Monday, February 4, 2008 / 9:31 AM


Watashiwa genkidesu…. ^^

Last Saturday I met my girls again, and now, I was so happy that finally we met at PIM 2!!! It’s so close from my place… hahaha… finally guys, you stepped in to my territory. I met Acid, Grace and her sister, Novri Oni, Imel and ofcourse Susu.
Susu gave me a birthday present… it’s my favourite magazine so far, which is Arena Special 37 February 2008 Issue. ^0^/ . we met at Sushi Tei, yay, actually some of them were going to “We Kissed Again”’s Fanmeet(im not quite sure with the title, but this is Taiwan's Series) at one of restaurant at PIM 2. since I wasn’t cared that much with the so called Bryan Cheng, I went to gym and have a great time there. LMAO.

After like one and half hour later, the fanmeet was done, and others were going to Indosiar to watch a program show called Chen Sing along with those actors of WKA as a guesses, so Susu lefted at PIM 2. as a good mom, I have to take care of my daughter. Wkwkwkw. We went to Gelatissimo my favourite ice cream’s corner. That day, dunno why, but seems PIM was filled with humans, and with the same style. LOL. That’s what I hate the most about PIM. XDD. everyone like having the same book of fashion or what? XD. Yeah, maybe I was the one that actually came from outer space. Nyahahaha…

Ahhhhh.. let me tell you what had happened there at Gelatissimo, so we ordered our favourite ones, and having a random conversations. There’s only one electricity contact around, and I got to be patient, because there’s someone that already used it. so here’s the story. Actually that guy was quite good looking, and with that vaio in front of him, it made him even more good looking. XD. Suddenly, susu told me to look at his back, I mean, the lower part. And I was like, OMFG!! His pants, oh no I mean, his UNDERWEAR, like popped out EVERYWHERE!!! Wasn’t he realize???? It’s OH so gross!!!! My point of view about him, was dropped in a matter of second. LMAO. Almost like half of his butt already popped out from his jeans, and his underwear, Oh my Goodness….><’’*speechless*, if he was a girl, I'd came to her chair, and told her about it. but he was a boy!!! Shud I came to his chair and said, “ Hey pal, that thing, the lower part, it’s distracting my eyes, put it back on track, please!”, BUT I WOULDN’T!! Hell NO! HUAKAKAKAKA….

And you know what, minute after minute, that fuckin butt just out of controlled!! OH MY GOD MY EYES!!!!! If it was Junsu, I will ask for more, but it’s not him!!! T______T. *teteeeuupp*.
Me and Susu had the same imagination, nyahaha.. our pervert mind, if only it was Junsu’s bubbly butt, I will not complaining like this. Kkkkk…

So Susu had a great idea, she took her digicam, and took a picture of his butt, and said, “ put this on the internet! Kyahahah…”, and I was like, yeahhh good idea.. Hohoho.. ‘This is for your distracting butt and your egotism in using the electricity!”, and I took another one with my digicam. XDDDD. Weren’t we brilliant?? XD After one hour later, I just cant help myself, and asked him to share the electricity, and finally my baby got it power back. And he went out from the café, but still..with that underwear’s picking out. Gosh!! Yeah that’s my story last Saturday.

me and susu..


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