Thursday, May 7, 2009 / 9:35 PM
Im gonna meet my professor tomorrow to have a session with her for my next requirement..
instead of revising everything for tomorrow, i ended posting this up... cant help it..
but promise will shutdown this laptop soon after this succesfully posted.

SO if you guys were wondering, which foot that's injured, look at his right foot..
you can see the bandage... T^T
gah.. when this injury over?
it's like having a mourn month for me...>.<; not that i kept on complaining and mourning as if it's something really bad had hapenned.. but it's just too hard.... get well soon okayyy... love you bb.. ^_^ Photobucket

picnicxiah finally released another fancam... and ofcourse a pics...
another heartbreaking pics... hahaha ^^;;;
a bittersweet moment...


bio made another beautiful fanmade...!!!
and i fell in love with the bgm..later i will make a special post abt it...

credit : bioneuron @ YT

Love the last part when Junsu said, "BESTFRIEND!"

It's inspired by this fancam..
if you read my previous post... i said how i missed seeing yoosu moment in Kobe...
and Tadaaaa... a beautiful and sweetest fancam ever that shared by insomnia01-nim...

credit : ichigo @ YT

too bad the bgm was cut down due a copyrighted thingy...
but if you watch the real video, it will make you cry... well, as for me.. ive tried so hard not to cry over this accident for the past 3 days... but when this fancam released, i couldnt help not to shed my tears a bit.. ^///^.
a small moment that had a BIG impact and meaning... Yoosu is real LOVE, everyone... ^_^.


credit : astagged + junsoobaidubar

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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