Monday, January 21, 2008 / 6:47 PM
Mood : Swing Mood
BGM : THSK – Kiss

Hello everyone…

Feel a bit mellow today, hahaha… ONCE AGAIN his fans bashed my Junsu… Great, keep on supporting your fave member, and stop admitting you’re a TVXQ FANS, you assholes! Such a bunch of losers. You, and bigeast seems hate Junsu so much. For what reasons? *sigh*

Enough with that, I don’t wanna start a war, heehehe… have a fun chat with Susu just now, so I think it helped me to restore my mood back on track. LOL. besides, she said that I looked like a beep beep beep if I keep on bickering on something seems that’s so not important. HAHAHA. Okay, but that’s my habbit, im sagitarius… XDDD. That’s a nature…. Hahahaha… but if you think that way, Su, I have to stop my habbit then. Myaw…..

Kyaaa,…it’s getting near, their 3rd Japanesse album, but there’s so many things that I shud buy this February and I don’t know which one shud be my priority, so I don’t know what to do rite now. I still haven’t ordered the album nor the single. *sob* *sob* *sob*


credit : Ichigo + Sparskey

Since Japanesse fans already have their copies today, so I better share the scans for you…
I like the one that Junsu was standing while looking to another directions. DAYMN SEXY.


I cant find any pics from yesterday fanmeet, I read some stories from that fanmeet, and they said that it was a great fanmeet, all of them were so happy coz finally they can see TVXQ again. , although the fanmeet was started an hour late but it was okay.
The first session seems a bit akward due to Jongshim’s accident thingy, but after that everything went great because they watched some offshots from Thailand Concert, and ofcourse Junsu’s B’day party. But you can feel some tension from Changmin. You know that Jongshim got an accident when they went to the Olympic Stadium? Some stupid Cassies chased JJ’s car, and they got an accident, but it’s just a light one, but still Jongshim need to take to the hospital, and I think Changmin was the one that cant accept this. And for the entire show he just remains silent.

TVXQ wrote some notes to Cassie. And you can see that Changmin was seriously mad at them , look how short and unnecessary that message was. . XDD


To Cassiopeia~! ^.^
Hello everyone, I'm Xiah Junsu
Always be happy~
Remain healthy till we next come back to Korea~!!
Understand?? ^.^
I love you.~


To everyone in Cassiopeia
Truthfully, this year in 2007. we had more activities in Japan than in Korea
Although I was rather regretful about it, but I'll work harder to make TVXQ even better
So don't be too sad
Take care of yourself
See you guys at the fanmeeting! ^^v


YooHoo~ >_<
Yeah ^^


To all Cassiopeians!
You guys are still shining brightly in my heart!
How embarrassing~ ^^
We'll always fly together right?
So shall we fly?


To Cassiopeia
I'm so sad that we have so little chances of meeting everyone!
I must control my excitement about the fanmeeting!
Cassiopeians must too okay?
Please look forward to it

Credits: Sparkskey

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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