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dbsk will appear on a number of korean shows in the upcoming week:
2/23: sbs "line up" (variety) *note : some said it's been cancelled for next week*
2/23: obs "Show Young" (interview)
2/24: sbs "inkigayo" (performance - "purpleline" & "여행기 (yeo haeng gi)")
2/25: sbs "8 vs 1" (variety)
2/28: kbs "happy together" (variety)
2/29: kbs "music bank" (performance)
3/1: obs "쇼도보고 영화도보고" (interview)
3/2: sbs "miraculous competition" (variety)

credit : yoochunsa64b @ YT

wow....cant hardly wait!!!!!!!

DBSK / TVXQ on OBS ShowYoung [preview]

a short summary:

Sub: oricon #1 with "purple line".
YH: when we got #1, we couldn't even express in words. we didn't believe it. there were posters of us in shibuya.---
Sub: only on showyoung. an exclusive interview with dbsk. dbsk reveals their ideal woman in detail for the 1st time!
JS: personality is really important.
YC: someone who has pretty kidneys. [lol! lmao!!]
Interviewer: kidneys? lol.
JS: oh, and the 3rd rib.
JJ: CM's ideal was han ga-in, but she got married recently...
YH: through ShowYoung, you'll be able to hear our true stories.

credit : yoochunsa64b @ YT

TVXQ From Happy Together[Preview]

omg, i cant believe they'll be in this show..
i loove this show soo much!!

credit : LJ

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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