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** Has anyone left another fandom for DBSK? As in, have you been following a band, with DBSK being second place on the back burner, then dropped that other fandom for DBSK? What was your reason?

shud i tell you the whole story? i'd be like killed by that fanbase...
okay, actually arround 2004 i was a K-Drama Fan. and Thanx to Soompi, from that forum i learnt so many things about Korean Industries, dramas, music, everything!
i was a huge fan of So Ji Sub, i wish i still love him now, but dunno..seems all of my love had faded away. T_T. I was a most active poster at his thread at Indosiar Forum. And that's when i 'met' this group. i love their craziness from their reality show that time, and fell to this group. From their fans community also, i learnt how to hate TVXQ.

But one day, my friend kept telling me that TVXQ has a nice song, she gave me the 'Rising SUn' link, and forced me to download that. And I agreed to download that link. At first, yeah... i admit, DANG THIS IS GOOD! But you know this-- when you're in a place where no body love TVXQ, and you felt that you're caught in the middle, but trying really hard to hide the feeling because you're afraid that everyone will leave you-feelings, just scared me. I remember that clearly, once when finally I cant help myself anymore to show my love towards TVXQ, i put Yunho and Junsu's pictures on my signature, next to my fave member from that group, and also there's so ji sub too, someone from that thread mocking at me and said, 'i cant believe you love those jerks! The one besides *myfavememberfromthegroup*'!. LMAO!!!!

Okay, that's the 1st signal to LEAVE this stupid fuckin moron community, i said that to myself. and one day, one of them created my fave member's forum. and there's one incident with it admin, that really got on my nerves, so i decided, this is the time, i shud leave this HORRIBLE community. i didnt get anything that i want, except, hates, rejections, and other stupid things.
so UNWORTHED! FYI, everyday , they only talk shit abt TVXQ at their thread. nothing has a postives values. just unworthed conversations. For GOD Sake, it's not like what I want.

Okay, there's a tym when i went to a place called TVXQ thread at Forum Indosiar.
i'd love being their silent reader, that also what i did at soompi. coz if i caught sending my post, they will mock me. It's not like i was afraid at them, i just didnt wanna lose any friends that i had. friends came first. I dunno, but being at TVXQ threads just gave me a welcome feelings, people have a nice words to choose when they chat, they always chat with a happy feelings. share things freelly, joking, laughing, all of nice things that i wanted to feel from the beginning. i missed this kind of relationships. And that's what i found at TVXQ's threads. it's called LOVE.. ^^. That's when i met Imel, Hilo, Hika, Feli, Chisa and Chiyo,Nana, for the first time.^_^

i found Tri Angle's cd at one of Music store arround my place, and decided to buy it. And when i tried to listen to it, DAYMN YOU GUYS.. How coul i fell into the wrong group?? you shud be my 1st, coz you're just the best. all of em got talents! i used to skip some tracks when I heard my 'previous' fave group, but when I listened to this album, i just cant help myself not to listen to it over and over again, without skipping one single song!

eversince I talked to myself, i shud be their loyal fans..that was arround Oct 2005. And on Dec 2005, me, Imel, Feli, and Hilo decided to make TVXQ Indonesian Forum. It's been 2 years...ive trough so many ups and downs with TVXQ, but that just make me Love them more and more and more. ANd last December I finally got a chance to see them LIVE in ocncert...my dream just came true...

*** When you left the fandom, did you sell off your stuff or did you keep it?for CD?

it's all depend on the reasons why i leave them. if it's for my own good, i think im gonna keep it those things with me. im gonna tell to my daughter and my granddaughter abt these lovely boys, that once ive been in loved with. But, if bad things causing me to leave them, i think im gonna throw that away, by selling them...><>

** What things do you like about DBSK?

EVRYTHING! the goods, and the bads...They're loveable..^^
Concidered as an old fans, i mean, NOT my age, but it's been 2 years for me, i think i can accept anything. those bad rumours , anything, i just can accept that. PPl may call me Wicked, coz that's my name, but share bad things that you know abt 'em, and i just answered that with laughter. From that, you can see in which level im in?! LOL

** What things do you dislike about DBSK? [can be anything]

Being so hard to themselves...they always push themselves too hard. im so afraid. that will kil you..T_T

** What are your TOP 20 favorite songs?

i choose not to answer this...^^;

** Which member is your favorite? Why?

he's the one, my love, my lust, my everything.....^^

** Which member do you dislike? Why?

That's what makes me LOVE EM ALL.. TVXQ Got those great tallents and randomness..why shud I hate them?!
YOu call yourself a fan? GET A LIFE!!!!! LOVE EM ALL EQUALLY!

** How do you learn the lyrics to their songs?

Believe it or not.. I never learn nor save their lyrics... it's just not my nature.

** Do you support the couple pairings?

YUP!!.. For me it always be HOSU AND YOOSU..^^

** How many times have you seen them live?

One..but the most memorable one.. when i can celebrate my baby's birthday party...^____^

** If you could send DBSK a message, what would it be?

from you ive learnt a lot. ive met my new friends, foes, everything.
it's just so irreplaceable.

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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