Tuesday, July 15, 2008 / 4:35 PM

How’s life people??

Tehehe….im back again..
another story to tell to you.
So im in Jakarta for general check up, and doctor said that my condition’s getting better. Thank GOD. And he said next month he will reduce the amount of those pills to take. Yay!

Im going back to Pekanbaru on Thursday or Friday, dunno about it yet. But I enjoyed my life here in Jakarta. Hehehe….

It’s already been a month since my long break, and already gained for more than 5 kilos. *diess*. Hahaha….less excersise, less think, and a lot of eating. Hahaha…all day long I just sat in front of my laptop, surfing. And I forgot to inform you all, that my external HD, was finally corrupted!!! OMG…dunno how to express how I hate it happened.

So, for the past a month, a lot of things had happened. Hahaha… I started to lose my SNSD fandom, hahaha....XDDD. then I realized that Wonder Girls wasnt that horrible just like how I used to hate them. And now, I think Shinee is pretty good too.. hahaha… and once again, I think ive been cursed for liking the shortest member of Shinee. Gawsh… first it was Junsu, and now, it’s him. Gah, I forgot his name. LOL. Jaemin? Jong Hyuk? Yeah something with J, and he’s also another Kim! Tahahaha…. I like his voice, see, I never fell to the appereance, it’s all about the quality! LOL. Yeah he can sing. But STILL, no one can beat my Junsu, yet..XD. But the weirdest thing was, Yaya also like him. Hahaha….Ahh, actually, recently ive been Alex-fied too, it started when I watched his appereance in ‘We’re Getting Married’, and he sang a lot of songs to tease Shin Ae, and I found it’s soooooo sweet and romantic!! T^T, especially the ‘Flower Pot’ s song, dammit, what a teary scene, and oh my GOD, I fell on my knee hearing his soothing voice. ><;.

see..even Shinee, loves ME! xD

and this is Alex

I have to admit another guilty pleasure of mine. Hahah..recently I read a lot of yaoi fanfics. Kyahahaha…what am I gonna do??! That’s exactly was not me! I don’t hate yaoi thing, but I just felt uncomfortable with those scene, that’s all. Hahaha….but now, I think, im addicted to yaoi ff, especially YOOSU's and YUNJAE's. Hahaha… another shocking news, rite? Me, liking YunJae?! Hahahah… but yess, I think im gonna shout out loud that I support YUNJAE! Huahuahua… *diess* *throwsbyrocks* and I miss my HOOSU fandom. T_T. the reason of this fandom was because..err…..something. thehehehe… *winks* cant tell you more, but yeah…they’re real, you know!! Kkkkk *runs*. Let me recomen my fave fanfic so far, I read the story in LJ, ‘My Lovely Kim Jae Jong’. You shud read that fanfic….it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo addicting. I love the story and the author’s written ability, and my next favorite ff was ‘How to Love a Robot in 10 days’, damn! I like the idea! I have a lot of recommended stories, and I love the ansgty one better than romance, so My Lovely Kim Jae Joong and Misery it’s a must read FFs. ^.^


Jahh….and now, let’s talk about my db.. they’re in Seoul rite now, and tomorrow will be the releasing date of their 23rd single, ‘Doushite kimiwo sukini natte shimatan darou’ (gawsh, finally I can wrote down the title without looking). Im listening to this addicting song, and already pre-ordered the single, so I cant hardly wait to have it mine. I hope it will make another Hit, so they’ll be the 1st non-japanesse singer who topped the chart. AMEN!! You guys’ve seen the PVs rite? I like the idea, but kind of annoyed with the main character’s acting. XDD. Especially when he threw the petals and said ‘Omedetto’., in a very weird and gay-ish way. XD. ‘nande koree!’. The song was so sad, and hollow, we can hear the bitterness and it even painful to see when it’s visualized into the PV. Wew…T_T, the best part was the last sentence of the song, and GOSH, Junsu sang it beautifully…

‘but still, even if im no where near you anymore, im praying that you maybe happy for eternity, no matter how much that would make me lonely, no matter how lonely….’.

I heard that Junsu wrote this song, dunno, but I hope this is true. Hahaha… but if it’s not, just by seeing him singing this truthfully is already made me happy.

My baby..really wanna kiss him so badly *chuuu~~*

why i fell in love with you.....

From the offshot of their latest single..boys and white = PERFECT!

YOOSU-ness kyaaaa~!



"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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