Tuesday, April 14, 2009 / 12:09 AM

Yay... finally got a chance to spazz about my trip last friday...
it was the best trip so far after OJBH Concert in Thailand..XDD

We went there by car, it was a dream trip with my highschool's friends..
but unfortunately not many were coming, just 20 members if im not mistaken..
it's okay tho' it was still a great trip...

we took off to Bandung(LOL) arround 2:30 PM on friday, had our "lunch" at the rest area between Jakarta-Bandung's highway. And arrived at 5:30 PM, yeah it's quite late coz usually it was only 2 hours from Jakarta to Bandung, but since it was a looooong weekend for us, so Bandung was deffo a destination for Jakarta's residence to spend their weekend.. Hahaha...
We waited to other members in Bandung, and starting our trip to Pangandaran for about 6 hours from Bandung.. Arrived arround 12, and yesss, exhausted but excited.. kkkkk....


Have a short sleep for just 3-4 hours and got up to see the sunrise on Pangandaran Beach..
WAAAA IT'S SOOOOO BEAUTIFULLLLL!!!! (cant share the pics, coz it's not well taken with my digicam..>.>). We were there until 7 AM and decided to rent a boat to see a unique rocks that looked like a lugger called "Batu Layar", had a breakfast, and straight to Green Canyon, our main destination... we will do a body raft there.. so everyone was so excited!


But the horrible journey has just begun..XDD
we went to the highest hill by car, got to treck down the hill on foot, i was slipped for more than 4 times, causing some bruises and wounds.. both my hands and feet...X.x. We went down for about 30 mins, when we finally at the river, everyone was already tired..MWAHAHAHA...

We started the body rafting arround 12, and yess that was AN AWESOME JOURNEY!!
we're using the life vest and started swimming for more than 4 hours!!!! Isnt that kewlllll... and yess my digicam fell because of my stupidity (i already put it in the savest place, but it's not helping..>.>).

The Green Canyon was really BEAUTIFUL PLACE! it looked like Grand Canyon, but since it's a "green" place, ppl called it Green Canyon..
the rafting was totally fun, and exhausting, but all of us were happy... altough those bruises and wounds already all over the places on our bodies, it's paid off after we arrived at Green Canyon..(it took 3 hours o get there swimming).

After we finally arrived at the final check point, we have to climb up, up the hill, our bodies were trully in pain, but drank a fresh coconut's already recharge the energy... ^_^.
Arrived at the guide's house, so that's how the journey ended...

since all of the pics at Green Canyon still has not uploaded yet, i just google-d the pics... credit as watermarked and share by http://mywickedplace.blogspot.com/


i climbed up to this rock, but when i got there, i didnt have a courage to jump off..>.>;;
and there''s no way out, in the end i have to climb down..hahaha


This is my fave singer, ELLO (he's sooooo HANDSOMEEEE!!!)...
with a song called MASIH ADA..
after he made this MV at Green Canyon, the place became famous as the next destination for backpacker..

CREDIT : tulus1978 @ YT




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