Saturday, June 7, 2008 / 9:42 AM
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1. You overheard a conversation, you couldn’t help but to eavesdrop this is because you heard them saying DBSG, what was the conversation about?
"Yah...i couldnt help myself not to pee my pants after seeing Junsu half naked at SHanghai's"
And I'll like, 'That's my hubby over there...*smug*

2. OMG! You were in the office / home / class in school, and then DBSG came into the room, what will happen next?
I'd like, WTH?! *JAWDROPPED**dokidokiseuruuuuu*

3. You were checking your inbox (an everyday routine) and there was an invite to be MSN buddies, and it’s your fav. Dong Bang. Apparently, you’ve submitted a Birthday tribute to him, and he chose you as the winner to be MSN buddies. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?
start to use my MSN more often, coz i love using YM more. XD *random*

4. (This just happened recently to a very lucky fan) If it were YOU who was with JunSu in the elevator, what would you’ve done?
*i know this story..hahahaha* *this is the 'from my mate's room thingy rite?'*LMAO
Since my japanesse and korean are sucked, i think i started to talk in English in a cool way, that'll make Junsu impressed.. *anotherrandomanswer*

5. Tomorrow is your big date with Dong Bang; you’ve won a contest to meet them, what are your expectations?
I CAN PAT JUNSU'S BUTT ONCE!! For godsake..please let meeeee do it....chebaaalll cheummmmmmm....XD

6. The mega DBSG concert has just ended, you had to use the washroom for an emergency, and you just had to use the man’s room (if you’re a girl) and once you’re done, you stepped out of the cubical, and Jaejoong was staring right at you. Would you run (embarrassment), or totally forgot that you’re in the man’s room?
'Jaejoongie, anyouung!! Junsu odieso? XDD Hahahaha..*scratchheads* I think i walked into the wrong room...thehehehe...*grins*' and start to RUN! xDD and after that i realized, i shud ask him to sign my shirt first, and go back to the toilet, when I found Junsu was there totally catch a big fishes today..XD

7. OMO, Yunho was minding his own business dancing in the dance studio where you’ve been attending all these years, and this never happened. You came up close to him, but then by accident, he knocked you down while spinning, and then?"
'YAH..BABO NYA??? say your sorry rite now..or i will tell all the truth about you and Jaejoong!'
or...i pretend to blackout all of sudden, so we can get closer.. MWAHAHAHAHA....

8. You went on stage to hand over to Changmin a huge teddy bear, but slipped (you couldn’t see what’s in front of you), what will Changmin do?
i believe he'll just hold his laugh and leave...and leave this poor nuna alone..T_T

9. You were at the CD store about to buy DBSG’s latest album, and you noticed the guy standing next to you was Yoochun, you’ll?
ok, got this idea from Susu's answer..
i will walk over him and suddenly sing with a nasty gesture.. 'I really wanna touch myself..ughh' i think he'd probably run..XDD

10. Finally the last question. During and autograph session, JunSu stood up and hugged you, he said. “Noona! Nagai jirun miru na!” (Translation: Noona! Long time no see!) What will you do?"
*slapped* IM YOUR WIFE!!!



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