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080219 AVEXnet - If...! Junsu Comment

This clip is sooo funny!
You can see how poor Junsu’s English is. XD. That’s quite amaze me actually.
Im not saying that my English is good whatsoever, but this clip is so ridiculous…kkk…
He was sooo cute in this clip. A lot of Yoosu moments there.

So, it’s about Junsu’s up coming single, If..!. He was telling everyone about his single, and suddenly, out of no where, Micky came and spoke in a-hell-yeah-he-has-a-great-and-sexy-english pronounciations. I love hearing him speak in English. ^^. And he said, " guys better check it out Junsu’s amazing self titled song, it’s called Rainy Night,rite!", Junsu who was still kind of shocked coz he’s being interrupted was mad at Micky, and yelled, "what did you just say?" *err..yeah something like that*. And I was like, WHAT?? Hahahahah…..XDDD. he’s so cute btw. His poor English was one of his attractiveness, as for me ofcourse. LOL. I found it cute tho’. Kyahahahah…..

And then Micky told him that he was complementing on Junsu’s single, and Junsu’s so grateful and thanked Micky. Kkkk. Then Junsu’s starting to complement Micky, coz he was an arranger of Rainy Night^^, Micky continued to praise Junsu’s single and suddenly, he said, "the bad thing about this single is only one, which is Junsu’s voice.". *diess*
Junsu’s like, "wth?!", and pushed Micky out of frame, and he’s back to the frame holding something, I dunno what that was, but I read at LJ, it was a vacuum cleaner to beat Junsu. Nyahahaha…..

Im so happy to see this cute Yoosu’s clip.xD

080220 Gyao MIDTOWN TV_Junsu

Finally it’s Junsu’s episode.
What game did they play?
It’s more like a quiz, so they were asking about something, which I don’t know.LOL*sorry for my poor Japanesse*, and the answer was actually, [kare]Curry. And so sad, Hoosu were lost in this game. Junsu was forgot to add a dash after word, ‘re’, it shud be ‘re~’, and Yunho was mixed up between using a Hiragana and Katagana on both word. kkkk…

The punishment was, an expressions, if someone confess a love confession to both of them.
Junsu was saying ‘Arigatou~! Makkittayo! [Thank You! I’ll be waiting]’ in a ubberly cute waaaayyyy….\^o^/. And Yunho said "Really?!", his expressions was so cute too. His face was covered by a piece of paper that has a pig drawing on it, the picture was made by Jaejoong. xD. Hahaha….
So there you go, 2 clips for Junsu’s up coming single, If..!

Junsu's CODES COMBINE Endorsement

Credit : codes combine



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