Dream Concert 2008, Side Story
Sunday, June 8, 2008 / 9:13 AM

it even worser...
so many things were coming round last nite...

okay got sme rumours to share.... i love rumours!!

1. so elf supposedly can occupy 12 blocks of seats, but in the end more then 700 cn't get in after tat suju had 20 banners altogether but 4 got moved bcoz they were too big n then e concert gt stopped for abt 30mins bcoz of soshiz fc they were being crazy.

2. Soshi ripped SUJU's banner, then they're ripping each others banners, Cassie and Triple S came arround. it said that Soshified went to Elf side and ripped 6 banner, HC,KH, the word "ELF", EH, DH, and more. i already gave you the evident rite, my previous post please..hehehe

3. you know that Soshified is filled with most boys?! Like, someone told me that actually SNSD's fanbase is the one and only fanbase there in Korea that has a lot of fanboys! XD So you can see how they act so cruel and rude..>.>;

And why Soshified hate TVXQ that much, is because, "Their pure pretty lil princess' were getting a sexual harrassement by Dongbang boys at Heptic CF.
*totally crap....i feel like gonna throw up!*

Susu said the reason why this could be hapenned is because..... :
coz they provide never ending panties shows 8DDDDDDD
pure girl pure girl, yes very pure. INDEED. LOL

4. this is crazy, i read that so many Elfs, Cassies, and Triple-S' got to take to the emergency rooms coz they're attacked by Soshified with KNIFE!

5. this incident actually was between Soshified and Elf at first, but then, Cassies and Triple-S, even Shinhwa Changjo, tried to help ELf out. and Soshified went crazy...

6. when the mc's called Wonder Girls name, the stadium was so loud, but then when they called out SNSD, all you can hear were just boo-ing...XD

7. even heechul, eeteuk and sungmin hate soshified..hahahaha.. i read from a fan account that Heechul was dancing WG's song while SNSD performed.

okay....arent these just enough?
this is just crazieeee


added from Susu...
this is from Sungmin's fancafe,...

Ah... you know our SNSD girls...I heard you didn't cheer for them? ^^;;
I see our E__ is mad?
We're one!!! kekeke I wanted to yell that out too
I think the SNSD girls understand now too~
that they have to listen to their SuJu sunbae's well!
Weren't they punished enough till yesterday~?
So please cheer for our SNSD girls from now a lot~
Because we're SMTOWN!SNSD is also a part of our SM Family like E__~
It's okay to dispute for a little...but if you goes on without any resolvement, the family itself can be destroyed T_T
So cheer them on from now on ^^

* Why these girls need to BEHAVE, because...


1. snsd thinks minwoo is a joke
2. they call big bang a bug
3. they called all e boys fr dbsk by their names , no oppa or sshi or sunbae
4. taeyeoon disrespect kangin on chunji
5. tiff doesnt even call eeteuk oppa, just"YAH!"
6. taeyeon once said that kangin shld lose wt coz she say he's fat on the radio show
7. taeyeon calls tablo an otaku n thinks he shld get a life

okay....so what's this all about..XDDD

sources : many places and mouths...


"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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