Monday, February 11, 2008 / 12:58 PM


GONG XI FA CAI everyone…
It’s a rat year this year rite, and FYI im a rat too ..hohohoo….so this is deffo my year… thehehehe…
My mom once told me that I really acted like a rat, which can find anything that my mom’s hidden it secretly. Yeah that’s one of my skill, found anything that had been hidden. What a great skill… lol. But yeah that’s not a point. I wanna share our pics, 5 days ago we celebrated YunHo’s Birthday at Plaza Senayan!!!


>.>;;; *i've been ganged up*

Me and Manda

Me and Yani-oni

Yani-oni and Imel

There were Bunda Ican, Imel, Susu, Erin, and Yani Oni. We have a great lunch at Pepper Lunch, and truly, I ruined my dietary schedule for emptying my plate. Felt guilty for that. Nyahahaha…. But it was soooo delicious. And there’s a special guess that day, Nophie, one of The Kimmys, came from Malaysia, im so happy. She bought me a present, a shirt that looks like the one at Junsu’s Birthday bash in Thailand, you guys remember other members gave Junsu a shirt that has a funny words on it? “Sorry Girls, Im Gay”. Hahahaha… Thank you soooooo much honey.. I love it, although I cant wear that shirt, so how bout if I change it to “Sorry Boys, Im a lesbian”, LMAO, NO SIR!! Insane... hahahaha…


Me and Nophie..^_^

*no comment*

Once again, went to Starbuck.. hahaha, because that’s the only place that has a free electricity contact for the costumers. And again, I got a surprise guess, the first one was Nophie, and now Manda!!! She’s in Indonesia… whoa.. such a great reunion.^^. So it’s time to celebrate YunHo’s birthday, Kimmys went to buy a cheesecake(my favourite), and when they arrived at Starbuck after bought the cake, they told us that there’s a funny story at BreadTalk, the guy at Bread Talk had to wrote down YunHo’s hangeul’s name over and over again, coz he’s not used to write that kind of thing before. Sorry mister…^^;;.

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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