Tuesday, February 12, 2008 / 4:12 PM
Junsu, The New Mr. Charisma ?!

credit : eskenita + lj

Omg this is soo funny..
it's a bit sad actually coz i havent heard Bigeastation since BE #41!
and this is from BE #46 alreadyyy!!! T_T
The djs were XIMINJAE

i can understand some parts,
The first one was he's explaining about his single, If?!
and Ohemji the way he pronounciate If?! was sooo ubberly cute and funny.
he really has an issue on this..LOL

Then there's a part when he did a new version of TOHO's spell. and it was a Horror Version. *diesss* you can hear his hushky voice kind of squeaking in the end.. ahhhh that dolphin sounds.. LOL. To-ho no supe RRUUUUUUUUU~~!! kyahahahahahaha my dolphin!

ahh there's a part when he sounded a bit trembling saying "hashukashinaaa~!" [shy expressions]
*dieessss* kawaiiiiii......

Then he told the listeners how to say kawaii in Korean.
"Nomu kwiyowoooooo~ng" and " Araasooo~ng!"[I understand]
kyahahahah..... DORK!

the last one i kinda lost.
but he was so random that day.

ah now i remembered, it was a famous quote from Bleach.
"Yasosouda", if i wasnt mistaken, it means "That's quite cool!"
listen to:
"NU MUL GOT GATTA!"'s part...^^;;;;
it's "yasosouda in Korean..ofcourse, Junsu's version.

so this is a Charisma that you will show us on 2008???

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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