Friday, September 12, 2008 / 11:55 AM

BGM : Navi – I love You
MOOD : Happy <3

It’s me again with my review of the last Inkigayo special, which were between KARA + Hyori and again, our dear SNSD…

I shud make this review 2 days ago, but I didn’t know that there was a performance of KARA and Hyo Ri. And today finally I watched the whole performances and I spot one thing, there was another black sea incident for SNSD.. Gawsh…they never learnt… and this is really bothering me now, how long these bitchies appear in EVERY stage??? They’re seems attending in every performances in Korea..T_T… Geez.

Okay let’s see the KARA performance. It’s quite okay, although Nicole appeared with a shocking hairstyle, and seems that they’re not enjoying their performance due to slippery stage and higheels, truly wasn’t an enjoyable performance. But then Hyori saves the day, by appeared with a great steps and fun performance. “OKAY!”

Then let’s compare, did you see when KARA and Hyori’s on stage a lot of audience were waving their light sticks up to the air, while I just heard a couple of fanboy shouted at SNSD’s performance. Wew…. The rest were remain silent from where they were standing. Kkkk… poor snsd…*let me give you a big hug*

Now, shall we back tracking to 080904 MCountdown where there’s also a special stage of SHINee and their senior, Super Junior. They sang one of my fave SUJU song, Miracle. But sorry to say, it was such a bad performance, face it, but it does. Started from a very camwhore Key, that he forgot some steps and almost forgot the lyrics because he kept looking at the camera, even tryin to search which camera was on, and the worst part was, he kept losing his pitch. Oh no, Key, you ruined your stage, then our magnae Taemin, ahhh…it’s gonna be a very long journey, magnae-yah…, and Hyung Joon, dear HJ-nie… you need to learn many things when you’re on stage.. you didn’t sing the high note well, it’s so not you.

And now, we come to the best part.. Their senior, SUJU, in my opinion, wasn’t giving their best performance either. O_o, esp. Yehsung. What’s with you, guys? But poor Minho, when he tried to make a Love sign with Eeteuk, our leader didn’t respon, so there he was, facing the humiliation, I hope it was only a joke, Teuki-yah..or it’s NOT? XD.


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