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CD1 Tracklist

2. NO?
3. Purple Line
4. Forever Love
5. Summer Dream
6. Ride On
8. Lovin' You
9. Rainbow
12. CLAP!
13. Love in the Ice (Bonus Track)
14. Together

CD2 Tracklist

1. Song For You
2. Day Moon ~Harudal~
3. Beautiful Life
4. You're My Miracle
5. Kiss Shita Mama, Sayonara

Whew finally, their 3rd Japanesse Album : T, released!!!
To be honest I still haven’t ordered a copy of this album nor the single. Kkk ive been saying this for 3 times now. XD. I just want to tell you, being their fans is not making you to push yourself harder on everything. Thehehe…. I will get the copies soon, but not that sooner.

I’ll try to make a neutral comments, and not trying to be biased. But I have to warn you first, I love music, but it’s not making me good at commenting song and even album! So pretend that you’re reading a review from a Fan of J-Pop, instead a TVXQ’s Fans. Mwahahaha….

Let’s begin!

CD 1


Opened with some samplings that can make your eyebrow frown a bit. But Yoochun’s sexy’s voice KILLS me! For you who’s happened to rarely hear any kind of this genre might get dizzy at first. ^^;;. Don’t worry, count me as one of those listener. Hahaha. Just like what YunHo said at Yahoo! Live talk, hearing Trick is just like hearing a lot of songs that mixed into one. Unique!
But something bothers me, Junsu’s adlib, when he sings his part just like MJ did in Smooth Criminal. Oh Junsu, who ever did this to force you to sang your part that way, shud shot himself wit bazooka!!! XDD. Overall I think it’s a good choice to make this as an opening song. Coz people who think they ‘know’ about TVXQ music, might get themselves eat their words after hearing Trick. It’s just different.


Uhuhu at first it’s not my type of song, really. But after hearing this over and over again, I think this groovy jazzie song has been sung beautifully by TVXQ. Love their adlibs in this song, esp. the last one, the ‘Uh!’ part by Jaejoong. Yeah baby…. xD. I love the refrain, altough they keep repeating the refrain, but because they sang this beautifully, it still sounds nice… as far as I remember, this also a new genre for TVXQ, rite? Just like the first track. But I think TVXQ has done their best on this.

Purple Line

WHAT A BLAST! It’s like a time bomb, that makes everyone especially JE to open their eyes, coz TVXQ shud be recognized as a threat rite now! A great opening year for TVXQ, for making this breathtaking song as #1 at Oricon after Summer Dream. I lost my words on describing this song. It’s true. When I first listened to this song, I was like, ‘This shud be a hit when it released!’, and it happened! Yay!!! Love the music and stuffs, but yeah YunHo’s nose sounds is distracting me, no offense. But I really love the choreography. Kkkk but I think the Japanesse dancers couldn’t follow this kind of dance. Look at their performance at NHK Music Japan, kyahahahaaha….. you know what I mean. Ahh just leave it to A To Z… xDD. But I heard that they will make another choreography for japanesse version. D’UH! [yess, there’ll be a Korean version of Purple Line, isn’t that KEWL!]

Forever Love

Err…I kinda disagree for putting this song after Purple Line. But it’s okay, im not comenting on that. Forever Love is a nice love song rite. I really love the PV. *random*. If I put myself just as a fan of J-Pop, when I hear this with my eyes closed, and not knowing who the singer is, I will agree that this song also has been sung beautifully by them. I love how the put their emotions into this song. You should hear the accapella version! Just like what jaejoong said in yahoo! Live Talk, it gave him a goosebumps. It really does. ^^

Summer Dream

I will not commenting on that stupid dance moves. Okay, this is a perfect summer song! The opening music and when Jaejoong’s singing his first part, were awesome. I can even feel the summer breeze everytime I hear the song. It also hit #1 at Oricon that time, rite! Loves everything except the choreography, okay maybe I love seeing my baby do that hand stand thingy, but overall, that’s so gay.. XD. It’s just like another japanesse boyband’s choreography.

Ride On

Maybe im one of those crazy girls who’re begging and hoping this song to be released as a PV instead Shine! With lot of sexy ladies in that PV, seeing TVXQ do something nasty. YEAHH…. xD. But I just can say.. ‘dream ooonnnnn….’. kyahahahaha…. That was for the first time we heard TVXQ sang this kind of genre. It’s the same as Purple line, and Trick. And they did a very GREAT job!!! Hohoho…. Hear that wheezing.. nyuuu… xDD. This song can make us think a dirty thoughts about TVXQ, and I love it though. Kyahahahaha….. love the adlibs,wheezings, and those whisperings…hohohohoh…


MY FAVE SONG from T album, I mean the new one. It’s still Love in The Ice to me, tho. Hehehehe….
Err…. I think this kind of genre is considered as a ‘play-safe’ song. Hehehehe….. you hear this kind of song in any album, rite? So after hearing a lot of genres from track one, finally there’s one that you used to listen to. Altough it’s just an ordinary boyband song, TVXQ can make them different from any boyband or singer who sing this kind of genre. Thanks to a thing called singing T.A.L.L.E.N.T. ^^v. I like to listen to the bridge, Junsu sings that part smoothly. Im not being biased for mentioning his name. But it sounds so soothing to me, and I love it!

Lovin’ you

A sad love song. But to be honest im not really got into the song. Altough I bought the single when it’s released. I dunno, if you have to put a mark on this song from 1-10, I’ll choose 6. xDD. Sorry, but it’s not my favourite song after all. I just cant accept the song, for unknown reason. *hides*


A brand new genre also for TVXQ. This album just full with surprises! a rite choice if you want to finish your favourite novel at your favourite corner. ^^. All you can do are just feeling the rhythm and move your body to the beat.


The opening is fun. But it’s just a standard J-Pop’s song. Sorry…^^;;;. That’s why I was hoping it was Ride On instead as a PV, not Shine. Hehehehe…. It’s kewl to me, but it was just OK, nothing new. 6, 5 shud be its mark.


If you think this song is the same song which TVXQ and Kumi-chan has a duet with, you’re definitely wrong. It’s different. They re-recorded the song. Not just cut out Kumi-chan’s voice. After I listened to the song, I assumed it’s better with Kumi-chan’s voices in it. It came out good, but still, since it’s a duet song, I like when Kumi-chan’s voice appear in this song.


I like this song. It’s Changmin’s fave song from T album. An again, an ordinary boybang song, but there’re a samples that attract me and make this song different! You can hear a Thailands traditional music[im soryy if it’s not a Thai music..xD] , and an Arabian music too. it sounds good to the song. Some part of this song is from 80’s too. Okay I think I could give this song 7,5.

Love in The Ice

MY FAVOURITE SONG!!! If you always thinks that TVXQ is just like another Boyband, listen to this, and watch them singing this LIVE at concert, im really sure you will change your mind! Enough said. THIS IS JUST SUPERB! A masterpiece….*diess*


I read some comments when this song was released last December, and I just smiled when most of us kind of disappointed with this song. But I guess it was just coz the PV was horrible. xD, coz TVXQ wasn’t there! I like the song, a nice song for an anime. People can sing a long with others everytime they hear the intro.

CD 2

Song For You

What a soothing song. Summer breeze, a white sands, and an ocean waves’ sounds that makes you feel warmth, relaxed, and feel everything’s just gonna be alrite. Thank you TVXQ for singing this song with all of your heart. ^^. 8 for Song for You.

Day Moon

I really love the refrain! DANG that was good! Can't say much. XD.

Beautiful Life

If you compare the Korean and Japanesse version, you can felt that TVXQ has been developing their voices characters, and it makes them look more mature when singing the Japanesse version.

You’re My Miracle

It’s been my favourite eversince the 3rd Korean album released. I love the lyrics and the way TVXQ sang the song. And when I heard the Japanesse version, I dunno why, but I think it’s quite better than the Korean version. Maybe just like my review on Beautiful life, with a develop voice skills and characters, it makes this song sounds more beautiful.
Kiss Shita Mama, Sayonara

Junsu’s fave song, and it’s Chunjae’s masterpiece after the one that was performed at X-man. Thehehehe…’s a fuckin sad song. And all of them sang this perfectly! I think it’s been everyones favourite. Okay stop bashing their English, just listen and feel the song! You can feel Love in The ice feeling in this song too. wew, why they always done a great job when sing this kind of song?! Cant hardly wait to hear the live performance. ^_^

Kyahaahahaha..finally.. it took me like three and a half hours to wrote down these. Overall I love the album, it makes TVXQ step onto the next level with this album, coz altough it’s a risk to decide some songs to be in the T list. But I guess it’s a great job for taking that risk, and put all of your best effort into every single songs and satisfy not only your fans, but every listener esp. the J-Pop’s fans. About those fobbish English that you heard, please remember that English it’s not even their 1st language! But I think for another project in the future, the producer shud pay more attention in this issue. ^^;;;;.

My last word.. GET YOUR COPY NOW!!!


"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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