Thursday, July 17, 2008 / 8:14 AM


God bless America, I mean, THSK! XD. hahaha…. They made it!!
Good timing tho, glad that they changed the releasing date. YATTA!
Finally oh finally… so just keep your fingers cross for the Weekly chart this week, if they made it to the top, they will break another record!! WOOHOO…*feel proud for myself coz I purchased the cd+dvd* *winks*

My xiahsoul’s slayer was on its way to Singapore yesterday…cant express how happy myself now. *grin* finally..finally….><’’. Actually it was a surprise news tho, coz I thot it’s sold out when I purchased, but Thank GOD *GOD knows how I really want to have that slayer…*Alhamdulillah*. There’s a funny story behind the sellings…hahaha..cant share you the detail, but the most important thing, Im going to have it! yappari… XD.

Wanna share you a story,,. Yesterday when I went to Chitos (one of mall in Jakarta), I wore my brand new red shoes *I really wanted to have one*, and something bad hapenned. So yesterday, walking proudly at the lobby when suddenly I tripped. XDD. HAHAHAHA… oh my god, I dunno what to say, but it’s so effin humiliating me. I saw the sign that say ‘watch your step’, but I think it’s NOT THAT SLIPPERY. And yeah, I tripped. Almost fell my face off the floor, but Thank GOD, there’s an ajuhma that passed me by, and I hold his hand immidietly , she was surprised by my movement, and yelled, ‘what the hell!’, and I was like, ‘I tripped’, and run for cover. XD. I wish Junsu come to embrace save me..XD *dreamonnnnn* . stupid red shoes! T_T.

Ahh today is Yaya’s birthday. I made 2 special wallies. Hehehe..i hope she likes it. my skills has faded away, okay, as if I once, HAD those skills.XD. because many ppl loves the scrap book thingy, I also made those wall papers using the scrapbook’s style. Does it turn out weird? Please say no..*sigh*

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Soompiers love to spread stupid things on the net and start discussing it in a lame way..XD. hahaha… I read the so called 5 years cursed thingy. LMAO. Why did they come up with the stupid thing, and made it as if it’s so serious… kids..*tsk tsk*
Not gonna share my 2 cents abt it, coz I know, it’s just so unworthed to give my 2 cents for that thing. *diessswithlaughter*, and then, at crunchyroll, there’s a thread showing those air headed peeps with their so called. Anti-dbsk thread. LMAO. Get a life people, if they’re gay, so what? HUAHUAHUHA… *runs* kkkhkhkh…even if the db-guys are gays,they will not have a crush on you, coz you’re ugly and kinky! *ouch*.

So im out once again,..c’yall

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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