Thursday, April 3, 2008 / 5:22 PM

HOWDIE!!! by day im getting used to these kind so called life's at clinic...


yesterday went to like 10 kilos away from my campus to pick up my patient. Okay, did i use the rite word ? XDDD

anywaaysss.... that's for the first time i did that, and it's so tiring, but i have to finish my requirement ASAP. So, i'll do anything.. hehehehe...

she was my paedodontic's patient, my 1st paedodontic's patient. and on monday got to take her back to my campus coz yesterday my counselor didnt come, so she didnt see my work. I just filled her medical record. an easy one. Kkkk...

and today, at Periodontic's clinic. another tiring patient. and i took the wrong counselor(you know, the one that will give you a mark after finishing your work, at Paedodontic, you got only 1 sounselor, but at eriodontic, you can choose any lecturer who come that day). Kkk..that's her, the one that kind of hate me on my first day at clinic. But guys, hahaha.... i just made a record today, for being the first person to use the cavit machine to clean those plaque! kyahahaha..... and it was her that allow me to. all of us just allowed to use that after our 3rd patients, and that was my 2nd patient. XDD


had another fun conversations at YM..
and this topic came up...
Junsu's bubbly butt..

credit : xiahin

* btw, MF being so gay lately, dunno why, glad i met Rey who was so generous to upload those files to MU. Thanx honey^^

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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