Thursday, January 17, 2008 / 3:13 PM
Yesterday was a horrible day for me, and maybe for some friends that met me online. Im sorry, I cant control myself, I was just so fuckin mad. So yesterday, finally I can get myself online again, after a very long break. So there’re so many things that has to be set and done. So many things that shud be downloaded. Huwaa….. those mp3s, cf, and purple line making.

I met susu at YM, and asked her did she already download the making? She said she already did, but her hard disk was at Imel, so she cant give me tomorrow when we meet. I decided to download the making. Everything just went well. Until the files that left was only The making of purple line coz it was the biggest file which was 124 MB.

The 1st good news came from one of Junsu’s fansite. Finally that stupid fansite open it source for public!! Not only the level 8 members! XDDD I was so happy coz I can take their amazing pics of Junsu. Coz I know the owner of that fansite was a great photographer. XDD. What a great day for me. Im blessed.

I chatted with susu, cipa, yeri, nana, acid, in different rooms, and suddenly susu told me that PURPLE LINE’S #1 AT ORICON!!!! HAHAHA!! I knew it!! Everyone was just so happy for this. Finally!! What a perfect opening for this year. Seems my day was so bright that day. So many things happened that was truly brightened my mood.

And then when the disaster came. Suddenly my IE’re closing down, EVERYTHING!! INCLUDING MY PURPLE LINE MAKING!!!! I was like so furious!! Coz it was only 5 % more!!! !@#$%^

It ruined everything that day, I was so fuckin mad, I was about to post a lot of things to my blog that time, and suddenly my head was just so heavy and sick to think, and I decided to offline immedietly, went back to my boarding house, and I really cant help myself. Everything was just went wrong that day, my nero was being gay, I think this stupid fuckin laptop was already fuckin stupid and old, so the optic was already losing it ability. ERRRGGHHHHHHH.

Maybe some of you will think that im wicked and too sarcastic or else, but that’s not a point guys. Could you believe that I already waiting for the file like 3 hours? Due to so many things that I was downloaded? And it’s just disappeared rite infront of your eyes!!!!! You were so happy before , and suddenly your mood just dropped, it’s like fell off from a highest hill without wear anything to help you saved when crashing the ground!!!!!

Jaa..sorry for my wickedness..... how bout if i give you these GREAT pictures as a bonus for today?

credit: picnicxiah

My favorite YOOSU's pic...kyahahaha they're so cute together...
credit : Time4Micky


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