Friday, March 14, 2008 / 4:15 PM
huwaa.... what a tiring day these days, everythings went wrong...those bratz were just not knowing how to respect at all, fuckers...

sorry, cant share what exactly hapenned but I hate being disrespected,underestimated, and stuffs like that. oh well, que serra, serra for you- lah.... i dont give a damn! ^_^.

im so sorry...this bloggie is being abandonned again, i have to follow some subjects like a pre-clinic lessons, until next wednesday, and on the last day, we will learn how to give someone a shot, how to anesthetize the patient and my first patient will be my friend, and me, my self, will be his/her patient also, MEANS, we will give one another a shot. XDDDD. and at noon, our blood will be taken to see either we have a desease or not. That's one of the condition before you work at the clinic. After those bloods examined you will get another shot to strenghten your's needed! OH MY it a shot day or what? TT__________TT. im scared.

Tadaaaa..... im gonna share some pics for you...i believe you do miss me rite? miss my ramblings, my stupid, unworthy, and harsh commments. kyahahhaha....

so today, just like a couple of days ago, i will share some pictures for you......

1. see..i was a very healthy baby! look i have biseps,triceps,forceps, and another ceps... kayahahahahaha.... XDDDD.
and the rite picture was my kindergarten picture.

such a cute little girl...kyaaaa.....*mwahhahahaha*

i had this long hair since i was 4 until i was in the 4th grade, my mom decided to cut my hair short, that made my father was quite pissed at my mom. yeah,.. i mean quite sad. wrong and since my 4th grade i had a short hair until my 1st year at the university. it's even shorter when i was on my high school years. Like Cinta Laura's quote, "karena aku itu a tomboiii girl".

2. and this one was when I went to an audition for a healthiest baby's competition when i was 3. im sooooo cuutteee...*kyahahahahahahah* the result, i didnt make it. XD

3. Okay back to the future, this was taken 2 days ago when we were being oathed before work at the clinic, what a boring day, coz after that 2 dentists gave us some explanation about ethics, and yeah stuffs like that. XDDD.

look how the boys wore that stupid thing on their neck. kkk.. we kept teasing them by calling them as a waiter. kkkkk. and all of us had to wear that kind of flag..>.>;;;;

But Yay! I have my title after my name rite now...*toomuchinreactonceagain*.

4. This was taken today, at 8:00 AM from the 5th floor, see those Queues. Poor them..XDDD *evilgrin* *youcallthatahighway?!*

5. The last picture...tadaaaa... *needabucket?* LMAO


"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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