Wednesday, February 27, 2008 / 9:17 AM

080223 SBS Line-Up
Part 1

this show could be categorized as an interesting one. Thank GOD, Ginaya provides the subbed clips in YT ^^. and once again, like for the gillion times, Changmin's parts were cut off. T_T.

Okay the first scene that got on my attention was the hidden camera part. Hahaha... Chunjae trully a some kind of gossipers or what. LOLZ. and Junsu, OMG, again and again, even when the camera off, he still the one that being bullied not just by members, but by the manager-hyung too. XD. he looks like a child and acted childishly on that chair. >,< kawaiiii....

first part, the counselling corner. they told the both side about the issues and those ajjuhsies tried to give them an advices. and then, after the last side finishing their opinions, each teams put the clothes pins on their faces, and then the person who came up with the issue decided to choose the best opinions and advices from those teams by pull the lines. the team that still have their pins on, are the winner. that's hurt! XD
[*btw, they cut Junsu's part..*daymn* but you can watch it at Xiahsoul through mncast* he's actually worried about his charisma..LOL*]

after this counselling, there're 3 games. the first one about Judo. they have to fight 10 athletes, who have 10 differents weighs. the light one was 45 kgs, and the last one was 78 kgs. this part was the funniest!!!!that ajjuhssi who got the first attempt, was a bit exhausted to throw down those athletes. actually all of them were ladies. XD.

The best part when YunHo was starting the game, he said, 'come to oppa!', and those girls were like.."AHHHH~!!!". xDD. then he hugged one of the girl, who actually the most excited girl among them. ENVYYYYY!!! and then our boys were like getting too close to those girls by hugging,and shaking their hands. ughh..... i want that too..XD.
Yunho could throw those girls down easily, coz everyone were willingly being threw down. LMAO. esp. the last girl from that line up. XD. she's jumped!

Then the hoola hoop game, they have to catch the hoola hoop that they've threw to the air with their butt. lol. yeah not exactly that butt. XD. but with their hips. Micky as a volunteer, and he said that he want the bigger one, but after testing the bigger one, he decided to use the first one. LOL. ouch, it will hurt your nuts, dude..XD

okay the last game for this's Junsu's speciality!distance. Hahha... they have to jump over 3 until 7 persons. XD. Jaejoong's a volunteer for the bended team. LOLZ. Junsu with his famous Flying Dolphin moves, won this game easily! XD. YAY!


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