Wednesday, February 27, 2008 / 6:55 PM
080223 SBS LINE-UP Part 1
Junsu's Unseen Cut

JunSu: It's been around 3-4 years since my debut, so.. charisma and I want to have a more manly image
YongMan: Ah yeah, you have a cute style. And you laugh a lot right?JunSu: At some point I got that sort of

imagetext: I want to have charisma. Xiah JunSu

JunSu: Especially because my laugh is unique, it gets caught.
Boom: Should I make you laugh?
YongMan: Please do
Boom: Don't worry.. (w/ satoori) yo! (he's doing the "add yo to satoori to fix it" thing he suggested to JJ)GuRa: He's not laughingPeople: Ah his laughter. *mimics*
JungHwan: But it's good, it's good. So he wants charisma (and something about his laughter)So which side should go first?
JunSu: The last 3 times all started with this side... Then I'll go with this side
GuRa: Your laughter is pretty unique, so just laugh when the others are laughing.
JunSu: Even if we laugh together, my laughter stands out.
GuRa: Ah really?Boom: It'll be kind of hard with your voice, so I think it'd be a good idea to go with eye expression. *Then he proceeds to tell him to get surgery and it's cheap blahblah*
YongMan: A man's charisma is just one thing: not talking. It's the same with laughter, laugh with your nose instead of your mouth. *then he demonstrates it, gets tickled for another one*
JungSu: *something about doing one thing and then another or something idk* like laughing and then stopping
YongMan: And like you're just sitting and then *walks off*
(people: Eeh doesn't make sense.)
other people: Charisma! That's charisma He left he left
someone: He comes back

JunSu chooses, then he says he chose them because they actually talked about his problem and how to fix it instead of talking about things like surgery.

credit: YT + annneonet @ LJ for translations

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Park Yoo Chun.

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