finally made an awesome goal, i was LOL-ing like a mad girl...pwahahahahah...And Messi complete me... *ROFL*

FYI, MU will come to Jakarta on July so... my friend was threatening me by saying "you'll dead if you come!", i was like.. "'s too expensive, and not interested...XDD". *rollseyes*

But seriously, MU was totally not in their "winner state" last night. Hahaha.. that arrogant club, finally got their karma... >.>;;;

just wanna share you some pics....

THSK from TFP2 Set

Stand by U - CD and CD + DVD Version

I love the Cd + DVD version....^^.


"nuna nomu yeppoooo....itcheo...replay replay replay~~"
Gah, why so pretty?! >.<; credit : google + HEY!JJ + Mr.TVXQ Shared :

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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