Monday, March 10, 2008 / 6:35 PM
.Howdie… anyoung haseyo….

Oh my God, it’s been a while since my last post.. and that’s freakin’ me out. It’s been a week!! Yay! I break my own record, for un-updating my blog for a week. Thehehehe….
Sorry, im being too much in react. Hehehe…

Okay let’s see what ive been doing for the past week. Got to prepare myself for my session on 5th, and eversince my life was just so hectic, on 6th I went to my campus to meet my lecturer but she’s been really busy with a meeting and seems the meeting didn’t end shortly, coz I was there until 12 at noon, and she’s still at the meeting room. >.>;;;. Okay my mistake for not texting her a message telling her that I’ve been there since morning to talk about the revision of my thesis after the session, but yeah, I dunno, I just cant get trough her, so we’re not that close. I dunno, im a kind of person that seems so hard to get close to someone IF I thought she/he’s just kind of unreachable for me, I always making a gap between us, I dunno why. T_T, so yeah the day ended without me meeting her. xD. So on 7th, instead followed my first plan to go to Bandung after the session, I think I need to go back to my hometown, just to take some vacation, and maybe a new clothes, kyahahahaha….. and yeah I have to make a kebaya, it’s an Indonesian traditional clothes that we wear on a special occasion, as for me I have to wear that on the day of my graduation day on April 1 ! ^_______^.

So how’s my session day?
Oh no… hahahaha…. Got a lot of encouraging phone call that actually made me teary a bit. My mom and dad kept telling me to always prayed and prayed. Hehehe…. I got a session at 12 at noon, which was the last ‘contestant’. LOL. We had 3 rooms, and I was in the 3rd room. Believe me, once I got there, I felt that I wasn’t stomping the floor. It’s like a dream. I was having a trouble on my 1st question, I was just like…B.L.A.N.K…. cant even think. Oh my God, i was doomed, but yeah God helped me…yeah.. I think finally I answered that correctly. Got like 6 questions, I think, or more?! Dunno.. XD. Rite after those lecturers went out, I talked to my lecturer, and she said it was okay, and I did a good job. Dunno, I hope it’s true. XD. And when I stepped on my feet out from the room, my friends hugged me and I dunno why, I laughed, but then cried, coz I felt like a tons of burdened had gone like a wind. I felt so light and happy. All of my friends who already at the clinic shook my hand and told ‘welcome to the jungle!’. Welcome to the real life at the clinic! ><’. So my name now is, Laura. E., SKG. YAY!! Finally although it’s extended like a half year from a normal term, I got my degree on my 4,5 year. *tearsofjoy*. After that I decided to go to a mall, my hair need a special treatment after like a half year abandoned. XD. It’s dried and it’s not shiny anymore, poor baby, and I think an acupuntur was good too. Thehehehe…. I cut my hair too, I really wanna have an haircut just like Micky’s, but it ended up just like Yunho’s. XDDD

On 7th, I went back to Pekanbaru, my hometown, with pride coz I went home with my degree in my hand. *mebeingtoomuchagain* LOL. My mom and dad were so happy, and it made me feel kind of bad, coz I shud gave this title a half year ago. But yeah.. hehehe…. Went back home, means, tv cable ready, so I can watch KBS world again. LOL. But there’s something that amazed me, or relieved me, my mom, finally accepted my hobby!!! We watched TVXQ’s dvds for 2 days, and she's there without complaining. I love you mom! My mom now a fan of Homin, she called Junsu with, ‘The Eu Kyang Kyang Boy’, Jaejoong was a ‘pretty boy’. Hahhaha… seems she’s not recognized Micky that much, XD.

Went back to Jakarta on Monday, daymn, I have an appointment with my lecturer on Monday, but my plane, it went to Dumai first and made me late. Oh my, im so doomed. I was afraid she would angry at me. I arrived at my boarding house at 1 PM!!!! Gosh.. rushed to the campus, and finaly I met her. And Thank GOD, she’s not complaining at all, and we talked about the revisions. Phew… that was fine.

Ahh… there’s a story when I was waiting at the waiting room, I met a father with his son, his son was wearing a kindergarten uniform, and it reminded me about my kindergarten years. I spent like 2 years there in Cendana Kindergarten Rumbai, and seeing this boy just brought all the memories back, I smiled. And when I was at Pekanbaru, there’s a store that sold a baby and kiddies clothes, and ofcourse toys, that I remember that clearly, my father quite a lot taking me there when I was a little girl! With his motorcycle, we went there, and I looovveeee when he took me there, coz it means new shoes, clothes, and toys! 2 days ago I passed that store, and it’s still there. Thehehehe…..

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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