Wednesday, April 29, 2009 / 10:51 PM
Mood : Bored
BGM : Puddle of Mud - Blurry's been long tym since my last looong entry...
i think my blog has turned into one too-much-into-fangirling-mood-blog recently..
i dont want to be another sharingyoochun or anything..*okay that site just popped out of no where, and seriously i never been into that place for Junsu sake LMAO*

so many things hapenned for the past week...
the goods and the bads...
looking at the clock at my monitor, it says 22:56... hahhaha i think i shud go to bed, no?
but my fingers just kept on typing this keyboard.. i dunno where to start...

how do i start this entry....hehm..*thinks*
ahh... these 2 days have been a super junior days for me... hahaha.. i dunno, but i hapenned to download their clips, and gosh, when i typed this, suddenly my playlist that i put on shuffle mode played Miracle by SUJU.. WHATA COINCIDENCE! kkkkk....
The reason ive been into a suju mood recently, because, yesterday when i checked on K-popupload on LJ, i found " Attack of The pin-up Boys", since i never watched it before, i thot i shud give it a try... i heard that it was flopped, but i think it was OKAY... XD.

So. there was a scene where Heechul was being scolded by his teacher for being a freak with his mini hompee that has 3000 hits, made me O_O as i looked at my blog... it was almost 9000 hits!!PWHAHAHAHA,,,,, im famous.. okay, now everyone will laugh at me..LOL..
joke joke.... well, just to think abt that make me realized that, it's not just an ordinary.
blog... made me realized, i didnt spend my so-called free time for nothing... keep visiting my blog, key.. i missed my previous blog-concept, when i was only filing it with my rants and "sometimes" my fandom... but looking at this blog now, seems it has turned into Junsu's blog... T_T. I still love them, i still love THSK with all of my heart, but i missed the old blog...>.<.

ANYWAYYY... Thai concert will be held on June.. after a chaotic news abt it, kept on changing the dates, finally yesterday the final dates revealed... Thank God, i have unnies that helped me to keep updating with THSK news rite from the "source", so i received the news before it was spreading like a lightnings on the internet..XDD. I think i cant go... it was too sudden, and im gonna buy a laptop which will cost as much as the cost for thai concert (ofcourse with a flight tickets), so i bet my parent will deffinately wont allow me to go there.. im thinking abt Shanghai or Beijing now... iono...

ah i wanna rant something... i left one of the forum that i adored... i just went there for less than a month when all of them, those who i thot were so nice and helping, turned and started to gang-up upon me for a stupid reason..pwahahaha... i guess i was rite from the start, it was filled with those who think they were "higher and important" and knows everything, coz they had a 'links' in Junsu's fansites, and those UNNIES that you adored so much who KNOWS everything..which apparently they were NOT... kkkkk.... they were think, i just a newbie and stuffs?! well, they have no idea abt it.... *winks*. They are still visiting my blog to catch some Junsu's pics and even news, but they never knew that it was me who they were ganged up to... kkk... just to think abt that made me laugh...

i surely has an issues, no? yeah what ever...kkkk.
Then, a couple of days ago, ppl on YT gave me a headache, we were fighting over Chun's hair that was totally LAME...!
i replied on one of Korean Air's fancam to a person who think that Chun's hairs are growing faster... i was like, EH?!, so i said, it wasnt, it's just an extentions, and i got 2 minuses... LMAO..!
okay if they're 'smart' enuff to care to see nanjing and Sparkling pics, you can see his actual hair length... and how come in less than a month it grew that fast?! ROFL... hair can only grow 4 mm in a month... gosh...XD.

i just downloaded Stand by U the demo version on LJ..
hey it was one nice ballad by THSK...
i love it...!
finally they returned to the "real" THSK with a kick ass ballad... kkkk...
hope the PV will also a good one, coz i can imagine how will it look like...hahahaha...

Back to SUJU, SUJU Jeolchin Note was one FUNNY show this week...pwahahahaha.. Gosh, Heechul turned to be a pretty young lady...pwahahahaha..HEE-SICA..
if you guys watch it carefully, iono, but my friend was also thinking the same, the way he made fun his character (Heesica) seriously, he looked like he made fun of Jessica from SNSD in a bad way..pwahahah but i LIKE it... PWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....
My fave part where the changing part from Gee to Sorry2x. hahahaha... it gave me a gud laugh...

Well, it's 23:42 already.. i think i shud go to bed...
tomorrow will be a tiring day for me... so many things to be done...
have a gud day tomorrow everyone....


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