Monday, March 17, 2008 / 6:51 PM

Anyoung haseyo..

Wow, today was amazing! It’s getting near to my first day at clinic. We must accostumize ourselves on everything, even how to anesthetize people. On Monday, we got this kind of lesson, and the reason why we shud learn how to anesthetize people were, beside it’s the kind of procedure that we needed to know, we must know how it feels to be anesthetized, so we shud work more carefully to our patient in the future. We had to find a partner first, but coz we had an uneven people in our group, there’s an exception for my team, we got 3 people unlike others who had only 2. So my team were Me, Indah, and Agus. At first Agus gave a shot to Indah, then I shot Agus, and after that Indah shot me. XD. GOSH… each of us had to feel 2 different kind of anesthesias, the first one was block, and the other one was infil. Each of it were deffinately hurting you badly! xDD. Ah I wanna share you the story about what had happened today, but I think, im afraid, it will take me a while to write the whole story. XDDD

Yesterday I went to Plaza Senayan to watch the premier of ‘Dr. Seuss’s : Horton Hears The Who’, on invitation of Chipa. thehehehehe… you know what actually Chipa said the premier was on 10 o’clock IN THE MORNING, but the fact was, the movie had started at 9:30 AM. XDD. OMO, even Plaza Senayan hasn’t open yet. So I had to walk to the parking lot to find the right gate to enter the Grand Cineplex XXI. Yeah it’s the most exclusive theater around Jakarta. Once I got to the parking lot, I talked to myself, was it the area to enter the X2?! One of the best club here in Jakarta. XD. And yeah, just went straight, and tadaaa,…I found it! The gate to enter the Cineplex. Lol. When I entered the main area, it was filled with kiddies. XD. And I was late. XDDD. Got to find the rite studio. Me and Yaya watched this funny movie for about one and half hours, and it was totally fun, except, due to the fact this was a cartoon, so many children were coming, and they’re totally disturbing! >.>;;;. But it’s okay tho coz I love the movie, although Horton wasn’t crazy enough as The Grinch, made Jim carey didn’t bring his best to express his acting. But I still liking it ^^. The most cheesy part was when at the The End of the show, the whole ‘animals’ sang an 80’s song, I forgot the title, but there’s a line like this, “coz I cant fight this feeling anymoreeeee….”. OMG, you know what, that’s one of the 80’s song that I hate to hear, but you have to watch the way those characters sang it. That was hilarious! The best part was when Horton tried so hard to cross the bridge. XDD. ‘Im lighter than a feather…”. Hahahaha…..
Thanx Chipa….Thanx for the invitation!

Eat our lunch at the Pepper Lunch, and suddenly the Plaza Senayan already filled with people, so only took like one and a half hours to fill the area. LOL. I met Imel, Acid and her sister, Yaya, and Yani Oni. Chipa was busy with her bussines. Lol. Finally we met again, it’s been a month tho after our last gathering, YAY!!! Imel gave me my Shabong!!!! Finally, after a month, Manda and Susu sent that from Singapore, Thank you soooo much! *hugs*

After took a lunch, we crossed the street to one of the best hang out’s place here in Jakarta, Senayan City. Finally we met Bunda, Chipa and her sister, Chipi. Chipa gave me my T album and If single! Kayahahahaha….. what a perfect day that day indeed. Finally I have my own album! I bought the HK’s Version, the differenciate between the Japanesse and the Hongkong’s version was only one, we didn’t get a postcard, unlike the Japanesse version. But dude, it’s only a postcard. Come on, You can have the low price without being ‘harmed’ kkkk, aint we’re lucky, as for a person like me, who have a limited budget to buy those things. Kkkkk….

On 5 PM, I went back to my boarding house, coz tomorrow, which was today, I had my anesthesia’s lessons.

Jajajajjjaaaa my precious… the Shabong, T, If and FITB’s DVD, I bought the FITB’s DVD at the music store around Senayan City, it’s HK’s version, but it’s okaaayyyy……. As long IT’S ORIGINAL! Aren’t you ashamed having a piracy things?

About the shabong, when I tried to rip the plastic that wraping the bong, Imel and Chipa said the plastic wrap was to differenciate the original Shabong with the piracy one. XD. So I didn’t take that off.


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