Tuesday, September 16, 2008 / 8:22 AM
BGM : THSK - Doushite Kimiwo Suki ni natte SHimattandarou
MOOD : surreal

My random post

Doushite Kimiwo suki ni natte shimattandarou :

1. She's a good leader
she's known for her cute appereance as a leader. everyone calls her a cute leader.When she's arround altough she seems so reckless and dork, but everyone loves her. She never says no to her members, good or bad, they're her members...

2. she's cute
her beauty face that makes me cant stop thinking of her, and she always looks adorable with that skirt, her act will always be her best points, her randomness at the radio show, she's everything to me.i remember when she's scolding my singing partner when she was still in her trainee years, and i think it's cute...

3. her parents are also has their own shop just like mine
just like my dad pizzeria, at her father's shop, you can see her daughter's face welcoming all of the customer.

4. she's an ass fetish
whoa, what can I say, i have a # 1 best ass in Asia, and she's an ass fetish, we're so meant to be together.

5. good in bed(?)
can't say more...

6. We're meant to be
dont you think? Let me explain abt this. im in a group that consists of 5 men, 2 of them already a couple,one of them always dating an older woman, the youngest hate brainless girl, so it was only me that left, see..people will also tell, that cat will never refuse a fresh fish in front of their eyes. so here I am, catching a big fish,without an effort, coz it came to me just like that.

7. Both parents were always be their # 1 supporters.
i remember her parents yelling at her daughter's antis, telling them to stop this insanity for hating her daughter so much. she said those antis had to realize how it was hard for all of them before they're debuting day, for example, ran away from the practising room, and swore to God not gonna back to that hell..but because her parents were always be her #1 supporters, she managed to came back to the practising room.

8. she's good in using her money
i bought her a sexy lingerie at VS in LA last May. it was so special...too special..I always buy her a special gifts, she never use her money at all, it made me a gentleman...^^

9. She's cute when she's crying.
i remember in one of the show in my country, they're almost coming late for the show, and they were so afraid that they will be banned from the show, but in the end they won a big prize, a mutizen. I was giving her a very big hug at the backstage trying to calm her down coz she was sobbing, and i swear, she's cute when she's crying. She was crying too after finding out those antis didnt give a suport at one of the big performance and instead, they turned off the lightsticks, she said she's okay to her fans at her fancafe, but again, she hugged me rite after she went of stage, and crying on my shoulder... i like it when we're having the same stages, coz i will always see her cries. just like a couple of days ago, those antis did it again, and all i can do was giving my chest so she can cry her heart out.

*Im so sorry for the similarity *runs**

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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