Saturday, June 7, 2008 / 3:37 PM
So i was so lucky today that i found this clip at LJ.
the poster said that these clips were actually have been deleted rite after she took it. XD.

Okkay, those lucky fangirls got a chance to have a conversations with TVXQ themselves the day before Shanghai Concert (okay i wanna meet the manager for giving them such an opportunity, or hotel staffs perhaps How could them gave theor room number..kyaaaaaaaa~ng LMAO)! Whoa, what a lucky fans....

Here' re the translations...


Micky: Hello?
Fan: Hello~ Changmin ah?
Micky: Yes?
Fan: Where's Changmin? Who are you?
Micky: Who are you?
Fan: Ah? Nuna yah~
Micky: Which nuna ya?Fan: Ah? Kody!
Micky: Kody? Which Kody? What's your name?
Fan: Hong-I (not sure, but she said some name)
Micky: Ah?
Fan: Hello?
Micky: Hello? *LOL, he sounds so incredulous here* Kody, which kody?
Fan: Hye Jin!
Micky: There's no one like that here.
Fan: Ah? Who are you?
Micky: Who are you??
Fan: Hengh~! (cute sound)
Micky: (sniggers) (In English) Please don't call me back right?Fan: *screams*

*Note : among these 3 convos, i love Micky's convo more. Hahaha... you can hear that actually at first, he tried to tease the fan, coz we can hear him gigles...but then, he found this girl became so annoying, and he needed to end that. LOL. So we can hear Micky's cute english once again, people!



Fan: Jaejoong oppa!
Jaejoong: Yes?
Fan: I have something to say to oppa.
Jaejoong: What do you have to say?
Fan: This year's Shanghai (?) concert, I was -- So tonight, you have to do well.
Jaejoong: --
Fan: And also, oh my (uh tuh kae yo?) She was having trouble with thinking of something to say ;A;
Jaejoong: --Fan: In summer (?) break, please be happy forever.
Jaejoong: -- please be happy forever? I think he was trying to correct her Korean, or he was having trouble understanding her. He sounds confused XD;
Fan: Also..Jaejoong: Yes? (laughs)
Fan: We will always be by Oppa's side forever.
Jaejoong: You will be by Oppa's side?
Fan: Yes..Jaejoong: (laughs) Okay, thank you~
Fan: Yes, take care~


Yunho: Hello?Fan: Ah oppa, stay healthy, we take care (protect) Dongbangshinki forever--?...
Yunho: What? (laughs)
Fan: Uh?
Yunho (or Yoochun?): Hello?Fan: Which oppa is this? (More like "who are you?")
Yoochun (?): HelloFan: Ah...
YunhoFans: @#$$#^$%
Yunho (or Yoochun?): Why, why?
Fan: @#$$#^$% -- fighting!
Yunho: What?
Fan: Eat a lot! So random, ahaa.
Yunho: Okay~ (laughs)
Fans: @#$$#^$% --
Yunho: Thank you...
Fan: Oppa, thank you.
Fan: -- fighting!
Yunho: Okay..
Fans: They start talking all at once
Yunho: Thank you..
Fans: (goes crazy) They start talking all at once again
Yunho: Huh?
Fan: -- It sounds like she said "shower well" or "come again" or something D;
Yunho: Eung..thank you.
Fan: Take care~
Yunho: Yes~

Credit : milkaddict91@ Livejournal + bakarero @Livejournal +

*Note : IF you want to share these to any sites, please and please credit properly.
I hope, and ask you to upload the file to your own server. Thank you...

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