Thursday, April 17, 2008 / 3:39 PM


Im soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that finally I can sit here and wrote another entry to this lovely blog. Im not blaming on my clinic life for kind of abandoning my beloved blog, but it’s just the reality. I cant online easily just like it used to be, at first it was irritating me, but I have to face this. But guys, knowing and ofcourse realizing that I have a forum to take care of, this reality really got on my nerves. A lot of things to do at my forum, and it’s quite hard for me at first to manage the time, but Im learning how to handle the situation. Hopefully I was doing OKAY. Thehehhe…

Next week will be the 30th days of my clinic life, but truly it seems like forever. Feels like ive been here for more that a year! It’s so tiring. But the happy things did happened frequently, made me forget for things that shud not been happened.

Just like today, what a tiring day for me and one of my friend. So yesterday was the first day for us to have a discussion with our counselor about 1st status at paedodontics clinic. 7 of us were very nervous about the discussion, and the counselor seem was having a bad day that day. XDD. So we were having a discussion for 2,5 hours, started from 8 AM, and ended at 10.30. LOL. It was quite fun, I can answer some of her questions, while others were just remained silent. Kkkk…. She’s not having a bad day at all, until at 12 PM, she gave us our status’ card, and kind of furious and said that every one of us didn’t get everything that had been disccused, and we were like, ‘EH?’. She waited for the correction of the status and we shud gave the corrections sheet on the next day, which is today.

So today, around 10 AM, we gave our correction sheet, and she said, if we didn’t have a patient at Periodontic Clinic(Coz today my schedule was at the Perio) until 11 AM, theres gonna be another discussion, and this time just 2 persons only for 1 session of discussion.
OMG, another discussion, we didn’t expect this. >.>;. And AGAIN, there’re some of ppl at my team, just like my pervious entry, kind of sent me and one of my friend as a bait, rite at 10.30 all of them took a patients, and let us 2, went to the paedo to have a very nice discussion.>.>;;;;,

But you know, God was always watching, I past the discussion easily, alhamdulillah, I can answer and wxplain her questions , and it was harder than the first one, coz it was only me and my friend, facing her, kind of one on one discussion.
So now I can smile like this…. I got her signature on my status card.


*btw, do I look kinda tired?*

yeah i lost another 2 kilos..XDDD so now 54-56.The normal was 56, omg, my cheek bone....T_T


"Always Keep The Faith..."

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