Monday, February 11, 2008 / 2:58 PM
Last Saturday we went to Taman Anggrek again, Susu was going back to Singapore on the next day, and Meme, came to Jakarta last Friday. We’re having our lunch at one of Japanesse restaurant, me and Erin ate curry, just like what Yunjae had eatten at one of their show, I dunno, but the taste was just okay tho’. Kkkkk.

Finally Meme and her friends from Jogja came! I missed her so much! ><. She’s one of the Kimmys. We’re having a random talks for like an hour at that restaurant, watched Purple Line’s newest performance from NHK. OMG, Junsu looked stunning!!! My heart’s beating so fast… xDD. Ah one thing that I learned that day was, it’s not a gud decision to let Manda saw something that related to Jaejoong, she’s going insane. While we watched the performance, she kept on screaming…. *ICA DEH MAN! Ieh capek deh…. =P*

ahh these pictures were taken at the fudcourt, Manda kept on bickering at Imel for not letting her touched the laptop. XD

Half an hour later, Shiva and the gank came from Bandung came, there were Chipi, and Nissa. Okay why was everyone coming to Jakarta? Last Sunday was a launching party of Sujunesia. Super Junior’s Indonesian Forum. Im sorry that I cant go, got to prepare my presentation for my thesis that day. As her promise, she brought us a very delicious cheesecake! My favourite!! Hohohohoh….. okay the atmosphere was getting ‘hot’, before it’s too late and we kicked out by the owner, we better left from that place. ^^;;;.
We decided to go to food court, and took a lot of pics. Thehehe….




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