Wednesday, March 26, 2008 / 5:09 PM

What a tiring yet exciting week for me…..

Actually last week I sent an entry to this site, but the connection was down rite after I clicked the submit button, so the entry didn’t post up! Gomenne…

Jaa, it’s been the 3rd day of my clinic days. I went trough many unforgettable moments aleady. First, my first day of clinic, I got to work at Paedodontic’s Clinic, I got the same lecturer as my thesis’ counselor. She said, “oh no, it’s you again!”, and I was like, ‘yeaahh M’am, XD’, since all of us, like 8 ppl, were actually a newbie in that clinic, so we cant work on that day, in the end all of us ended up trough the day, jobless, just watching our seniors worked with those children, it’s quite fun actually, watching those kids with their behaviors.

Day 2, hahahah…. I really wanna cry that day. What a bad day for me actually. I was working at the Periodontic’s Clinic. Okay I know it was my fault, but that doctor really pissed me off for under estimating me on our discussion! It was my fault because, Ive been away from internet for about 4 days that day, so on Monday, i can log in again, and ended up unpreparing myself for the discussion on the next day because I was like saving, downloading everything from Yokohama concert until 9 PM! LMAO. And yeah, that doctor kept on asking me and I just can answer some of her questions. After the horrible discussion, all of us were allowed to work at the clinic, at first we have to scalling those patients from the admission section, oh my God, that was for the first time I saw so many ‘amazing’ conditions of human’s mouth! XD. But I prefer just looking those seniors worked instead starting to work on patient, no sir, I still got a shocking therapy from those people. And the day was over without me working on any patient at all. But I promise myself, I will work on thursday. I will!.

So on Wednesday we would have another discussion in Paedodontic’s Clinic. I got to prepare myself for this one, first, I have to revenge my failure at the Periodontic’s Clinic, second, Gosh, the counselor of our group was my Thesis’ counselor. Kyahhahaha…… we already there at 8 AM. And met her, and said that we had a appointment with her for a discussion about the instruments, and she said we had to delay the discussion until 10.30 because she was so busy with some seminars where she’ll be the speaker. >.>;;;. Okay, another jobless day until 10.30! we waited and waited, me and 2 of my friends even went to the library to prepare ourselves for the discussion, and it’s already 10.30. she’s there at the lecturer room, it placed inside the Paedodontic’s clinic also, and she’s just went rite before we reached the door! TT_TT. Oh my goodness, how busy she was…><;. Okay it’s said 12.00, she came, and when I tried to reach her to talk about the discussion, she was preparing her lunch. Oops, don’t you ever go to someone’s place when they’re preparing their lunch, you gotta be punched! LMAO. Gosh, so today our job were waiting for our counselor! LOL. Half an hour later, I went to her place and she’s ready. So each of us had to prepare our instruments, it must been complete, and if you dont have a complete instruments, she wont give you a permission to work on Monday. Nyuu…. We were 8 of us, and only 3 were actually had a complete stuffs. So yeah, got a little complain from her, but since it was our fault, so it was OKAY!. LOL. When she was explaining about the regulations at the paedodontics clinic, she called by the Dekan(how to call this one in English?), and we got like 15 minutes to borrow the uncompleted instruments from others. Kyahahahaha…. XDDD. And finally I got a permit to work on Monday. Hurray… but duh, I don’t have a patient to work on. Hahahaha….. another jobless for me on Monday? Just wait and see… hahahaha….

That's not the point actually. OH Y FUCKIN LAMB, i was preparing myself for this session so bad, and she was just look after our instrument without asking us just like ehat othe counsellors did??? okay, that's my luck or my lost? XDD

Fanie, Yenny, Indah, and Alex

waiting for our councelor so you need to find a way to kill the boredom. LOL

Whoa… it’s a long entry once again. Ah I have to tell you that on Tuesday it will be my graduation day. YAY! A graduation but you’re not literally graduate. LOL. It’s a differentiation from other subject. Welcome to a medical life! Hahahaha……

Ahhhh…. It’s also been a while since my last entry about our boys..
Got to tell you, whoa so many things happened already. Their Arena Tour, their new apartment, that I heard they’re at the same apartment with SUJU and SNSD. (Laugh my ass off). Hopefully they’re not having the same type of apartment as those 2, I mean they’re already their sonbaenim(senior) rite? They have to leave at the penthouse one, while other, yeah… *kkkkkkk* *killsbyelfandsnsd’sfans*

credit : LJ

Their Arena Tour, errr… I really wanna share my 2 cents to you… but I think im gonna continue my entry tomorrow. See you again….


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Park Yoo Chun.

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