Wednesday, April 9, 2008 / 4:29 PM
Mood : pissed
BGM : Linkin Park – From The Inside

Whoa im on my 3rd weeks already at clinic. You know what, now I know what exactly what life is..*smiles*

Many friends of mine told me that I shud be more carefull at clinic coz a friend can turn as your enemy in a matter of second. Every masks that they’ve put on will be removed, and you’ll see the true side of them. Even my father had warn me about this, and I tell you, it’s not just a bull, IT’S SO FUCKIN TRUEEEEEE!

If you asking me what exactly my soundtrack of life today, definitely it’ll be Linkin Park – From The Inside. You better listen to that damn fuckin song.

Today GOD was so kind to me, I dunno, but I took it as a sign, instead. This morning once again I thought that I was kind of deceided by ppl like for thousands times, and it’s getting worst at noon, that finally, I yelled at her and kind of crying out loud what’s on my heart. Coz it’s enough, dear friend. You’re disrespecting me for almost 3 weeks, and it’s enough. I know for the past 3 weeks, we’re having this on/off friend relationship, but today, that’s just too much. We’re on the same team here in clinic, just please with all do respect, respect others! We will on the same group for the rest of our life in clinic, and IF you still have this kind of bad attitude, you better watch out girl. I just wanna say one thing to you, “You’ll be a deadmeat if you still having this shit attitude, BACKSTABBER!” *dasarMT!*

I really wish telling you everything. But I cant. Everytime I tried to write down the story, I just got mad. So fuckin mad, and ended up deleting the whole sentences. But I just wanna tell you that today, from 8 in the morning until 2 am, I saw and felt how hurt I was being stabbed by my friends. Yah it’s alright, im okay, I think GOD can explain…

And you know what, THANK GOD, it wasn’t just me who felt that way. Lot of people were so angry and pissed with those two actually. ^^. So im not making up any story, am I?! im so happy and relieved that there a lot of friends who always by my side today, they said some stories that actually amazed me abt them, and I was like, dammit, im not alone! I didn’t really close to those 2 coz I was in a different class before, and here in clinic coz we was graduated at the same time, we had the same clinic round.

Let it be then.. you know, GOD’s there for people who suffer, I know there’ll be a karma for those 2, from now on, I shud be more carefull then…WATTAAAAA..

Whoa, truly having this blog made me a lil bit calmer as before. Coz I can share what’s in my heart rite away, and it’s relieving. I love my blog….hehehehe..


Btw, because of Fitna some sites were blocked by Indonesian Goverment, and I think that’s STUPID! Flagged the content, NOT SHUTTING DOWN THE SITES, YOU IDIOT!!!!!
But hey, Indonesian known as one of the best crackers and hackers in the whole world…so I still can log in to Youtube,..lalalalala……


"Always Keep The Faith..."

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