Friday, May 22, 2009 / 3:13 PM
THSK no Monomane

Another THSK's imitation from Japanese comedian..
right now it's a Purple Line's perfm... and ofcourse, japanese seems loved to make fun on their accents..^^;;;
just dont take it too means more publicity...thehehe

credit : 108panda @ youtube

090522 Back to Japan

I read that actually yesterday they were on Korea for some photoshoot for another CF, not AAD 3.. hehm... cant tell tho, just wait and see..that's the only way XD...
Today their outfits were a bit colorful, maybe because summer's coming!.
personally i love yoochun's red kakkoi... i saw it at zara..
and Jae's wristwatch, is quite similar with mine.. i was like, "AHHH MY WATCH!"..LMAO..
2U were wearing shorts...and ofcourse, yoochun the slipper fettish.. with his sparkling's slipper.. hahaha...
Changmin and Junsu with blazer... what's wrong with these 2? XD.
But Junsu needs a fashion police for sure...>.<;; he looks so tired and fucked up, what's wrong? he might missed his gf already... ^^;;;

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isnt Changmin's face got too much PS-touched?

credit: astagged + mr.tvxq
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"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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