Saturday, April 5, 2008 / 3:08 PM

a sleepy saturday for me..
went home at 1, and i felt so sleepy. I was working on my photoshop work, when i didnt realize that i felt asleep! my frieng had to tuck my feet to wake me up. Hahaha.... im sorry, i always put my earphone on, and successfully felt asleep with this pose. Kkkk... i think i know why my back's always hurting recently. Kyahahaha....

today for the first of my clinic life, had an easy case for my periodontic's clinic. i was so happy, less than 2 hours and it's done, unlike the previous 2, i had to work like more than 4 hours. T_T.

im so happy that my dad will give me a present for my graduation, so maybe i will have a brand new cellphone, ipod, and MAYBE a new laptop too. Thanx dad.. ^_^. i went to TA yesterday, and Junsu's cellphone was about 4 million rupiahs, it's still too high, but if we compare with N95 8GB, it's a lot lower, rite? the N95 was 6,1 million rupiahs. So, i told my dad i decided not to buy the N95,i told him that with the price of N95, i can buy 2 items instead, the Samsung i450 and ipod nano 8 GB. im soooooo geniusss...! Kkkk...


Ahh... i wanna share my two cents about the Beautiful You PV. first i just wanna to tell you that IM SO IN LOVE WITH THE SONG. i dunno why, but those adlibs were just awesome! it's a kind of boring song, but i like it. not being biased, but i know it's a boring one, but i cant help myself not to listen to it all over again. ^^

Junsu's tempting pose with that gorgeous blue shirt was trully the tempting thing to see in this video. Hahahha...The way he stares at the very end of the show, oh my god, my heart was beating soooo fuckin fast...><''. This kid just drives me crazy day by day....

Yunho's mirror scene was abselutely one of my fave scene..kyahahaha... ah micky with his unbuttonned shirt, kyahahahaha..... Jaejoong's kind of scary stares(it's a scary stare to me, gomen m-_-m). XDD. what about Min? he's lookin gorgeous, but i think nothing too special about his scene?! iono...

but it's just too dark, dont you think??

but i love the chorus part.. wohoo.... imagine they were singing that to you..

you're such a beeautiful womaaaaa~~~N!


They're in Shanghai yesterday, and SO SAD, just found this pic of Junsu.

got to browsing to Chinesse fansite...>.>;;; *kodok!*

credit: oneday


me and some of TAP(tak ada pekerjaan)'s team..kyahahaha...

taken after i finished working on my patient, see my mouth cap?



"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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