Saturday, February 16, 2008 / 2:44 PM
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*sigh* whoa actually I really wanna make this entry a long ago, but this wicked girl had a short term memory lost, and she’s just forgot about this everytime she’s making an entry. Hahaha….

Im one of admin at, yea something that I really proud of, and we have a section at my forum called “Obrolan Cassiopeia”, or Cassiopeia’s Talk section, where you can share your thoughts, ask everything about TVXQ, or even share your dreams together. Sometimes I hate to check on that place due it has too many dreamers, I know im a dreamer too, but please be real sometimes…><.

What I hate the most about that place is, sometimes, members, when they make a topic, it just doesn’t make any sense. Stupid questions like, “which member do you really wanna hug?”, “which member on Last Angel’s PV has a great appereance?”,or “which member do you like to kiss?” SUCH A BIASED QUESTIONS!!!
You stupid assholes, offcourse you will answer your favourite member! IDIOT!
And I kinda hate a questions like, “ which member has the most fans?”, “if you have a time to spend a Valentine’s day together with your fave member, what would you do?”.
GOSH….stop it guys……
Ahhh you have to see their oh-my-God-im-so-gonna-puke answers…that’s disgusting.
I don’t know, im sorry for saying this, but I hate to read and see what’s on their minds, teens…..><. Im not saying that I became an adult, and stuffs like that and became this annoying unnie, but be real dude! Try to come out with a better ideas. *teens..>.>* *dasar anak smp sma*. Okay I have to emphasize, some of TEENS…not everyTEENS. LMAO.

Being biased is good sometimes, but you have to put that on track, not in every answer of the questions. Gosh this is something that I couldn’t handle with. I talked to nana, and talked about this, she’s also hate this issue. Yeah, maybe time will tell, and end this stupidity. *sigh*

And there’s one topic that really got on my nerves. I was so furious actually when reading it. So the topic starter was asking , “If tonight is gonna be a TVXQ Concert, but tomorrow you have an exam, what are you gonna do?” AND OMFG!!! I cant believe my eyes when seeing the answers, like everyone chose to see the concert and abandoned their exam. OH MY LORD…! So im the one that leaving in Jupiter in here, or what?! Are you guys insane? You chose to sacrifise your study to see tvxq?? This is ridiculous! I once got to feel this kind of situation, 2 years ago, I planned to see their concert at Malaysian concert, and you know what, on the day TVXQ held the concert, I was on my final weeks. T_T. I was so pissed, but I cant blame anything. And God answered my pray, I got a chance to see them live in Thailand, and even celebrating Junsu’s Birthday with the rest of the band! See… nothing to lose rite?
And those so called TEENZ(Okay, SOME TEENS!), after I posted that entry, everyone just answer the questions exactly like MINE! LALALALA~! It happened all of the times… every time I posted mine, and broaded their point of view, they didn’t answer the questions with those so called moron answers anymore.and will answer just like I did before. GOSH… I just speechless over this.

There’s more…. I remembered one question, “if you finally found the reality that TVXQ wasn’t that a sweetheart as you thought, what would you do?”. Beside being biased, sometimes they always deny what’s the truth. Hahaha..just like the answer for that topic. Everyone just cant believe that, and still believe that all of them are an angel without any sin in their sin list. Hahahaha…. If only they knew the truth…*evilgrin*

Ahhh… I think, just like I said earlier, they’ll change in a matter of time. LOLZ.

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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